Excuse me while I become a multimillionaire by the end of this year

Excuse me while I become a multimillionaire by the end of this year

holding 3 of these, feels good man

nice you bought the Veeky Forums-bags starter package

literally the biggest set of shitcoins i've ever seen especially XRB

You will be a millionaire EOY

Well they can't get any lower can they haha

Shitcoin, God-tier token, shitcoin, shitcoin, good-tier token

watch me be gain more than you EOY holding 100% btc

200 xrb, 700 ven. will I make it by holding a couple years?


are you crazy or just stupid

>CBOE futures
haha nope bitcoin will hover forever in the 10-20k range now

this is my portfolio

except im also holding BTC, LTC, PRL and Beans

(just sold my ETH)

"subtle" chainlink shill

It doesn't do anything apart from being fast.

Have you seen its security features? Neither have I.

XRB cashed in on DAG-hype and IOTA being "delayed" and that's it. You won't see XRB in any major position soon.

Also, the Kucoin congestion alone means you will get dumped out of existence once node problems are resolved. If you hold this right now, you're deluded.

>No Dragonchain
It looks like you don't really want to become a multimillionaire.

Vechain, Stellar, and XRB are all fads that recently mooned and will quickly be forgotten by the middle of the year.

Only REQ and LINK will keep growing

Exactly. I almost bought this exact package then worked out it was the Veeky Forumsbags suite. Enjoy reminiscing on deadcoins.com and your zero balance OP

It depends. How much do you have invested?

>while I become a multimillionaire by the end of this
u da man nigga! I lel'd

Okay so regarding DAG, what about Byteball?

>legit projects that show progress and arent vaporware will be forgotten
>erc20 shittokens with no thing to show for will keep growing
ofc req has something to show but link is just plain and simple vaporware
l m a o

just curious if anyone knows. lets say from the current front page of coinmarket how many of the top 10 survive the next year.

2015 > 2016 >2017 > 2018
whats the long term hold for the year

ITT: people who still haven't realized Stellar will be the megamoon of 2018

Req and Link are showing progress.

>Just sold my ETH

what are Link progress?

When is VEN going back up? I've been holding since before the ATH but didn't sell and now I'm really sweating over it.

fuck all these coins are all I have.

selling everything

i put a curse on ven so it'll never go up, sorry man

test net launched. We may be ahead of schedule for the main net.

do you know how I know you're a newfag? VEN is up 25% this week mate what charts are you looking at?

Feeling real pajeet right now

remove link and you are correct

>le everything is le a shitcoin!
name 5 non shitcoins then you shitposter faggot

add some ritalin, razorblades and a rope and you have the biz starterkit

Why do you think so?

50-60% BTC
25% LINK
7% ETH
10% ENG
6% LTC

Percentages are always changing so I don't care if they add up or not.

how did u get this info?

And? I bought it a couple days ago, and everything else has done great today. Maybe I'm just stupid.

>just caring about "today"

holy shit you ARE stupid

should i add RaiBlocks?

Maybe add some ufr during this dip. Regardless of how you feel about the shill group, you can't argue with their results. The coin has a ton of room to grow still, and it's gonna be pumped for at least a few more weeks.

lol jeeze man, what are you expecting to buy in and 2 days later you are rich? don't be such a fool. I know it's hard as a newfag to be on the sidelines as other coins go up like crazy but thats why you have to actually read about the coin you are buying into, believe in it, and then just wait your turn. try and rid yourself of this greed, it's going to get you nowhere in life buddy.

LOL shilling newfolks to HODL

BTC doesn’t do anything except be slow and have high fees.
XRB came before IOTA.
>reddit spacing

I have REQ, LINK and BAT

Should I swap BAT for XLM?

also.. no UFR?
are you even trying OP?

I'd say yes, but it never hurts to keep a bit so that you don't post pink wojaks if the coin you sold moons

lol, hodl is better then FOMO buying in ATH. it's been shown, especially if you don't know what the fuck you're doing, that if you just hold its better then trying to make trades buy / sell.

eh ive been holding xrb since $8. I sold half my stack high and then bought the dips. Id wait because its going to drop a little bit more

Yeah ill buy back in on the next dip

you think its gonna keep running 20% every day? Learn to take profits

Stay on Earth earthling, we going intergalatic

These VEN bags are getting heavy

Shit won't break $10 ever

It’s not downtrending, it’s consolidating and can’t go sideways much longer before it either takes off or tanks. I’m calling that it will hit $50 by end of next week.

Been holding since 95¢ btw

Mfw when only holding LINK, OMG, NEO

I'm a real big fan of meme lines drawn in crayon.

>meme lines