"Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not" (The New York Times)


>The cryptocurrency community is centered around a tightknit group of friends — developers, libertarians, Redditors and cypherpunks — who have known each other for years through meet-ups, an endless circuit of crypto conferences and internet message boards. Over long hours in anonymous group chats, San Francisco bars and Settlers of Catan game nights, they talk about how cryptocurrency will decentralize power and wealth, changing the world order.


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Read that earlier.

I've been looking into the space deeply for the past week but that article is the only reason why I'm desperate enough to be here.

I'm smart, I'm decent looking and can socialize. I live in the bay area. I thought about starting to go to blockchain meetups years ago.

I feel disgusted with myself. Fucking morons with triple digit millions, funding scam companies like Augur FUUUCK I WAANTED FUCKING IIIINNNN

Important difference. That EOS fag as well annoys me to no end.


Look at this scam ass shit. IQ guys aren't even talking about their company. Pure bubble shit AND I"M MISSING THE FUCK OUT

im going to order a crypto t shirt in that design. why not

What made you wait so long? There were Anons in third world countries buying crypto five years ago. You have no excuses living in San Francisco.

Many of us have been there.

The main thing I learned from crypto last year is that I should actively pursue the shit I'm interested in instead of procrastinating forever.

I've been reading about BTC since launch. I always thought it was interesting. I remember have a long conversation about it with a normie friend when it was still $0.50. I said I was going to buy some, then forgot about it. Same thing with ETH.

It was very painful to watch brainlets get rich on stuff they don't even understand, while I wageslave all day writing C++, simply because I couldn't be bothered to go after something that actually interested me, I was just that lazy.

The pain caused me to change my attitude, it might be too late for crypto now but I finally got into it, and hopefully this change will translate to other areas of my life.

its funny because SV was late to the party on bitcoin. theyve caught up now but they still have ancien ideas about raising money, and the kind of products that are worthwhile investments. for example, a lot of them still think there is money to be made investing in blockchain startups instead of the blockchains themseves.

if anything this whole movement is going to remove most of the tech centralization in SV forever.

Unless we can get rid of the Jew York Times and a lot of other evil this "crypto revolution" will have no value whatsoever.

I know we say it over and over again, but it is just ridiculous how similar this is to the dot-com bubble. Just unbelievable.

As I was reading this, I kept seeing immediate similarities in how these people behaved compared to the "techies" in the 90s:youtube.com/watch?v=EsVpNB2Lv3U

It's a long watch, but well worth it.

Take comfort in the fact that it won't last forever. I suggest you watch the documentary above.

Just fucking do it now. Quit bitching.

It is, there's so much bullshit products logic dictates it must crash this year.

it is but unlink the american .com bubble this market is global, and other countries are already ahead of the US in volume/adoption, why is why it's so funny that the best the SF VCs can come up with is accredited-investor only shitcoins like filecoin, years late to the market, and competing directly with native solutions.

there will have to be a crash soon, by at least 75%, but that shouldnt bother anyone but the late adopters, and we need people to get burned to clean up the ecosystem of shitcoins in the first place.


So what is the scam here then? Everpedia isnt' real? mkay... I will sell you my EOS at $1000


Just like the Dot-com bubbles, giants will arise from this. Obvously Bitcoin and ETH will likely be at the top.

The chink shitcoins will crash so now is the time to take advantage of these pumps.

>I'm smart, I'm decent looking and can socialize.
Finally, I beat Chad at something.



Most Crypto Investors are chinks wtf

>Mr. Hummer went out to meet Joe Buttram, 27, for drinks. As a mixed martial arts. fighter, Mr. Buttram said he would fight for a couple hundred bucks, sometimes a few thousand, and worked security at a start-up, but his main hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography, passions that exposed him to cryptocurrency.

>hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography, passions that exposed him to cryptocurrency.

gold jerry gold



Want to know, how I know, that you are retarded?

>The chink shitcoins will crash so now is the time to take advantage of these pumps.

The chink shitcoins are way ahead of the game compared to american shitcoins.

This cant be real...

sounds like a cool guy

my main hobbies include browsing Veeky Forums and webm pornography as well

>The cryptocurrency community is centered around a tightknit group of friends
Long ago learned I have no friends here and that I'm actually sorrounded by chinamen and pajeets who want my coins. Fuck you all.

LMFAO what

>And you're not
But I made 400k kek. I feel alright.

>his main hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography

CAN MR. BUTTRAMER PLEASE SPEAK UP? Post sharpie in pooper fgt. This world is a fucked up place when neckbeards become the 1%

this. some faggot posted a sob story about saving all his shekels to buy link at the end of the week and would have to eat ramen like a rodent for...however long. i was coming up and felt generous so i told him i would send him 100 link. so i did and the savage deleted his posts and disappeared. didn't thank me, just dipped. really reminded me why i hate everyone here. never again!

>buying vintage pornography
>buying pornography

Guy obviously rich as hell off crypto

>mr hummer
>joe buttram
Top fucking kek. This article has to be a joke.

Even the name is perfect

>San Francisco bars
yeah because there aren't smart white men all over the country and you have to be a tech worker to understand the value of crypto.

obviously pseudonyms for Veeky Forums lurking crypto millionaires

Smart people don’t take risks.

women dont take risks


no risk no reward pleb

maybe you are the brainlet

found the stupid.

I know this. I’m telling the other guy that didn’t invest. I’ve put everything I have into bitcoin and it’s paid off for me.

Taking risks is for absolute idiots. I keep my entire life savings in cash hidden in my closet (over 7k, more than half you losers have ever seen in your life). You have no idea if a bank will just close one day and lose your money. There's this thing called "bank runs" and although most of you uneducated neets probably haven't heard of that, it's a real thing.

Oh shit, big spender here.

>that article is the only reason why I'm desperate enough to be here.
> I'm decent looking and can socialize

you really really reeeeallly fucking need to go back. I've stopped posting useful info on this board for this reason alone, I don't want to help people like you that much sorry.

nice FUD, faggot

Read the comments on that article. I hate this world.

you aren't gonna make it, user