Why aren't you investing in the new internet?

Why aren't you investing in the new internet?

I'm already in brother. 52K. Any news?

There's been a lot of FUD regarding this coin lately.

the deal with dude going to jail? eh, not horrible. doesnt really damage the mission/product

Just DataDash admitting he was paid to shill Sub back in July. Damn near every coin has paid shills.

nah, just never see anything on it

Oh, who cares lol. They all shill coins.

Dude beat the fuck out of some asshole that punched his sister in the eye. Sonny Corealone made that shit cool.

It's been falling pretty steadily. Is it time to buy the dip?

No, their “public beta” isn’t even public, there’s no proof they even have a product and one of the devs is a felon or whatever. This is going to be one of the biggest alt flops in Q1-Q2 imo, I held it from $.2-$1, and was skeptical the whole time, but it’s simply too much indisputable FUD now

Further, it’s clpsed source and the devs don’t answer the hard questions to “keep it a secret from the competition” and they have been deleting post about the public beta on their subplebbit.

Just saying it’s looking pretty grim.

I see. Thanks.

And lastly, compare their whitepaper to that of Orchid Protocol.

The former reads like a motivational pamphlet while the latter reads like a discrete math text.

blockstack is another solid competitor of you’re interested, and privatix is a solid VPN coin (which is a slightly different product, but insanely undervalued). ITNS is another VPN coin but I trust it a bit less, though it is based on Monroe’s cryptonite algo

>the new internet

No problem, I’ve been wrong before though. Dumb money and good marketing can go a long, long way. And after all, they could pull through. Just offering reasons why I opted out when there’s plenty of investments without these downsides

I did. It’s called skywire and it’s being produced by the folks at Skycoin.

Skywire miner. Sexy as fuck


this burgular/potsmoker is the guy creating your "new internet" from scratch in a couple of months time. what a great investment, couldnt possibly be a scam at all

Glad to see the anons from Shift checking in.

How can I get a rundown?

At least shift has a working product

>>See Shiftnrg.org

Page loads fast as fuck too

Dude is a more successful "criminal" than any of you.

I'm all in. See Yas on the moon.

He got paid 6 figures though. That's kind of ridiculous and also a felony he could go to prison for a long time for.

on what fucking planet is that a felony? first off - he always puts out a disclaimer that its not financial advice, and secondly, endorsements are not against the law.

there's a reason he has donated the kickbacks he received from substratum team to charity. not going to say any more but i wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now.

$300,000. WOW...
It's fraudulent to shill a token under false pretenses.

Man there are some haters for this coin. Crazy. I feel like I should dump it now lol

Financial conflict of interest have penalties equal to the amount gained with a max of 25k and range from misdemeanor to felony based upon how large the conflict of interest is. A $200k payment is quite a conflict of interest and what's worse is he admitted on Youtube. Any of his followers could sue the shit out of him now and he could end up in federal prison.

trust me. this will be as bad as confido.
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does he not put a disclaimer though saying its not financial advice?

Sub could be fucked big time. DataDash is in deep enough shit for being asked to participate by Sub, but Sub's team organized the whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised if a lawsuit takes down the whole organization.

you must also disclose if you're being paid to shill.
"not financial advice" doesn't help that at all. that's a standard disclaimer every advisor does.
not every advisor is paid to shill.

That should be irrelevant. He still didn't disclose a conflict of interest. By accepting the payment the court can make the case he was a part of the team, whether directly employed or contracted, and he never disclosed this when advertising for them. If he would have bought the tokens with his own money it wouldn't matter, but he was paid so he's fucked. Again this only occurs if someone pursues it, luckily for him the people who don't like him tend to be right-wing anarchists who see what he does as disgusting, but not necessarily worthy of punishment. He might not have anything come of this. It just depends if a lawsuit comes.

a lawsuit? no, this is multiple severe felonies level. you don't commit a $100m+ fraud out in the open without catching the attention of the feds.