Just went balls deep into Ark

Just went balls deep into Ark
Am I screwed?

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Guys should we tell him?

Nope. Welcome to the future elite.

stake that shit

you'll do giid in 2018

What a dumb fuck - this coin doesn't do anything but pump then dump and bleed out

Been holding since 69 cents OP still comfy

Congrats. you settled.

Not if you got a lot of it.

Also make sure you set up free transactions, so comfy.

Well OP, Ark just mooned and Ark being the way it is, you can expect the next move up to occur in about 6 months. Good luck.

>buying into another shitty ERC20 token

You fucked up, big time, get out before you regret it.

It's gonna double every two months, friend.

>the absolute state of Veeky Forums

This board is just getting embarrassing now. I don't even hold ARK but the lack of knowledge on here is getting ridiculous.

>Calls ARK an erc20 token

Fucking brainlets

You are fucking dumb if you think that 64k sats was the end of the moon. We are still in it. Put a sell order in at 100k sats.

probably bait but it's not an ERC20 token you mong

you got a nice imagination there

have fun with your dinky portfolio, ill take my gains

Wise choice nigglet

>March $25
>June $65


Your gains aint coming from Ark thats for damn sure

just like my buy order for more Ark


I bought 10k at $.2. We're at $9 now.

ARK gives some of the the safest gains in crypto and always has the potential to suddenly go parabolic. If you're looking to invest then there aren't many cryptos as good as ARK, but if you're looking to be actively trading there are better options.

Personally I'm always betting long term on low hype but high tech coins like ARK. They'll weather the storm if crypto enters a long lasting bear market. The best way to win the game is to stay in the game, putting money in chinese erc20 scamcoins for a quick buck seems like an unnecessary risk to me.

>2020, $1000, ETH dethroned

$100 by EOY - Screen cap this nerd

>mfw it just occurred to me I now get $50 dollars a week by staking


How much Ark do you have to be making that much off of staking?

He's getting about 6 a week, so it must be a little under 4000 arkies

($50*4*12*10)/$9 = 2,666Ѧ

I have 1,600Ѧ and i get $30 per week at current prices.


>ywn have 4000 ark
Is this what cancer feels like?

>tfw 1 Ark a week
Well, when these babies are worth over $1,000 it'll be awesome I guess.

$200 a week slow and steady.
Waiting to get $600 a week 30k a year just staking will be great.

Will only take $27 ARk, which is a given this year

>Well, when these babies are worth over $1,000 it'll be awesome I guess.



It's totally possible desu. Competitor to ETH, same supply as ETH. I'm not gonna be as rich as you guys but I'm going to be pretty fucking happy.

the graph of ARK on Bittrex looks like a straight line for the past 2 days. what did it mean by this?

It's not only a competitor to ETH, it's also a currency.
They will actually implement point-of-sale systems for ark in the future. (Imagine like credit cards, but they transfer ARK instead of fiat.)
The price potential for ARK is actually a lot higher than that of ETH. IMO, ARK will be a universally accepted currency in the future, like the "credits" you see in cliche sci-fi movies.

let's be reality, no one is going to actually use an Ark Card lol

Wish the team would focus more on V2 and get that shit knocked out rather than spend however many hours developing something that will have no adoption

There are issues with universal currencies though. There's a reason countries all have their own (other than some European countries).

I don't really want to share a currency with Venezuela.

>no one is going to actually use an Ark Card

Why not? I'm talking about the 5-10 years future here. Fiat will be dead by then.

why not?
i get 30 ark a month
>walk into a store pay with staked ark

>I don't really want to share a currency with Venezuela.

Well, you can always create a local one by starting your own national side-chain, lol.

Do you actually see countries doing that?

Also what kind of issues would that introduce when side currency A is worth twice as much as Ark and three twice as much as side chain C.

I'd say ARK will have a first mover advantage in terms of economic adoption. I could create a new fiat currency right now, but nobody would accept it.
Just like everyone accepts USD when you give them enough of it. It's the "base currency".

>thinking nation states can inflate or deflate your crypto

Mismanagement by retards only burns retards in this market.

Investing in Ark is like investing in a municipal bond

Unless you're 80 years old and are incredibly risk averse, you shouldn't be investing in it. Shit barely moves

I wish FUD worked dude but we aren't acquiring more coins under $4 again.

You think I would buy 1 more Ark? hahahaha no way dude. this shit isnt going anywhere but im too lazy to unload

Soon the Ark will depart and when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet, and you will be left behind.


AION has the connections, money, and devpower to destroy ARK.

And they will.

Go ahead and google Deloitte.
Look at this advising board.

You're fucked, get out now.

I don't think that's possible with 600k volume for this coin to be pump and dump scheme.


>female "engineers"
>eth token

How big are those bags son?

You feeling scared, Arkies?
It's over next month.

Blockchain interoperability isn't the only thing ark does.
I'm not going to stop you from staying poor though. Go ahead.

have fun getting dumped on every month by the dev team until all tokens are in circulation


A literal pajeet coin. The flood will wash you and your street shit away luckily

Ark isn't going anywhere. It's a solid project with sophisticated developers and ambitious vision. They hit their milestones. They have an actual product.

It's simply not going to go as far.

> Hating pajeets prevents me from making gains

im just gonna laugh at you when they release the next batch of coins into circulation and the price tanks again


> t. laughing in piss soaked boxers

>in 2017 we traded alts to get more BTC
>in 2018 we trade alts to get more ETH
>tfw in 2019 we will trade alts to get more ARK

Vitalik is secretely a Predator sent to Earth to uplift humans so we can join them in an Alliance against aaaayliens

>implying i'm not already doing that already

This timeline will never exist. Get back to reality, junior