Men, we need to do better

Inequality in crypto needs to end NOW.

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Dumb bitch doesnt take fiat into consideration. All kike trillionaires are men.


Stay poor in the kitchen, on your knees blowing Tyrone cocks..

Oh my God, this gets worse every day doesn't it.

lol a girl at work has overheard a friend and i talk about it and we literally told her exactly what to do but everytime we talk about it she chimes in that shes still getting around to buying in

I remember when I was making my Coinbase account. When it asked for my gender I answered "female" just for laughs. They deleted my account. Coinbase is sexist!

Women wonder why there is inequality when the MAJOR majority are unwilling to take risks.
Crypto is evidence of this.

>do nothing to build or improve something
Feminism in a nutshell.

This is actually good for us. More people to dump money into crypto that are highly emotional and make dumb coin choices.
More krill for the whales.

>95 percent of the wealth is held by 4 percent of the owners.

As long as that 4 percent is 50% men and 50% women, she'd be alright

I guess that's true. Still annoys me, I don't want those things anywhere near me.

> women endlessly buy shit
> women buying crypto
> now women are the one holding MY bags huehuehue

Because Veeky Forums isn't highly emotional with dumb coin choices.

What the fuck do they want? There's no sign saying "wyminz not allowed to buy cryptos, pls go away", so what's stopping them from entering the market themselves? It's not like investors are just going to hand them bitcoins because they're women.

women have never wanted real equality



but wait i thought crypto was just a stupid bubble

Because it would bei Bad for them, like really Bad.

>Make GucciCoin, ChanelCoin, and LouisVuitton coin.
>Shill bitches


dude i just found the perfect way to fix that issue:
buy bitcoin

They don't care about that. Complaining amd virtue signalling are literally the most important things in the universe for these people.

Equality is a myth.
Women have nothing to fear of the male crypto overlords... unless you're a 4/10 or a lesbian

wtf is this shit? Any barriers for them to enter? I tell my girlfriend everyday about crypto and she has not been interested. Girls do not like risk as men... simple as that.

This is brilliant, I'm releasing womyncoin next weekend when I get some free time. It's like bitcoin, but simple. Even a woman can understand. I'll say a quarter of the mining fees and rewards are going to a feminist NGO or some bullshit like that. I won't forget you guys when I'm driving my limo. Thanks user for the idea.

If your portfolio is not 100% WomenCoin you are a filthy woman oppressor

if men are smarter why do girls have longer hair

mining is too risky.

make it PoS, so you can 'make' gains without trading

I tried telling a group of women about the opportunity of crypto and they said to stop mansplaining to them

Get this /pol/ tier shit thread out of here you troglodyte.

can we ban this obese lesbian?

>can't be stopped by the usual Jewish subversive tactics of siccing their 'muh slavery' rhetoric, media propagandists, social media bots, and feminist screaming rape whistles
Is crypto the saving grace of sanity?


Men make the gains
Women are the bagholders

I have a legit question. How was that data collected?

I mean, most modern coins are nearly impossible to track, such as XMR. And the smaller coins are generally just a branch from those bigger coins. You can arguably trace back BTC using, you can likely tell where someone's money is coming from, if you know who owns each wallet in the transaction chain; indeed that's one of the reasons that makes BTC an "old" technology inside crypto, because nwer coins don't generally suffer from such exploitability.

So... how was this data collected? I don't believe blue-haired programmers are able to break SHA256 or other forms of hashing and/or encryption. How are they able to tell who are the greatest HODLers, and how can they trace back these wallets to their actual owners (and how can they be sure 94% of them are men)?

crypto doesn't give a fuck about sex.

just money.

why care at all who's in?

do you really know who you're taking profit from?

It's just a big green dildo.

yeah imagine a group even more emotionally unstable

If more women wanted to be in crypto, they would be. Simple as that.


They don't want equality. They want to take everything you have under the guise of equality.

>in an unbiased enviroment where merit, intelligence, and strategy are the only factors, men own 95% of all coin
cant make this shit up

Its the same way they came up with wage gap, lying


*only dates white guys*

Not this again....


where do they get these numbers from? wallets are anonymous, no way to tell if holders are female/male.

its totally made up

I take it you dont know how they get demographic data from presidential elections either even though the votes are anonymous

crypto is shaping up to change the world and wealth distribution for the better. we just have to make sure the kikes are also kept at bay.

>anonymous votes
>ballet gets mailed yo your doorstop


Only 20% are absentee ballots, and they are still anonymous.

Probably through exchange accounts

They love spending money on overpriced bags desu

yeah you can totally compare that to crypto.

Sampling and statistics.

Yeah, this.
What the fuck exactly is preventing from buying?

It is.

Both are technically "anonymous" but there are still ways to collect enough data to make statistical predictions.

You don't need to know the gender of every wallet holder to get an accurate estimation.

I love the idea of biocunts becoming empoverished through crypto and then being replaced by imported women.

You'd have to survey the entire world because crypto is global so good luck. She pulled that number out of her ass and you know it.

>it's fucking real

this tickled my taint, thanks user

fuck ME

When devs cum up with dish washing coin, go all in.

nice, just old 100k to women

I GOT IT!!! It took minutes but iv got the solution, ofenscoin, or OFC for short, new to the infinite list of shitcoins, this coin is going to moon hard. Everytime someone is offended, the person who steps in gets paid in OFC for carrying out justice!!! It cant fail... Buy now will you still can biztards

It's just too complicated and confusing for women. They need to have it summarized and explained and men need to step up to the plate and do this.


The guy in the tweet asked about where the data came from and all they could do was get angry.

dem wacist fucks only fucks white chads

They're just miserable poorfags that claim to "muh gender disparity" "muh wealth gap" because they can't handle crypto.

google analytics

Maybe if women weren’t retarded there wouldn’t be inequality

>advocates for equality
>but not an equal amount of work put in to research and buy crypto
>just for both to have an equal amount of crypto

I hate useless people

How's this white knight coming to her rescue...

She's basically implying that crypto is exclusively benefiting men. Surely the majority of the crypto rich have female partners and children, like that Dutch guy who sold his house for BTC had 4 daughters and a wife ffs.

I'm so tired of this fucking world. Just fucking kill me already

You're not supposed to mansplain though.

Hahaha I’m actually a female and it deleted my account once but didn’t delete it a second time! Coinbase is glitchy!

If women want in on crypto they should stop bitching and buy into something. Almost all these coins - and at minimum some of them - start out cheap enough anyone can buy some occasionally.

See, crypto is sexist because they make it too hard to use. They need to make it easy like coupons, so women on the internet can get good coins. Cryptocoins are made by men and the patriarchy doesn't like it when we try to get ahead.

Thank you! This! It’s very risky but if you play your cards right it can likewise be very rewarding.

If you don’t want to risk any of your income even getting in by small amounts then you don’t have a right to any of the gains. It’s that simple.

Literally every single coin. The only exception might be Bitcoin because the fees are so high.

It still pains me that people believe you have to buy whole coins.

Matt should be put down like an animal

I've heard someone say it's not based on the chain but on exchange accounts. didn't even bother to google it because it sounded reasonable

Typical nu-male.
>uncut, unbrushed messy hair
>hides his chin
Classic signs of a low test beta.

>How was that data collected?
feminine intuition

So Veeky Forums why haven't we started a movement for women in crypto yet?

I see a potential market opportunity here. Roasties aren't going to make it even if they tried their best, because women are inept with money.

We can only benefit from this

Show milkies you whore.

Good idea. Let's start our own roastie coin.

>Start ICO
>Add a bunch of women on the development team (fake profiles and photos)
>Normies buy into it

Was thinking the same thing. The media would pump it up like crazy.

genius actually.

what if Satoshi Nakamoto is a woman?

Why don't women just get into crypto then?

Holy shit SJWs are fucking insane.


>doesn't understand decentralisation
Call me surprised

Crypto is for make right wingers only.

We're the ones who are going to own all of the wealth.

What? You mean feminists are supposed to do something on their OWN EFFORT?

Making something like a FeministCoin wouldn't be hard at all for us. But normies DON'T buy cryptocoins and your average crypto buyer would stay the fuck away from something like it. That is, if we manage to not blow our cover like with the feminist programming language.

We should really get on this, seriously. Just airdrop the token throughout biz, it would be the new largest transfer of wealth...

They want you to take all the risk and then give them the reward

day of the rope when?

Crypto has been proving ground for the "women like tech too equally!" and "women are as capable risk takers as men!" narratives and both have fallen flat on their faces.
Again, they look for handouts in the name of "equality". Again they address their own lack of interest or engagement as a "problem" perpetuated by men.

Take a good, hard look at your Asian gfs Veeky Forums because they're some of the fucking worst for this. A culture that literally lives off the support of men, now turning against the same men.

Also BTC is hardly easy to track - if you know how to use them.

>if a woman divorces you and wants half your stuff what happens if you put it all in crypto and then say you forgot the password
>leave the country and cash out