Chainlink swinging

is it safe to swing this coin? seems to be going up to 1.30$ everyday, then down to 1.01-05. are there any news to watch out? is mooning imminent? please help, it's stressful, but so far has net good results.

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This shit is too valuable.

one day its going to moon to 1.40 and you're going to fomo in thinking its going to go to 2 dollars and it's going to dump back down to 1.05

Its not a good idea to swing trade ChainLink. Most of the action is happening because of bots.

Look at the sell order book. Most of the time its so thin that if you want to drop 1 BTC you will increase its price by 10%-20%.

Right now there are two whale that are accumlating. You can see 64 BTC wall at 1100. Other than that wall, there is barely any LINKs left for sale. 160k LINKs left other than the 64 BTC wall.

I would be extra careful swing trading this.

that's what i thought, but i'm a VERY poorfag with initial investment of 100$, went half daytrading and half swinging link... wouldn't be too valuable if I had fucking 60 links when it moons.

This.. dont miss this opportunity. You will regret it.

I swing trade myself btw. LINK is a hold for me though. I only swing trade it when it breaks out. I dumped on ATH 3 times already.

But for regular days like today I wouldn't get near it with a 10-foot pole. Too risky with little rewards.

No dude, there are plenty of better coins to swing trade. You want something that's trading in a range, and going sideways for long periods of time. LINK is the polar opposite of that, it's completing a meme handle right now and could rocket to the moon.

can you give me examples of such coins?

do you guys really truly believe in link this much?

Dude, don't trust, it's a fucking scam
It's just Veeky Forums shilling to sell high and buy low

Nobody is selling LINK. I don't know if it'll actually happen but people believe it.

Testnet active. To the moon.

I guess it's all Veeky Forums doing three month cup and handle just to scame everyone with fake TA... man.

Good luck swing trading when the daily candles look like this.

I know exactly what you mean. I only have 11k of these gems but I want to at least double that.

Do what I'm planning to do:

Every coin, even LINK corrects after a steep rise. Wait until LINK makes its first big move and one you see it encounter some big resistance for a sustained period, sell. Place a stop buy order in just above the resistance in case it breaks it. (So lets say there are huge sell orders at 19,997 20,000 and 20,012 sats or something, put it in to trigger at maybe 20,030 or something).

This way you'll only lose a few LINK if it continues going up, but you'll make a ton if it corrects (20-50% more if the pump is big enough)

But for right now, just hold. Don't sell anything until the first major increase.

I mean like THIS???

Hi, do you have discord and mind elaborating? This is very intriguing to me but as a new investor, it's a bit confusing.

Sweet mother of mercy

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

thank you for this idea. didn't even know about stop buy function, should come in handy.

Literally fuck off with your 100$ you got for your 16th birthday and read up on this shit for yourself faggot

not the testnet

LMAO /biz just talk about this supposed cup for like weeks now

And now it's forming. Problem?

Also, that's because the giant cup literally takes up three months.
It's only normal to start talking about a handle for the cup at some point.

I don't have discord, but I'll explain here.

Look at this chart for XLM:

Set it to 1 hour candles (top left corner) and look at its rise. See how for about 18 hours or so it kept trying to break the 6k sats wall 3 times and couldn't? Yes, I know it went as high as 6.3k sats, but it never successfully maintained itself above that.

It's not easy to predict, and easy to get burned. Go right now and Google how to read an order book and depth chart, and practice on Binance. It's not really something that can be taught, you just have to get a feel for momentum and learn to know where resistance and support points are. Also, generally the higher the increase, the lower it'll fall. Keep that in mind.

So if you had 10,000 XLM and sold at 6k sats and rebought at 4k sats you would've increased your holdings to 15,000 XLM.

>notice and point out trend well in advance
>actual values follow the prediction perfectly
>LMAO why won't Veeky Forums shut up about it

Yeah, we'll stop talking about it deviates from it. But it won't, because IT'S HAPPENING BOYS

Ahahahahahahaha fucking chainlink btfo faggot coin cant believe biz STILL talks about this scam.


Sergey is planning a major pump and dump to pay for a lifetime of AIDS medication. Once he reaches that point he'll be moving to Thailand so spend the rest of his life being penetrated by Thai ladyboys and you will never hear from him or chainlink again.

You have been warned.

Exactly. I'm admittedly skeptical we'll see it breakaway. But its following the projections perfectly so far. We should know within the next few days if its going to happen or not.