Did you miss out on WTC last night user?

Did you miss out on WTC last night user?

VEN is gaining momentum again.

Get in quick on Binance it is about to reveal its true potential.

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Oh look, a real project.

If this thing is ever going to moon again in the next few weeks its right now.


>Not gonna lie, former Vechain 40 man dev team member here. This is fucking hilarious watching VEN crash and burn. But in all serious the more research i do the more shady shit i find.

Walton will cuck it further sub 3000

There is no way this will go sub 3k because I sold at that price and I never EVER recover

I believe you. I'm a former vechain 40 man dev team member too. People on here have NO IDEA what kind of shady shit is actually going on

Post some proof you fuckin lying curry street shitter. lmfao dev team my ass. Weak ass attempt at FUD.

VEN is going to blast off again. Stay poor pajeets

CNBC will be taking about VEN in 48 hours.

Not gonna lie, Satoshi Nakamoto here, I have gone all in on this shitcoin.

not sure that is a good thing. cnbc have been on a rampage against crypto recently.

we can't let this man get the nuclear codes

VEN taking off any minute now, who has seats aboard this moonshot? VENGANG report in

my body is ready

Waiting with bated breath

so much more comfy than yesterday

Hello fellow VENGANG, are you awaiting the moon mission? Have you clipped in your safety harness?

locked in, captain

shall we?

Yeah I'm also a former VeChain 40 man dev team. Shit is real sketchy there. Shady stuff going on. I hope everyone is selling.

Not gonna lie, I'm a former ICBM aimed at Hawaii, and I hate VEN because it'll go to the moon before me. And they're shady. Like, dark side of the sun shady.

VEN actually has a 60 person dev team. Is this a meme?


>Is this a meme?

No, I was a former VeChain 40 man dev team. The more research i do the more shady shit i find.

>mY dAd WoRks aT NinTEndO xdDDdd

Last call on the VEN rocket
Hope you all have tickets

ven about 2 pop fuckers hop on

Did you miss out on 2017 or do you just hate money? In any case, if you are not currently in the possession of the solid gold coin by the name of VEN. Then are you truly Veeky Forums material?

Leak all you want pajeet, it wont stop the moon mission


i only have 233 VEN will i make it user's???

Walton will blow these memesters out eternally

more normie money.
At least binance is still mostly closed.

Just wait 2 weeks till the koreans open fiat trading again.


ven gang in this bitch nigger

yeah i cant wait for walton to lie about more partnerships so i can dump these fucking shitcoins

Is VEN crash & burning? First i’ve heard of it! Damn Salty Walties!

Stay poor faggot!

i went from 285 to 334 last night selling high and buying low
got greedy and tried to accumulate more and now i'm on 288 ffs

Is there any way I can earn THOR by staking VEN/VET after the rebranding? I have 1k

>pepsi kid made a thread
>usually when pepsi thread some announcement follows not too long after

GHEY!!!! We all know CoinHealth is dat lambo shit bishes!

I just figured it out myself. If anybody is wondering how much THOR they can earn by staking here is the link


buy my bags plz

To that pathetic discord that couldnt beat a single dolphin you guys are pathetic. Couldn't even keep above 42k sats. Lmao


>D E V I L I S H

There isn't going to be an announcement today. Tomorrow probably but today is unlikely. It's hours after when they usually make announcements.

it is not even 10 am there, on a sunday.

Most of the announcements are at 10 or 11PM their time.

Now that you say that I remember apotheosis 2 was out at 15:00 my time, and it is 2:30 now.

You might be right. So in 12 hours then.

Between 7 and 11 am est

They have made a few "late" announcements but nothing big as I can recall.

This. They've apparantly got a 40 man dev team with no wallet or Android app? Stay poor vencucks

Last time he posted it was about 8 or so hours before the announcement.

If the happens in two hours it gives him more credibility because it breaks the regular schedule.

Dyor. Find me a single pic of sunny shaling hands with his so called 'partners'. Everyone is quick to call us waltcucks but well see in the end my child. We shall see. Hahahahah.

I promise nothing.

I never invested in VeChain and never will but if any of you retards fall for this you are retarded. Most obvious shill.