Is there such thing as a woman being too muscular?

Is there such thing as a woman being too muscular?

Woman can be as muscular as they desire, but at a certain point most men stop finding them attractive.

>psych major

This girl is sexy...lok at those thighs


Into the trash she goes

I wouldnt date this dude, he is a manlet

natty? not really
same for guys tbqh.
natty limit + ideal bodyfat = far from what anyone would consider "too big"

Yes, when they got those cannonball delts, broad shoulders with a V-Taper and tiny asses.
That's basically a body I want to attain but not for my GF to have.
Pic not related.

In my opinion? Yeah. Once they stop resembling general female portions and begin looking like a man is when I get turned off.

>Pic related.

Muscular women are not attractive in my humble opinion.

i dated a chick who lifted pretty heavily.

once she started cutting her bf% to the teens and those fucking delts/v-taper started appearing i once accidentally imagined i was fucking a man from the back, like a twink with long hair

i grossed myself out afterwards and dumped her 2 months later for unrelated reasons

>a woman trying to be a man

Stinks of attention seeking

Yes, and it’s anything past Natasha Aughey.

yeah if she looks like she could straight bar curl more than 2.5kg on each side

Her roids ruined her face.

She was perfect and she overdid it. RIP.

>hairline fleeing her forehead
>hair pulled back to cover up receding crown
EVERY time

Yes if it looks like they're roiding because their quads and delts are bulging left and right.

tfw she's the same size as you. should i just end it now? she's leaner too.

>most music prior to 2000

Us 90 kids, huh?

>neat whiskey
Bitch probably just drinks jack out the bottle

Can we talk about this? Why does lifting cause women, even natty women, to have receding hairlines? Is it something to do with the increase in testosterone? Even women who aren't that big like Meg Squats have this issue. Also, why do 99% of women who lift have small tits? I thought tits weren't a kind of fat you couldn't lose from exercising.

Whiskey is the US spelling of Whisky.

US and Ireland. Whether it's Whiskey or Whisky is entirely geographically based.

It's not the lifting, its the roids they use.

That's my thought.
She was perfect until then.