Best ways to make money from your computer other then crypto? drop shipping? marketing?

best ways to make money from your computer other then crypto? drop shipping? marketing?

could anyone reccomend something productive one could do with use of their computer time instead of browsing Veeky Forums , playing games and jerking off? im really leaning towards drop shipping atm. kind of want to learn to just design sites and learn light programming anyway ..

essentially i want to work towards creating a passive income revenue of at least 5k a month, outside of crypto

mine monero


Get knowledge

Make Shopify selling Chinese shit on a markup


Run a real business but keep all communication online.

Amazon online arbitradge and private label.

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I've done a lot (A LOT) of digging into the lifestyle business space.

Drop shipping is dead. It's been upended by affiliate marketing with Amazon, which graduates into FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) where people basically private label niche products and sell it, store them in Amazon warehouses, and sell them on Amazon.

Even that is pretty crowded. The value there is building a brand - where there is a compounding interest.

There's no such thing as passive income. It takes an outsized effort to get a business going and, if not maintained, profits will take a downturn. That's how it works. That's why people choose to sell (people sell businesses on marketplaces like empireflippers - which also has a podcast where you can learn more. One of the owners of Empire Flippers also hosts a thing called the 'web equity show' which is about building online ie 'location independent' businesses and the show is very boring)

When it comes to looking where to invest the outsized effort that it takes to start a business, it's prudent to look at where the most opportunity is. The most opportunity is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which is most active right now in the form of blockchains. I don't even own coin, but the fact is the opportunity is in crypto. People are making a lot of fucking money right now and it's just a bubble. The underlying value will carry on into something real. Best to get in now tb h

On Amazon even branding doesnt help anymore. You literally gotta shell out thousands for ads for good keywords to keep yourself from slipping from page one. I used to pay so much money for ads my profits were down to 10%. Thats what all those online private teachers who are making millions in revenue won't tell you. I know some of you fags stress out trading crypto but compared to running a physical business and shipping to Amazon FBA its a breeze.

Nice post, but I refuse to believe its not incredibly easy to generate passive income in one way or another on the internet in this day and age once you know what to do. it just does not seem possible.

How do I invest in DLT?

This is a good post. I fell for the passive income meme 2 1/2 years ago. You need to first acquire the skills to build a business and then you can cut down your hours immensely. This isn't 2010 anymore when you could throw up a garcinia cambogia site, blast it with SAPE links and rank #1, making $1000s per day. Those days are gone. These days quality is key.

SaaS is where the passive income is at, but you need to be good at programming and marketing to achieve that.

Also, everyone has a different idea of what passive income is. For a pajeet, it's literally $500/month and he can live easy. For us Westerners with civilized blood, you're not living easy with anything less than $4k/month. Even then, you're not living incredibly well.

Coding AI.

Sad days to be a amerigoyim.

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>what is low barrier to entry
>what is oversaturation
>what is returns to scale
Since about 2014-5 (big SEO updates taking place at Google and Amazon competition getting tighter) every niche worth being taken is already occupied by a few fat guys reinvesting into their operations like crazy and working at increasingly thin margins.
And a horde of plebs leeps squabbling over the scraps from their table.

Kettle & Fire is an example of a brand that exists largely on Amazon (they do have accounts with Whole Foods and grocers, though from what they've said Amazon is their biggest mover)

Great branding. They also own Perfect Keto

From what I understand making money always takes effort and is only easy in the relative sense.
Again, Distributed Ledger Tech (eg blockchains) are where you can find that relative ease right now. It's a) a massive bubble market and b) has very serious underlying value

If you think you can find something that takes very little effort, I disagree but please tell me if you do.

Your sweat equity is probably more valuable than your financial equity. Find a way to invest it in the space.
I'm new to the space and still looking. I'll let you know when I find something.

I never even fell for the meme. I just want to build a business at this point.
My lifestyle is majorly frugal, and I want to keep it that way - free from distraction and full time work - until I find something.

I taught myself to code with algorithm puzzles. I might just start building little dapps for fun and netoworking at this point.

>kind of want to learn to just design sites and learn light programming anyway ..

what's stopping you?

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Uncertain nature of potential payoff - it takes about 2k hours to be reasonably capable of performing junior-level assignments, which is really not much to speak of in terms of expected gains.