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All in baby.

walls coming down

Vechain news coming soon. Possible partnership with china tobacco, largest tobacco company in the world with $150bil per year in profit alone and 2.5 trillion cigarettes sold

This coin will have membership soon with Chinese gov, BMW, tobacco, whole frikin world and it yet has to break under 10$, something fishy

Strap in!

One large exchange=easy manipulation

Fuck you it's crashing. I bought at the high


LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waltoncucks are desperate

guys so whats the point of the vechain nodes, you just hold your node and your coins so you make passive income? wouldnt you make more money just selling all your coins at once once it moons.

Woo woo ven train is slowly moving like it usually does... These gains ain’t mooning yet boiyos but let’s hype this shit anyway. It’s a solid buy either way. Keep clam and hoddel

All in, even got some more during the dip.

you could but then you are done making money. Or you can hold and make passive income forever and then sell whenever you are done (plus the price will hopefully keep going up)

the incentive to hold a node seems low especially in a extremely volatile market that would plummet immediately in a global recession.

if ven=$100 and thor is $50 then that is $100,000 profit a year from holding

China national tobacco partnership confirmed in CCKs twitter answers.
170 bn usd in revenue in 2012.
30% of the worlds cigarettes, and a hug counterfeiting problem.

This is huge

I was able to sell at $6 and rebuy at $5.50 today. Finally got my stack over 2k VEN

nice, I tried my luck too, but chickened out kek.
Got 21 more ven.

>sold ven
get out


I didn't buy more VEN at the $5.10 low. Everyone please roast me.

Bought more at 5.70 5.60 5.25. Thx for your bags poorfags

Sold at $6. Rode icx from 9.40 to 9.80. Bought back in at 5.30. This is winning.

how many coins you have

>he sold the dip, look at this loser

haha nice you broke even with fees good job faggot. just hold good coins and you can spend time fucking with large natural breasts and playing vidya instead of watching charts. you wont make it

Tree fiddy worth

>Considering a strong company yield to return in today’s market is around 30%, a rational company would not consider purchase VET to earn THOR unless the price was $1.50. We can further conclude that despite being exceptionally generous across multiple variables the price of VeChain is overvalued by approximately 70%.

All these deluded VeCucks LUL..
WTC is better in EVERY aspect and has a China Mobile partnership.. get lost vechainers :)

Vechain is going to overtake NEOs marketcap. The wales are all in on this coin, most are running nodes. That costs about 50k at current prices though.

Coca Cola kid said it.

Intergalactic is our next station.

Gimme the link to this please asap i need to spam these vecucks with this

>be me yesterday
>hear about wtc scam announcement
>sell my ven at .00045
>buy wtc at .001899
>sell wtc at .002499
>rebuy my ven this morning now at .00383
life is good knowing some sucker is holding my walton bags

Guess what faggot, there are better products than Spotify. There are better services than Netflix. There are better phones than Apple. Better doesn’t mean marketshare. First and marketing does. As long as it’s good and gets to market first the general public aren’t autistic perfectionists looking for the absolute best of everything. Also we have a hedge fund invested. Do you?


whales don't run babby nodes, they run the real 250k ven nodes.

>sold ven
get out

Kek. Waltonfags getting BTFO soon

if they have a bunch of 10k wallets they do

Kek, I can't take this guy seriously when he begs for coins at the end.

are you aware that they're also going to be doing ICOs for 500 fortune companies on vechain's platform ? Which currency do you think they're going to accept as a contribution ?
Companies could buy THOR directly from the market, but if they want to save money they could buy VET nodes. Also VET's supply is scarce which makes it more valuable, it's a store of value just like bitcoin that pays you dividends in form of THOR tokens

ive been spamming this on leddit

I hold a fukin node and know this is partially FUD article but it triggers them.

Found the cultist. I thought we were here to get rich?


>Negotiation with China Mobile = muh partnership.


>National Level Partnership
>Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media Ltd.
>Healthcare Co. Ltd
>Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co Ltd
>KUEHNE+NAGEL, D.I.G., China Unicom,
>China tobacco which is state owned and owns 30% of all circulating cigarettes.
>Jim Breyer smartest investor invested in this and ethereum and facebook nothing more
>Jim breyer wife is Chairman deputy of one of the biggest shipping companies in china and Diirector of bank of china.

>Muh IoT Aliance

This. Marketing and partnerships are the only things that matter. WTC doesn't have access to PwC and DNV GL partner companies. Vechain is a fucking goldmine

do 5 nodes with 10k give more than 1 with 50?
Shit, I think they actually do.

is it too late?

this is literally ETH at 15 bucks.

i mean for the moon mission
i'm already balls deep in ICX

>This is literal ETH at X amount of USD.

Oh I hate this meme.

it's down 20% from ATH and has a lot of room to grow. They got endless supply of partnerships and announcements to pump up the price. Buy now or stay poor

Why not both. If they both moon, win. If only one moons, partial moon. Unlikely they both shit the bed. Likely they both succeed. Spread yo risk

It can be said about any coin at any time. Even if it is a shitcoin, then it is eth at 420 right before the 60% drop.

>blastin off
>check price
>still below $6

cocacolakid's recent post must mean that there's going to be an official partnership announcement soon. Probably in 10 hours or so. He always posts his riddles here before the actual news comes out

its almost time

Coca Cola sperg is some autist with too much time on his hands to make ends dumbass riddles that no one should cares about. He should just say what he wants to say instead of wasting time writing that garbage.

did you parents drop you on your head?
> +10% in 12H
> +50% in 1W
> +1000% in 1M

wakey wakey

ok so we're just at the start of the pump now? considering throwing 30% of my stack. is right fucking now a good entry?

2) Ethereum is the industry standard form of payment. According to their latest Financial Executive Report, VeChain themselves use Ethereum to pay expenses [Source]. If the core company is not using their own currency, why would anyone else.

if national tobacco is true it should be plus 50-100% tommorow.

change to their own chain in june. With ICOs, vet/thor passive income like neo/gas.

I spam Link fud and hold 33K of them. Haha, I love it.

I speak from both sides of my mouth and oppose myself.

Maybe its cause they don't have a fully working platform yet. Can you use your brain?

I think so, but you still have a chance to get JUSTed.
I doubt ICON will outperform vechain in the next 24 hours though.

I think that means they're selling their ETH from ICO to cover their business expenses, no ? How the fuck are they going to pay for anything with VET if their tokens are locked

I sold DBC cause that chart broke down in this dip. But you know what? VENs chart did not break down. This one is strong. Mildly in.

umm nah he did pretty good desu


sorry about that false alarm we still have time to buy

She's gonna blow!

>I don't know how deep these retarded vechain's delusions are, they keep on talking about moon but not ONE moon has happened over the last few months, despite giving out news upon news of partnerships, not ONE i tell you, they're all 20-40% rises from time to time like a fucking snail, meanwhile we have other alts going to 200% in just mere hours or more and when i call out this shitcoin for what it is, i quickly get shunned by "fud fud" turds.

Lmaooooo srsly vechain is a shitcoin, they purposely make up lies to convince themselves that whales are manipulating it when the reality is, its the DEVS themselves who place sell walls at a certain price so that it won't go up so fast and will convince new retards to get in at a low price before its supposed big take off.

This is Cryptoscamming 101, people seriously need to aware others of their shady behavior!
>Not gonna lie, former Vechain 40 man dev team member here. This is fucking hilarious watching VEN crash and burn. But in all serious the more research i do the more shady shit i find.
"Hey Stacey, want anything from Starbucks?"
>"Yeah, I want a mocha roastie supreme! But can you go get it for both of us, I don't want to stop watching Netflix!"
"Sure, can you send me some money though? My credit card is almost empty, I spent everything on Chad!"
>"Yeah, I just go this new app "Request Network". Download it and send me a request!"
"Wow, I just got it too! I'll put in a request. Hmm, that's weird Stace, it's saying I need "REQ tokens". Wtf is that?"
>"Uh, this app is so fucking weird. WEIRD AND CREEPY. Why do I need a token to send money? How do I even get them?"
"Just delete it Stace and use venmo. That app was made by virgins and creepy ugly losers."

Honestly, use your brain. Does it even make sense for this token to be over a dollar?

Hello there mody dick. Did you got burned just now?

You sound like a virgin



Both are good products, but this tribalism is very fucking stupid. Holding tokens is even less ownership than holding stocks. Vechain or Walton do not care about us. Rooting for them and acting hostile towards people who hold competing coins is monumentally idiotic.

The behavior of wtc holders who got a nice 50% growth surge lately has been truly despicable, and Im not sure why they are like this. Its a fucking electronic token.

It doesnt even exist. Its not really even a token, just data on a ledger. But here you are waving a pennent and chanting your team name. Animals.

YOU dont have shit to do with these companies. Especially at the laughably small participation rate holding a few thousand dollars worth of tokens represents.

nice job VEN bro. welcome back.

It wasn't supposed to fucking go up yet. I got bad info.

oh no, we broke the matrix

>Set buy order at .0036 and went to sleep
>Wakes up and missed it


never put it at whole numbers like that alway go 36112 or something

35k VEN reporting in and strapped in. lets go boys.

Absolute poorfag allin 360ven this is it my only chance.


Lost about 400 VEN to an airdrop scam/phishing site last night. It was a long day and I had a lapse in judgement. Had been holding since $2.70 or so. Feels bad man.

Double check your URLs and don't make the same mistake I did.

I told you faggots to go all in earlier
Always trust Coca Cola kid
I've been in 60% since 2.50 but I'm going all in now fuckfaces

dumped the rest of my walton for the real thing

ain't nothing like the real thing baby

coca cola kid knows (i'm not cck) (duh he's much smarter than me)

how much time we have?


When lambo?

besides the value of a network is not just its speed

its its flexibility for enterprise

vechain way ahead

metcalfe loves vechain



I was scared before but from now on when Cola tweets I'm invreasing my stack as soon as I can

I was convinced he was a larper for a while. But now I am following that tactic cause regardless the price always does something decent.

i would not gamble on news hitting VEN on the 15th even tho rebranding was pushed

sunny ain't no fool i can't see him sandbagging event without a backup plan to satiate the rabid beasts

he plays chess

yeah we have all been convinced

its the most fun of any coin i have been around

u listened to the salties, never listen to the salties

if you got monero at 5 bucks or eth at 10 would you be happy you sold when it mooned

or would you wish you still had it today

now imagine if that coin paid you rewards you could live on

never sell

yu can say that about every investment

buy more