Who here enjoying gains instead of being /JUSTED/?

Who here enjoying gains instead of being /JUSTED/?

28m marketcap
Better than monero
Not yet on big exchanges

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>can't even make a proper logo

I dont see any issue

Been holding this and telling people here to buy for the past few weeks, Made some crazy gains and this is just the beginning. Hopefully people pay attention after this price increase and the new roadmap that's coming. Comfiest hold i've had in a while, $28 million market cap when it should be a top 100 coin.

One July hits this shit better get on a big exchange.

The FUD I hear for SUMO is always hilarious. "It copies monero's code!". No shit it does, it's a fork with increased default ringsize for better security, but that isn't even the best feature. Coin distribution and mining have been adjusted in a way that will keep supply and demand going for the next few years. This is along with the fact that devs have met all milestones ahead of schedule so far, and market cap is $28 million compared to Monero's $6 billion. People that brush this off as just a Monero copy are missing out on the best low market cap gold mine out there.

Garbage copy, get rich quick scheme of devs. You are forgetting to say that Sumo is a pre-mined shitcoin and monero isn't.

The only reason it's up again is because all the whales dumped their bags on suckers who are actually holding this piece of shit

I'd be making threads on sumo nonstop if I had any doubts about it. But I don't. This is a big one.

Imo it's good to keep a little hush about it so that the price doesn't suffer from neurotic scrubtrading volatility. Let it blossom naturally, it'll be more comfy that way.

>Whales dumped their bags
>Price is up

Think about what you just said, brainlet.

Proof of premine faggot

should have bought move, always loved this coin. just have 100 of these little fuckers...

>people who knew the project is going nowhere got rid of their bags
>clueless retards optimistic about the future currently own the bags

enjoying gains OP, enjoying gains

Lol, this is the exact retarded FUD I mentioned. "Muh Monero copy. I don't understand forks!"

I was going to buy 1,000 only have 120.

> Whales somehow got rid of bags with no red candlesticks in sight
>$28 million market cap with no major exchange listings is consider bag holding

I love your logic, brainlet.

>no red candlesticks

It went down 75%

not a big fan of masternodes but look at saga, low cap, made money with it

*maybe wait till after the current dump though

What the fuck are you talking about lol, what graph are you looking at? We're talking about Sumokoin here. It's up 61% so far today, and price has been increasing the past week.

Here is your proof, cuck:


It's a 10% premine that's locked in escrowed wallets to be released in increments over the years for development. I don't see anything wrong with that.

I'm talking about the 75% drop from December 29th to January 6th. Whales dumped their bags on cucks and cucks holding long term is the reason it's up again. Doesn't mean it will keep rising because Sumo is at the end of the day the shittiest shitcoin.

Hopefully they will use the money to get on more exchanges.

you don't know what you're talking about mate. Spikes like that are common birthing pains of new coins. in 4 years that 'big whale dump' will be a tiny tiny nipple in the graph, which you're now blowing out of proportion as if it meant the coins demise because whales got out. You're obviously new at this stuff.

Price went from $2 to $12 in just over a day so no shit the price was manipulated and dumped with a pump like that. What we're seeing now is slower natural growth because of increased awareness of the coin. I'm not worried about any big dump coming soon.

It’s only 600,000 coins in June.

If you want to be taken serioulsy refrain from using frases like "shittiest shitcoin" in the future

gotta admit, I have a comfy feeling about Sumo

>low market cap
>best privacy


its not better than monero if they're waiting on monero to fix software for them.

now you're spreading bullshit dude, they dont have a team working on developing it, just some idiot waiting for monero to release a security fix and they just copy it, monero is doing all the work for them.

>mobile wallet
>ghost address GUI wallet
>don’t have devs


stay away from the coin until they actually develop a solid team that actually knows what they are doing. I wouldnt trust them to be able to patch shit.

anyone can make a gui wallet, I made a gui wallet for bitcoin just by learning it on my own, it isn't hard, you can make a gui wallet .NET if you wanted to. Imagine if a security flaw poped up, you're basically fucked. They wouldnt know what to do.

One of the devs was from Monero though.

>anybody can bring out his own cryptocurrency, just clone the github repository, search and replace names and your done

man you demystified the whole crypto bubble

>stay away from the coin until they actually develop a solid team that actually knows what they are doing

i dont know the details about whos on the team. All i know is you're at risk using their product.

try and guess which shitcoin this is. They really need to step up their game.

> code updated a day ago
you really need to try harder

They don’t do single line commits. They test things on a private repo.

you have no idea what you're talking about, you need to look at the whole thing, even if you dont know programming go to their github and see their history of how they updated. Compare it to other coins to get a better idea.

i forgot to add i saw huge gapping holes in XVG security when they added radio/chat function or whatever else bullshit they added, every transaction got exposed and they immediately rolled back the whole thing. Would not surprise me if something similar happens to sumo soon.

K. So do you see any holes?

> tfw bought SUMO at $5.50


well I never had love for XVG, always tought it's kinda retarded, so it doesn't surprise me
sumo doesn't have a dev team like monero for now, we know that, but it's way undervalued and they can also hire more good devs if the need arises

I'm lightly in on this, 15coins.

Not sure it'll get to $100 but $50 looks easily acheivable. Mining is still worthwhile on regular home PCs, hoping I can get it to 30 coins before the difficulty stays above 8mil.

Mining with what?

pickaxe and shovel mate what do you think

You won’t get 15 coins unless you have at least 1kh

How on earth is it undervalued if it's an unproven fork? There's no limit to how many forks can be made at practically 0 cost.

>Better than monero
Not yet.

More mixing than Monero, more privacy.

So they slightly tweaked some parameters that the monero team easily also could themselves?
Tell me, how undervalued do you think Smegmacoin is? It's a monero fork too. I haven't actually forked it yet but I always "can if the need arises", kek.

I'm mining with a ryzen + 1050ti and getting 750h/s whilst still using the PC. Consistently getting 0.5-0.7 coins a day.

Wouldn't surprise me if difficulty has a permanent jump this weekened though.

>that the monero team easily also could themselves?
Except they cant unless they fork. Do you even know what the fuck are you talking about?

>unless they fork
Which they could. What's your point?

dude we get it
you're salty because you didn't buy in early
move on

all that means is a bigger blockchain and higher tx fees. if this gets the same amount of traffic as XMR you would be better off using XMR. It's only useful as long as it doesn't blow up, which, considering how you want adoption, doesn't make it the most attractive buy to me. I'll stick to XMR thanks.

It's too late to buy sumocoin

Enjoy your bags.

Bigger blocks aren’t a problem noob shit.

>someone just dumped a shitload of coins

How many?


I wouldn't worry. Price is recovering and there aren't any sell walls until 100k sats.

Sumo went from 10 to like 4 last week, selling is normal.

>Monero with premine