What's his endgame?

What the fuck is his endgame? He could have literally retired six months ago and his whole family would be set up to 10th generation. Why the fuck is this faggot still writing code?

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he has a strong drive to change the world, not just make money

hes real af nigga

It's bigger than money.

please excuse his autism

Money does not give life meaning, hard work and responsibility does. He understood that.


I work as a software dev and I would be done the instant I'd hit 10 mils. He's worth more than 100 mils. I don't understand this Russian

he's so fucking ugly

Having a legacy and being remembered for all time is better than being rich for 50 years and everyone not caring that you existed. He just happens to be building a legacy while getting rich.

Imagine working and solving real problems instead of stapling paperwork at your office user.
You might understand.

There is much work to be done, comrade


Doesn't matter with the amount of money he has

don't you talk shit about money skelly ever again

There's no end game. He had passio passion for the tech and is not chasing money

iirc he spent christmas working on some mersenne prime math theory. those aren't the type of people who are in this thing to cash out all at once.

Look at him. He's an ascended alien humanoid from the year 2xxx. Do you think puny human money sustains him? He's an indigo child. A future cyber saint. He's Vitalik Butter up that cunny. He cannot be destroyed. He loves kids. He's literally the strongest Catholic saint alive. If you ask one more question about why he doesn't retire he will find you with his atomic carbon sensatory radar and destroy your CNS with nothing but a thought. He has it all. For him humanity is above all else. He was sent here by our techno ancestors who seeded this earth foretelling and expecting the perfect human speciment, one worthy of joining their interstellar fuck parade. Even Bogs bow down to him and unlike them he isn't a demon. He's one of the light people.

He has meaning in his life, all you faggots are jealous because you dont have any of that.

Trust me sitting on a beach drinking margaritas and fucking high end escorts every night gets old pretty fast. Having a hobby or passion in life is necessary.

Ethereum 6.0 & maximum efficiency

>tfw technocractic uptopia is closer every day

neither do you projecting faggot

More beautiful then you virgin poorfag

t. tiny jaw non aryan pajeet

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Anyone else thinks this guy is an alien? Like not in a meme way but an actual alien visiting Earth to help us out

You faggots wouldn’t understand real drive.

he is not just a "software dev" this is his side project. he isnt a simpleton that wants to get rich and disappear, his autism keeps him going.

it seems likely

Just because you both develop software doesn't mean you're the same people.

He's smarter than you and you clearly work at a shitty job + you have little talent if your standards are as low as 10Mil in the tech industry.

He's spread to thin and a company with a niche use case will end up eating his lunch for him.

The foundations for the internet used to be browsers like AOL and Netscape. Despite the fact that they had a tangible business as opposed to being essentially an R&D project, they went to relative shit.

His relative downfall will be commensurate with the tangible value of ETH (vary little)

Purely speculating here, but this seems to be the reality. Ethereum may be iterating into oblivion

>He could have literally retired six months ago and his whole family would be set up to 10th generation. Why the fuck is this faggot still writing code?
And here lies the mental boundary that prevents rich people from becoming icons.

I'm not the worst kinda brainlet, but I didn't really catch onto what he was doing in those posts.

lol i enjoyed that

for real though, can you imagine him being killed in a car wreck or something? what an irreplaceable blow that would be to our entire species.

>Ethereum may be iterating into oblivion
The fuck do you mean

What's his net worth with the current ETH price? Is that known?
Anyway, there are tons of normies who are dirty rich and still work, you don't need to be autistic, so there's that.

Vitalik is a great man but his minecraft autism tier mannerisms and reddit tier shirts make me think less of him.

The ways of cryptoJesus are mysterious.

only poor people talk like this

>he thinks he can cash out without crashing the system

this is a good copypasta, saving this


Altruism and autism, a potent combination.

Life is all about purpose and he's found it

Not that a NEET would understand that

ethereum is the actual future of crypto. xrp and xlm are going to be picked up by a few banks and transfer settlement services and fizzle out when the ethereum platform apps absolutely dominate

It's not about money.

i listened to one of his interviews and he used to write articles about blockchain tech for $4... he's clearly not in this for the money.

That guy is such a loser. Pure definition of manlet

idk but Eth is his own child. Maybe he likes it, maybe he feels he has to idk...

Hes a russian pajeet scammer, he just copied bitcoin source code and made his shitty ruskiecoin, the network has been blacked by a fucking kitty game. Hes not a genius, hes a pajeet virgin pedolover.

Unlike 90% of slobbering idiot "crypto investors" he actually believes in the transformative power of decentralization. ETH isn't even money for fuck's sake

He's a better person than most of us who are here for money. Nothing wrong with this tho.

>>hard work

This isn't work to him.

Crypto kitties bogged down the whole network. You actually think any of these scam coins can build on top of the ethereum network?

Believe it OP there are some people in this world with a vision, who care more about shitposting and watching anime for the rest of their life and want to leave an impact on the world a thousand years after they are gone.

Vitalik could just fuck off and become a billionaire, or he could make the system the entire world uses for everything from paying their bills to renting out electricity.

Honestly Vitalik is in position to be the most powerful man in the world and be remembered for thousands of years. It's something he enjoys and is passionate about so why not go for it.

real men don't have to pay for sex lmao

Spreading themselves too thin. No solid direction.
From what I can see, very reliant on being able to solve hard problems, ie an R&D company waiting for a real company to eat their lunch in a vertical integration and, in the meantime, iterating into oblivion.

Netscape existed as an internet browser (more tangible than Ethereum, but similar in that it was trying to be the foundation for this technology) -> google creates an amazing search engine and uses the capital (both human and financial) to create the best browser available.

A tangible company will vertically integrate into creating a better protocol for universal smart contracts. Until the ETH is essentially doing R&D work for this future company. Iterating into oblivion.

I could be wrong and regardless, until then ETH remains valuable. This future company may start off on the Etheruem blockchain

What makes u think he's not fucking 3 asian escorts a day. He might just want to keep that for himself.

An escort a day keeps vitalik in game

this to be honest. Once you are super rich, money starts to be meaningless. It's just a tool to accomplish larger goals.

Once you and your descendants 5-10 generations are set, that's when you can really start making bigger moves

He's literally working his ass off to give us FREEDOM

>I'm in the empire business

Even if his goal is to fuck off as a billionaire, his ~$ 0.5 billion networth is heavily tied up in ETH - which is in a bubble. If he tried to liquidate, then he'd get *maybe* half of that BEFORE taxes. More than likely, attempting to do so would send the market in a major correction and he'd end up with a lot less.

His best option, even if his goal is to fuck off as a billionaire, is to keep a vast majority of his ETH holdings while trying to improve the protocol.

Apparently it's not unusual for founders to start a company intending to sell and, once they find they have a purpose and are important in their company, they continue with the mission.

It's not rocket science. The effort of trying to increase the value of your assets is more fun than spending them.

No joke I want to get rich as fuck off eth then come to whatever shithole country Vitalik is staying in and be like. TIME TO GET SWOLE MOTHER FUCKA NO BREAKS ON THE GAIN TRAIN.
Then like 2 years later weve got a jacked master race autist coder who likes lions now.


hes an autist, as in literally.
he doesnt even understand wealth he only understands computer science, games, and weeb shit.
genius lvl fags are often socially and financially stupid in many cases.

yea, setting up the mark of the beast crypto currency financial system actually is.

>this user gets it

This. Guy. fucks!

you don't aspire to do anything else then make money?
i would surely want tot he change the world as well

well you know a lot of people work at there hobbies because they actually enjoy it, money should always be secondary when deciding your career. this guy likes code. hes advancing the world. you got your life backwards user.

-Life tips from user

Spoken like someone who doesn't know any high-level power autists IRL. For a top-tier software developer it's almost impossible not to become rich as a matter of course while solving problems that interest you. Why chase money around in desperation when it comes to you organically?

As a famous whoremonger once said, you're not paying them for sex, you're paying them to go away afterwards.

He wants that world of warcraft attack he liked back.

Only poor people thinks his way.

Hes a visionary. Hes in it for more than money. When he discovered Bitcoin he knew that it would change the world for the better.


>Why the fuck is this faggot still writing code?
M-maybe because writing code is fun?

In fact, he hasn't been very active on Github, as you can see here:

He said himself that Ethereum will never become mass adopted by big companies because it's way too slow. He thinks it has use but that the technology still need to advance. Youre all fucking ignoramt brainlets

You could say the same about bill gates in the 70s.

>tfw Ritalin Buttering has your same age

LMAO !!! gold

is the new paradigm, get used or die in the attempt

And what was the final game of Bill gates ?


Guys a fucking legend

Money is but a tool, and he's a jew he understands that.
His goal is the same as all jews, the destruction of Humanity.

death and the permanent lack of money that is death

Cos’ money is nothing... and everything

If the guy was born poor he’d be a living classical hero. Like Satoshi. The shit you can only read about in 1000 year old books

You fags don’t appreciate their sacrifice

he's not jewish. stop this FUD

He wrote his first computer program on this machine: an implementation of tic-tac-toe that allowed users to play games against the computer. Gates was fascinated by the machine and how it would always execute software code perfectly. When he reflected back on that moment, he said, "There was just something neat about the machine."[27]

>says some poorfag neckbeard