Where my fun bros at ?

Just bought 10k more today.

I'm sitting on 40k FUN lads. Fuck it, Gotta gamble on this coin before I gamble with this coin

Under 2k but accumulating Funbro.

I'm not having much fun right now, virtually every coin that matters has at least somewhat recovered from the crash except FUN. I just want to break even, bros. I'm not planning to sell I just don't like all this red. The only red here should be the color of the coin itself.

How long will it take to go through this fellow FUN bros?
I hate those fucking whales

Its ETH/FUN on binance.

wasn't it supposed to moon a few days ago?

Just bought 100. I should probably wagecuck to buy at least 10,000.

For the Chinese? 1 contract secured at ICE is enough.


I've got a few hundred Fun on binance due to insane fees when withdrawing but that will change come February

Walls will be dropped when buy volume increases.

Thank fuck for this eth rally giving us all cheap FUN

The same place I've been since last week.
Just like this fucking coin.
Fucking moon already.

If you cucks cant be patient maybe you shoukd try wagecucking. This is what is feeks like to be holding a coin before it launches to a different fucking galaxy. For once in your ahitty life you aren't fomoing into a coin at the too, for once you are onboar the rocket before it lifts off and all you selfish fucks are sooking because no moon mission yet. You cunts don't deserve FUN, kill yourself faggots

whats even fucking worse about these retards is they don't even bother trying to follow the buy and sell pattern of this coin. Some whale out there fucking LITERALLY HANDING OUT GOD DAMNIT LAMBOS to any pathetic beta cuck who can scrape up enough virgin rage courage to sell high and buy the inevitable, statistically provable dip.

The irony is that every vice you're yelling at us for you're also showing in this post.

A week ago literally every thread was just /WE COMFY/
Now it's just a bunch of faggots who jumped in after everyone else was shown to be come, they're going full wojak, and they're trying to bring everyone else down - this is all despite the fact that the people were comfy in the thread because the moon was coming in a month, and were constantly reiterating it

You faggots who get weak, shaky hands all because you aren't making a 10x every single week are the exact reason crypto keeps dishing out so much money, because you keep dumping chunks of your portfolio for literally no reason. The only saving grace is that you're not complete normies if you're on this site, so there's still a tier of people above you with even weaker hands, so you faggots should just sit down and strap in while you siphon the real normie money in 23 - 24 days (depending on timezone)

shown to be comfy*

The only relatively cheap coin that has a good potential to moon and people are raging.

Can FUN realistically hit 1$?

FUN future normine coin. dont hang around

Easily, that’s like what 2.5bil$?
That would put us as 24 on cc or so?

If its market cap reaches $5billion, yes. Bout 3700 of these today and i would shit myself if it hits $1

>Tfw you have just enough time to accumulate before the moon mission takes off at the same time you're literally taking off to live le Sergey backpacking meme

if you want a moon you need more buy side volume. Honestly it just needs more shills and more hype to break the price stagnation. There are to many other projects making serious gains and a nice stable coin like this just doesn't have the GOTTA HAVE IT NOW appeal needed to really moon. The mood right now is wait till February for the news

Hello bros i'm a linkie who bought into FUN just few hours ago. We are going to get rich together, aren't we?

Timeframe? I want to buy more.

$1 requires a $5B market cap.
Given that we're appealing to casinos, not just investors, and online gambling has a $60B market cap in the US alone (meaning not including Asians who love to gamble even more), and that doesn't include things like CSGO gambling, $1 could be achieved with literally one casino that wants to get in early and scoop up as many coins as possible, not including any investors that want to hop in as well.

$1 is literally guaranteed. It could very realistically be achieved with the ICE shilling, given that ICE has an average of 8500 different people who have gaming-related businesses. Someone who sees FUN and wants to invest right away could scoop up a retarded amount of coins and pump us to the moon all on their own.

Worst case scenario, we'll absolutely smash $1 by the time the full release is here (ie. when casinos are allowed to use the tech), in late Q1/early-mid Q2. The FUN team alone has a retarded amount of connections to casinos, so you know there are at least a few that will get in (such as William Hill, where FUN poached some members from).

Based purely on marketcap, FUN can hit $10 without any coins being burned using the online gambling market as a reference. When coins do start getting burned, it'll just continue to moon over the years. I wouldn't be surprised to see FUN at $50 - 100 in 2 - 3 years' time if enough are burned.

Even when being conservative in estimates, and using marketcap for the people who treat marketcap like the bible (despite this being crypto and crypto generally ignoring it), FUN is guaranteed to hit $1 in 3 - 4 months no matter how badly the coin might do. It's likely going to hit it around Feb 8th at ICE.

t. bought link at 10c

$1000 in $240 down, hodling strong

>Complaining this much that people are worried about FUN's dip
You can complain about "normies" all you want, you just want us to be a hugbox. Dark times are here, let us be worried.

2250 funlet. Faith is being tested on my micro stack

funlet here too

we won't make it

Fucked if i know, 5 billion in this market could take a couple of days look at what EOS did yesterday all i see is the fundamentals look good for a moon shot volume has massively increased over the past couple of weeks which means a moon shot could happen tomorrow or in 2 weeks. Ill hold my 3700FUN untilit reaches $0.5, sell half and keep the other half for long term hodl and if this guy turns out to be correct then that would be sweet.

>When coins do start getting burned
What do you mean by this?

Same here, holding strong until feb

True but we can always use a boost to our poorfolios

If it hits $1, thats a nice chunk of change to put in new shitcoins.

Casinos that use FUN have to burn Tokens after each usage.

It's not 1 : 1 but the amount of FUN is slowly but surely decreasing.

I'm holding but I'm not having fun, fucking thing keeps on dipping.

oh wow, thats awesome,

As FUN is used in casinos a portion of it is burned. The more that gets used by casinos, the lower the total supply goes, the higher the value becomes.
The dev team is also doing burns on their own, where they might just kill 15% of FUN in circulation at a time

My last buy was XRB at $4. Just bought some FUN. Don't fail me Biz Bros.