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Heads up /biz. There are some smart fucks reading this right now. If you are willing to deal with some shit right now, you can basically get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming exchange. COSS is trading around $3 right now. There is a new UI coming out tomorrow, expanding team, and huge roadmap. They are planning on trading fiat pairs for altcoins. This means normies can go and buy (insert shitcoin) directly, without having to buy ETH, transfer, trade. It will be a fucking game changer. Beyond this intrinsic value, holder get 50% dividends FOREVER (in the smart contract).
Conservatively, the coin will be on par with KCS and BNB (7x from here). With their fiat pairs, double that in Q2 ($40),

CONSERVATIVELY $100 by EOY. The product is in beta, and isnt perfect, but they have a fucking functioning product. Look at your portfolio and ask that question of the coins you hold. The devs are sharp, and constantly communicate. This can make /biz rich if we get in this early.

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Bump for coss thread

What do we think is going to happen with price tomorrow?

>Shilled COSS @ 0.05
>Shilled COSS @ 0.15
>Shilled COSS @ 0.25
>Shilled COSS @ 0.50
>Shilled COSS @ 1.00
>Shilled COSS @ 1.50
>Shilled COSS @ 2.00
>Shilled COSS @ 2.50
>Shilled COSS @ 3.00
-= You are here. =-
>Shilled COSS @ 5.00
>Shilled COSS @ 10.00
>Shilled COSS @ 15.00
>Shilled COSS @ 20.00
>Shilled COSS @ 50.00

Get in bitches, we're going to Neptune!

I don't really give a shit. The trajectory for the foreseeable future is positive, and massive. Perturbations in the price won't shake the community. But I will predict 4.5 EOD tomorrow

Sold 1000 at 2.8 hoping to rebuy tmrw after the dump

A lot of biz got in pretty early. This exchange is going to make some of us literally wealthy. We are creating a new class of citizens.

Fuck if this hits 50 I seriously have to rethink my life. I’m already loosing sleep over these gains and I fucking love it.

It's a great time to be alive

Saddle up

C'mon user, I'd be cumming buckets, but that's quite delusional.

Shill me on this. Why this over KCS?

Exchange based in Singapore with plans for fiat vs. chinese exchange with coin that's already 16$

Registered an account and now it is having trouble loading fuck

This is honestly worth looking into guys. Was initially sceptical about the 50% but it's actually hardcoded in the token so they can't just scale it down like with kcs. Once fiat pairings are added then this will definitely usurp kucoin and become a direct competitor to coinbase even.
Would really appreciate it if you used my referral if you haven't signed up yet.

Thank you for this coin Veeky Forums. Bought in at like 50 cents each.

Have to wait for the bitcoin transaction to complete reeeee

KCS has been good, but has no where near enough room to 10x. We are in it because its early as FUCK, and if we learned anything from BNB and KCS, exchange coins are winners.

In fact I also hold a good amount of KCS. Im sure most COSS holders do.

Start using ethereum for transfers. Way faster, friendo.

You should have transferred ETH. Dont get all autistic waiting. Mine took ~12 hours.

If they can manage fiat pairs.... its gonna be next level.

If coinbase had a token that paid half their dividends with CoSS market cap, it would easily be several hundred. This is a possibility if the fiat pairs get up and running.

what do i get for signing up with your referral ?

What are fiat pairs, and what am I doing? Someone help me get Rich too

>if the fiat pairs get up and running
when they get up and running user. COSS employs more lawyers than my face has pimples, and im a wreck

>fiat pairs

A token paired directly to the currency of your choice so you can exchange direct from that currency to the token.

Fiat pairs aka USD/BTC, AUD/ETH, etc.

Basically the pairs which normies love because it means they don't have to buy other crypto to buy crypto

WTF are they running on? Is it a sack of potatoes and a couple carrots?

Even currency to currency pairs. USD/EUR. This exchange will be huge.

This is just the beta we're all using now. They are going to release their new UI soon, and I imagine we will see server upgrades soon, too.

Ignored KCS at $1.5 and don't want to make this mistake again
How late am I? No shills, be real please

thats what the faggots fail to comprehend. Yes, it is not perect, but this is truly concrete progress that tracks with price. Really what an investment should do.

>Listing fee of $580,000
>Binance has a flexible listing fee depending on the project.

Nice exchange, shame nobody is going to list on it at that price though.

This is literally than buying bnb at 3. Best decision you’ll make this year

Binance is back, y'all are fucked

Coss is flexible also. lazy fud

They realized how much of a fuck up they made closing registration. We are going to see people leaving Binance for other exchanges. Especially one with better benefits to the user, such as COSS with 50% distributions built into a smart contract.

Should I all in this?

Current portfolio has roughly equal amounts of ICX, VEN, OMG, ENG and ZCL. Which one do I sell to accumulate COSS Veeky Forums?

No. lol.... put a portion of your portfolio in, but going all in can leave you all out.

One step closer to a country run by Veeky Forums autists

some people were fudding this hard right before it mooned from 25 cents. i fucking want to hunt thos faggots down cuz i sold %25 of my stack from all that fud.

Diversification is a meme. Keep VEN, dump the others, and put the rest in COSS. Dividends will make all the difference.

I dont think of FUD as reading facts, I try and see it as buy signals. I assume nothing about its validity. If I see a lot of FUD, I typically will research and invest.

>this thread
>pic related

COSS has been out for months. you fuckers are all disgustingly late, way to go losers

if they manage to get a KRW fiat pair or even just USD/KRW they will become the biggest exchange in existance.
so better shill that to them

you can stake your COSS for dividends from your own wallet, like mew or hw.

You're talking about the difference between 50x and 20x retard. The price was flat for a long ass time.

>you fuckers are all disgustingly late
Your father was late, this is how you was born

too bad it's not on bittrex :(

> implying the price wont dump as with every sell the news that ever was
people buying now will have pink wojaks for weeks

can't even 2fa my account cuz this crappy exchange asks for your phone number and they don't send the sms

>2k coss
Am I gonna make it bros?

No, unless you're into this kind of gambling. I too emotional so I diversified my portfolio and only see modest gains. Focusing your investments is how you accumulate wealth, diversifying is how you preserve it

yea they were talking about how no one will ever use it because of the withdrawl fees and shit. I was retarded to have sold but at least I learned and now I find FUD to be a buy signal usually.

well said.

I am split between COSS, BBT, NAS, POSW. Of course I do the calculations on what would have happened had I gone all in when something moons, but fuck it.

I wonder if Biz can't see that everyone is starting to jump the ship already
Use your brain - Discord chat for COSS. We're mostly bought in at $2.00.

biz literally looks at the negative so quickly, but looking at the positives and potential has been incredible for my stack.

The singapore angle never gets nearly enough hype in these threads. If you know anything about singapore you know it's entirely dependent on sucking up international money from every angle possible and it's very good at it.

Korea, China or USA can fuck around with shitty draconian regulations but singapore will remain a safe haven

no carrots. just potatoe

they plan to list it on other exchanges. not sure when though

how do I upvote threads here

isn't this what FairX is trying to do?
>trade alt/fiat pairs?

>What is correction.
Higher highs, higher lows. We hit $3 and bounced off. That's 60x from ICO.

If you want, wait for the price to even out before buying in, but I can virtually guarantee you that $2 COSS is gone forever.

Exchange token $100 by the end of the year, my fucking sides...

Has shilling gone too far?

I mean honestly it's a good buy, and I'm going to sign up for Coss, but I'm not using your shilled ass referral. Anybody else want to give me one?

coss refs are useless, fee sharing is written into the smart contract. your payout is based on the amount of tokens staked. pajeets see "referral code" and go nuts

Yeah... $100 is pure fucking fantasy. $5 or $10 would be pretty awesome though.

We're gonna make it brother. Don't forget to use 2FA

Up to 93k accounts. We've doubled total accounts in the span of 2 weeks. I think 120k was their entire 2018 target.

Oops, total 2018 target was 250k. I guess I misread or misremember the "30% of our target met" post from a week ago.

So if people are "selling the news" now, then when should you buy back?

Are they doing any marketing at all yet or are they just working on the exchange?

0 marketing aside from quietly building partnerships. The don't plan on a serious marketing push until at least we have the new engine to handle $100M+ daily volume. Everything up until now has been 100% organic word of mouth.

there's a 10 BTC sell wall at 20k, and the sum total of 10 BTC support down to 11k...
>somebody buy OPs bags

it's botbags

Oh no, 10 ETH worth of sell orders. COSS is doomed...

Memes aside, if it dips I'll buy it. I don't give a fuck. In it for the dividends.

How do i deposit to that site?

Sorry found it

Convince me i shouldn't sell my Walton (wtc) which is performing very well and has great potential, for this new type of coin? Perhaps i should just buy more Walton and visit the moon HAHAHAHAAH

Ahahahha this 100% wouldnt hold anything except walton, considering buying more before the upcoming pump!!

Im looking to go all in on a good coin with me and my friends, Walton has had a good run I'll take this advice and see you on that moon ;)

You're truly mad.

Good to see some anons who know where to put theyre money, good investment buddies especially before the upcoming pump


what are you doing

enjoy getting dumped on ui released

its a scam you fucking idiot. The people saying theyre looking to buy are in on the scam and trying to get others to buy so they can dump

Learn to read.

I dont know about this one guys, i dont think i trust the devs that much after seeing the discord chat. Probably going to sit this one out and keep my money in Walton or something for some quick gains

More FUD. It's a discord room. Not the dev's room.


Lmao bought 2500 at 36 cents.

People are so conditioned to sell the news that I'm really expecting a dip now right before the UI release, but fucking pulling that sell trigger is mind breakingly hard, because it's so fucking obvious that this will go further up...

I sold half my stack at around $3, how low is this shit going guys? I think I'll die from a heart attack if I wait much sub 2.5

This is called “weak hands”
Coss is going to go interstellar, $3 is NOTHING. It will easily hit $20 not including the weekly dividends you’ll get.
For reference Kucoin started at $1 and is already hit $20.

What we really need is the hourly timeline for the new UI rollout so we can time this dump accurately. I don't want to be sitting here for 36 hours looking out for it.

Well Sherlock, if I buy back immediately, I've still increased by stack of coss considerably. When did flipping obvious dips become weak hands?

How about someone not a retard chime in instead. How low is this dipping?

This will make me rich $$$

If you want one pls use mine:

Is there BTC/COSS pair fucked or something? I tried to get in on this shit since a dollar, and they're not answering tickets.

By weak hands he's probably talking about the fact that this probably WON'T dip, what little you've seen of a dip now is probably all of it.

He sais the exchange will be down at 6pm Singapore time and will be up 2 to 4 hours after being updated.