I can't find any good offer for ether on localethereum; I'd like to buy a little bit for idk 25 usd...

I can't find any good offer for ether on localethereum; I'd like to buy a little bit for idk 25 usd, would someone like to create an offer with reasonable ether price to trade with me?

Ah, I forgot to add that I'd like to pay with PayPal, if it's okay


why would we wan't to cash out in this bullrun

>investing $25
>if it goes crazy and goes 10x you'll only have a measly $250
Why bother?

perhaps he needs it for tokens.

>25$ worth of Ethereum

Are you gay?

Once payfair goes live we can make escrow deals like this one

So how much should I minimally invest? I'm not very rich

>I'd like to buy a little bit for idk 25 usd
are you a fag perhaps? Do you like sucking cock? You should try

>25 USD

Woah calm down there

100 at least

I'll sell it to you, how does it work?

Well, okay, let's assume I want 100 USD worth of ether. Would anyone like to sell me this?

If you actually wanna make money that is worth spending your time on, $3000
If not, I'd say $500 at least

If you can't start with at least $500 there's no point. You'll make chump change and only wish you put in more

that's 0.02 ether, that would get eaten up by transaction fees very quickly op

on localethereum you need to deposit the ethers to escrow smart contract, then I pay you with paypal, and then you need to release the ether so I can get it. It's pretty simple and safe

Ok, does localether charge any fees?

:/ that's too much for me :'(
yeah, that's a good point

that's your clue you shouldn't be investing at all. you'll just panic sell at the first dip and lose money.

is kucoin good for buying ETH? Ive noticed the price dropping over the last hour

"Localethereum charges a 0.25% fee for the maker (the person who placed the offer listing) and 0.75% for the taker (the person responding to the offer)."

is there a reason you need such a small amount? if you dont actually need to use the ethereum network id look for smaller coins if youre trying to start with investing.

so you have an ether address but no access to an exchange?

If you really want, GDAX charges no fees for limit orders, so you could use that, just transfer in the money through SEPA transfer, which is also without free.

which smaller coins are good to invest in right now?

what do you exactly mean?

I mine on my PC but don't buy any ether. Simple enough reason to have a wallet but no exchange account.

But you won't be able to buy it with only 25$ in eth

If you want ether, most people open an account with an exchange.

That sounds badass, how is the ROI? you using nvidia gpus?

maybe open an account on this site and look how it works, my nick is knur123hamster

Sounds interesting I will check it out

Ok, nice :)
When you'll have an account, tell me what's your nick

I'm down if you wanna do paypal. Fuck localethereum and their fees.

If you want to send $5 first, I'll send $10 eth, then you send 20$, then I send rest.


ok username: cheeseburger

Ok, I see your profile. It's 2:24am here so I'll go to sleep, but tomorrow you can set up an offer and I'll open the trade, is this ok?

Yeah i'm still trying to figure out how this thing works and how risky it is cause the site recommends against using paypal, but I'll look into it

Yeah, because there's a thing called chargeback fraud, but I'm not that kind of person, I wouldn't ever defraud anyone

I got a tingly feeling that this is gonna turn out a classic thread.

Shout out to HK

>invested only $100 in AntShares at $8 because I'm a poorfag
just kill me