*Secretly moons*

*Secretly moons*

Have you bought an (unknown amount) of Monero yet?

I should have, QTUM has been killing me since I bought it at 65

No. I sold off my Monero since the price has barely moved for the past 2 months. Bought Sumo instead. Made 300% gains the past couple of weeks.

Same here. Idk why I keep falling for potentially promising coins when there are undervalued coins with an actual use case in the market right now

Every thread

Why don't you just buy some instead of crying.

Bit nervous since I sold at .02975, but I don't think it's breaking those .03 walls desu.

why does sumo wrestling need to be on blockchain? you have to ask these questions

they are making big changes to it in FEB right? Should I realistically expect XMR to become 3k by the end of this year?


Once normies figure out the media has been shilling them XMR the whole time (anonymous, decentralized, store of value) this shit could hit 10k so easy.

>Figure out anything

That's funny, user.

>I posted it again xD

they are implementing what they call bulletproofs... it makes transaction size 90% smaller. right now, monero's transaction sizes are very large (>1kb) due to the security protocol. large transaction sizes take up more space on the blockchain and more network traffic for the nodes. this will really help scalability

Privacy is important, if you don't realize this you're probably just a Taco Bell nigger.

Bitcoin (along with every other crypto) is not fungible - in the future it is possible that governments or large institutions will refuse to accept "tainted" bitcoin that has passed through certain addresses or tumblers, meaning that certain bitcoin will be less valuable than other.

Fungibility is a feature of money which declares that any unit of the money is entirely indistinguishable from any other. Only with a mandatory private blockchain such as XMR is fungibility possible in a cryptocurrency, and this is the key feature that will make XMR the dominant blockchain.

At $6.7B, it is a steal. When people start to become aware of the importance of fungibility, demand will explode. Buy now before it's too late

They've already figured out how to buy crypto. You act like normies never learn, but that's not true. Normies learn, they just remain few years in the past. Look at how old your generic "facebook meme" is, it's like scrolling through a wax museum or something. I'd say it's at least a 5 year gap between autismos and normies.

Normies don't learn, they get on things once they've been dumbed down so much it's impossible to not do so on top of being actively enforced by their masters

The moment we hit that level crypto will be a shadow of its former self with annual 1% gains much like stocks

Yeah all it takes is for a few people to get their tainted withdrawals blacklisted by Coinbase or Shapeshift for people to realize.

Monero has far more functionality than Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin yet trades at a huge discount to them. It won't stay that way forever.

Same with coins like btcp and sumokoin.

>actively enforced by their masters
lmao ok then

You forgot to mention the supply, it will remain bellow Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash until 2040

larger utility + scarcer

its a timing bomb

we are already here

You act as if crypto has some kinda huge wall to prevent people from entering.

Normalfags are already here they are already eying monero.

Monero is such a comfy hodl

To be fair, crypto does have some daunting technical walls. Signing up to Coinbase is one thing, but stuff like ERC-20 tokens, hard/soft forks, public/private keys, not so much. I only say this having had many normies ask me to help them to get into crypto. The bulk of them can't do much more than send tx's to/from their ETH wallet (which only one was able to set up on their own might I add). If you're not highly computer literate it is a big step to get into crypto.

Nice, just bought an unknown amount

> Why would I buy that Monero thing I can't even afford 10? But I can buy a lot of TRX, I'm going to be rich when it hits $10.
Normalfags will never be what affects the price of Monero. By the time they notice it will be completely out of their reach.

I'm mining unknown amounts until the difficulty reaches 120 the it'll be completely unprofitable for me to mine. And before gamers and other people put me on the cross my rigs consist of 2 rx 580 8gb cards and 1 rx 560 and 1 rx 550.




>undervalued coins with an actual use case in the market right now

It's adorable when tards think they found an "actual use case" better than privacy

Everyone has an (unknown amount) of Monero, so yes.

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Monero was 176 dollars on December 1st. So it's increased almost 250% the past month and a half.

if eth reaches 20k i still wont be a millionaire but with xmr you will never know

besides xmr, what else is there really?? xmr is the only coin i know it has its place

why is every monero thread the best threads on Veeky Forums

I put my fuck around money into zcl... I mean I think I'm gonna make money but by the time I can flip it for xmr its probably going to be ath 550 or something...

Does anyone know what the 2nd part of the globee project is? Monero needs more merchants

Because privacy is the future. The only other threads that cover technicals like this are BCH (scaling).

Just think about the possibilities of this coin when a hardware wallet is finally made.

xmr threads make me want to go 75% xmr 25% eth and walk away

I'm cheating on monero with ETH, going to ride the flippening2.0 hype for a while and then get back in

whenever I take XRB profits that will be straight back into XMR

How are the coins stored now? Only exchanges?

Think about it when it's just fairly simple to use. Fuck the hardware wallet for now.

You need to put the an and of in the parentheses too

Because Monero is the true king. The store of value meme actually applies to this coin AND it is used as a currency already. The masses just don't realize it yet.

They bought Bitcoin.

If you were trying to be a faggot on all three points, congrats?

Show me it's better than Zcash.
And not by the muh Zcash is a corp. argument.

fuck how much did i buy again

i looked at my wallet and it just said MissingNo. did this happen toa nyoneelse?

On a GUI wallet on your desktop.

I didn't know about this bulletproof thing, I want to buy 100k now.

Alright fuck this shit I'm gonna dump some more bitcoin to get in on more monero and ethereum action.

Sumo offers you insane gains as its marketcap saturates. XMR is the low-test choice as its mc is totally saturated.

Haha nigger are you serious? The guy literally tweeted out "we'll leave in backdoors to help the government find criminals".

Can also be stored on my monero.com but have to be very careful with that since there are a lot of fake websites.

where can I buy drugs with Zcash

>20% DevFee

Yeah nah.

You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.

Fucking plebeian.

That is a fake website though.

Also don't use mymonero.com (official web wallet) because the fee is locked in and gay.

Hm, chase pumps, or bunker down in one of the few coins that will survive the greatest crash of our time...

I have no monero at all right now but I can see this being a 10k coin one day. absolute privacy and having your own pocket swiss bank is invaluable

COLX is literally better

anyone got a paper wallet guide that doesn't involve saving a webpage to an offline computer to generate keys. (looking for a manual key creation process)

>they are making big changes to it in FEB right?
Hard fork is March to my knowledge, FYI.

With no intention of holding it but trade it. Most won't beat a hold BTC strategy.

no i buy real privacy coins

I would personally grab either the official GUI or CLI wallet and just use it to generate an address/keys. No need to have it sync. You could firewall it if you want.

Monero is what crypto-currency should have always been. Normies don't understand just how powerful a FUNGIBLE crypto can be.

Sure, alts are the way to make some quick money now, but if you're in crypto for the long haul, XMR is your best bet. When the alt market inevitably explodes, you can bet XMR will be one of the few still standing.

>Roastieposter asks a retarded question

Consider suicide, my dude.

couldn't lose, maybe cut out 10% for shitcoin moon missions.

well when you put it like that..10k should be right around the corner why hasnt it happened yet?

>Monero is what crypto-currency should have always been.
This desu. When I first heard about Bitcoin in 2010 or whatever this is basically what I thought it'd be.

XMR is my favorite coin, its one of the only coins I'm genuinely excited about.

my /comfy/ portfolio is split between ETH, NEO and XMR

People haven't had experience with the bad side of crypto transactions yet.


Monero is a great coin

because everyone is riding for profit gainz instead, Monero is steady right now and completely under the radar for being a top coin. When the boot of government/banks comes down even harder eventually people will be fomoing into secure privacy coins to hide their wealth instead have it be publically available for everyone to see, couple that with atomic swaps and you can also take some out whenever even if they try to blacklist the coin.

My (unknown amount) is stored on paper.

I own a secret amount of monero, i May be rich

ETH and NEO are shitcoins though

monero is 6b market cap coin with a clear edge for most alt coins + hedge fund exposure. it's a nobrainer hodl if you really want to gamble with alts

owning XMR is a no brainer. It's the only coin that lives true to the crypto promise of anonymity and security. I love watching these ripple bank loving faggots get owned

owning SUMO is a no brainer. It's the only coin that lives true to the crypto promise of anonymity and security. I love watching these ripple bank loving faggots get owned

SUMO is going to be the litecoin of XMR

I hold both Monero and Ripple because I'm an opportunistic fag and wanna make sure I profit no matter what the outcome is

SUMO is gonna be the breakout coin of 2018. Comfiest hold of the year.

if you're gonna shill sumo you might as well explain why it will overtake Monero


>thinks Ripple = XRP

Enjoy your bags.


>better security
>more profitable to mine, more miner friendly
>more active devs

Even if it never overtakes Monero, the difference in mcap between the two is vastly out of proportion. Buy Sumo now if you want to have money in 1 month's time.

Umm Sweeties?

ZCL is better than Zcash which is way better than Monero. Slap the Bitcoin branding onto it and we have the best privacy coin ever.

can't wait for hardware support.

The dirty rat devs own 20% of all mined coins for Zcash and promised to rat out anyone the gubmint asks them to. ZCL is a decent fork but expect the devs to abandon it once the BTCP fork happens.

This is the most promising thing for the next few years. Unfortunately I was not able to get on it when zcl was less than $100 but the brand name of bitcoin will appeal to everyone and the practicality of it is great.


I had to teach myself a lot about crypto and I still run into technical walls when reading white papers. Just not as computer literate as I had hoped.

I like Bulwark for mining right now, also a privacy coin.