How the fuck are we gonna avoid taxes?

If we make it (10 million+) and wanna cash out to buy a lambo, buy real estate, buy gold, buy stocks or whatever to diversify, how are we gonna avoid the tax jew assuming we are from America

Taxes are theft, don't wanna pay. Don't really want to move either. Fuck. Fuck you government.

Shell corporations offshore. Or trust accounts. Use jewish lawyers.

Or just be drug dealer rich and sit on a lifetime of ciggerettes and gas.

It's going to hurt... Aussie here...

I got to work, government takes 1/3 - 1/4 of my shit.

Invest my money to try and actually get ahead in life....

As soon as i convert to fiat these big nose cunts are sitting there rubbing their hands together as the fucking thing lands in my bank account.


If you make $10MM and you are worried about paying taxes, you're a fucking cuck. Worst case scenario for you, who likely makes under a 6 figure salary, you'll be $2.5MM in taxes, leaving you with $7.5MM which is enough to:

-Buy a lambo
-Buy a $1MM home
-Spend $3MM on cocaine hookers
-Make a passive income of $100-150k/year on stocks

Worry first about making the $10MM, then see if you would rather:

-Live super wealthy, able to afford basically anything in AMERICA


-Live super wealthy in some shithole 3rd world country, hiding from the IRS for the rest of your life, knowing if you get caught you'll be getting ass raped in jail for a few years.

Tough decision, eh?

You won't. You will give them almost half of your money and you will like it. 10 million in crypto is more like 5 million in reality.

start a business, put them into an IRA, remove them at 10% vs 40% hit as personal capital gains

>He honestly thinks he only needs to pay 25%

Fuck you faggot why would I just give up 2.5 million dollar to fund Tyrone's rap career

go away fbi

Lease a Lambo if you want one you nigger-rich idiot

Buying one is $500,000 down the tubes

Your tax is 50% on that much. You think taking out millions of dollars of capital gains doesn't change your tax bracket? Lmfao you dumb retard

>Buy a $1MM home

In this shitty state of California, a SMALL house costs at least $2 million

Fuck you too, nigger

I don't want to pay greedy kikes anything, I'm taking the risk and I want what's mine

So no one has an answer beyond some vague "get a lawyer, involve shady third world countries, set up shell companies (risky as fuck), or welp, just pay"

Cool, thanks biz

I thought crypto was gonna help us sidestep the gov and we would be able to spend it on everyday things without gov knowing. Hopefully that happens or we are fucked with taxes

Even if it changed your income, which it doesn't, you wouldn't be at 50%.

You should do some reading before coming here with your retarded shit. Cap gains taxes are based on your ORDINARY income bracket. For someone making under 100k even w/ short term cap gains they'll pay 25%.

At the highest income bracket, people making $400k+, it's 40%.

So your 50% number is fucking moronic even if you make $400k+, which I know you don't because you're sitting in your mommy's basement right now, faggot child.

I am looking at Cali real estate right now and see plenty of nice homes in great neighborhoods for under $1MM. You maybe grew up rich in some fucking snobby suburb like you see on TV and think that's the only place you can live, but that'd just be you being a fucking spoiled brat child.

You can live in NYC in a 2 BR apartment for under $1MM in a decent neighborhood, and the only place in the country with more expensive real estate would be San Francisco.

Also, no one is forcing you to live in California, especially if you think it's a "shitty state".

somethingsomething XMR

you're a dumbass

if the income from your gains puts you into the next bracket, the amount that overflows into the next bracket is taxed at that bracket's rate

I'd call you a retard but it's the american education system that has beaten this retardation into you

you can always give it to me. you can trust me

No, just no. It's based on your INCOME tax, you fucking moron. Fucking read a book or something. Capital gains are not counted as INCOME, but they are taxed based on your INCOME bracket.

They are CAPITAL GAINS. Not INCOME. INCOME is what you make from working your shitty low level job at Target, sucking dicks of people like me who come in and buy some shitty baby clothing for my crappy friends' crappy children.

Holy shit, I don't even know why I try to train you little retarded children who probably have mommy and daddy do their taxes for them.

Just use Kucoin no I.D. to sign up. Unlimited withdraws/deposits

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Pass on your own inv for passive gains from trading shares you wont regret it.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm talking about cashing out multi millions from crypto into other assets. How the fuck does xmr help at all? If I want to buy a car, a house, or just not work, xmr won't help me at all, retard

No one accepts xmr for a house and even if they did, the IRS and gov would be notified that I'm buying a fucking house

Looks like you really can't avoid the tax jew unless some better solution comes up eventually

just kill all the jews

oh right, we tried that but your grandpa ruined everything

you deserve all you got america

You're actually wrong, realized capital gains can push you into the next income bracket. It doesn't cause all of the gains to be taxed at the new bracket's rate, only the amounts over the bracket cut-off for the new rate. It's not your fault, tax law is intentionally confusing. You shouldn't be so rude when arguing with people, though.

Sell your crypto to a real fag with a site like so the gov can't tell that you made all that money

It's okay, he will realize that he is wrong eventually since it sounds like he plans to pay taxes

im literally buying a home power plant with SNC directly and it will set me up for life

Decentralized exchanges. Blocknet dex soon, and Binance's decentralized exchange running on Blocknet shortly after. In the meantime, use SALT to pay this year's taxes so you don't have to cash anything out.

Not feasible for large amounts due to low liquidity plus people have been caught by gov on there and questioned or forced to pay

And then what? Fill up a kiddie pool full of your cryptobucks and go swimming in it like scrooge mcduck.

Because you cant buy a house without the alphabet boys knocking down your door and doing collections for their jewberg overlords.

Digits don't lie, anons.

Idiot here, how do tax returns work if you suddenly make a lot of money? Rundown appreciated.

> hold xmr
> buy stuff with it
problems weren't

Just pay your taxes faggot.

Its not like you worked to earn those cryptobutts.

Well don't use that site then. Find someone IRL who's willing to buy the bitcoins off ya and bing bang boom your good to go.

Sure you can't buy a house but you can keep it in your basement or something and buy Olive Garden with it a few times a month

>Just use Kucoin
>no I.D. to sign up. Unlimited withdraws/deposits
>all this referral shit to try and pull money in as quickly as possible
So many red flags, you faggots are gonna get Gox'd.

You guys are too young to have watched Scarface, right?

It's not free to be wealthy and independent. Just pay up and hate yourself later

This. For anything more than $1m, you can set up an offshore trust. In theory this trust purchases assets for its business and you are officially a consultant as to what the business buys. In reality you just have a gold credit card registered somewhere abroad that stores a float of your crypto hoardings in fiat.

If you think XMR will only go up 2x over the next year youre retarded. Crypto ensures you'll never have to pay ludicrous taxes, nature has a way of finding the path of least resistance.

Crypto is a fantastic tool but you really think the kikes running the west want to make it easy for you to turn your back on their nigger/paki wealth distribution schemes.

Buy,real estate in FRESNO not that overinflated bay area shit. Better roi and better price sq ft here trust ne
T. Realtor