Why haven't you gotten into the Canadian Weed stocks?

Why haven't you gotten into the Canadian Weed stocks?

Good entry point right now if you haven't yet as the entire sector is coming off four consecutive days of declines. Hoping to see either flat trading or green on Monday.

priced in already

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i've been dollar cost averaging HMMJ in a TFSA account.

Already double.

Because it's not crypto. I'll invest in stocks when I already have wealth.

I will soon. I've nearly finalized my 5 marijuana stock investment picks. After all is said and done, I expect to wake up as a millionaire in a few years...
assuming crypto doesn't get me there first.

Similar volatility and similar gain potential, actually. Particularly so on the small cap companies. The larger caps can do another 2x pretty easily from the current prices but not a whole lot more, even with the hype going full blast.


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The time frame I'm talking about here is today until legalization date; 6-8 months or so. After that things will get hairy for a bit and the true leaders in the sector will emerge while the rest get bought out or die.

What are your stock choices?

are there canadian weed coins?

Who here /stocklet/ & /CryptoChad/ at the same time?

Wanna share your picks sir? Wondering if I'm going to be riding /comfy/ with you.

I have. Threw 1k at an Australian company, AC8, that is part owned by the Canopy group. Rode the news that medicinal marijuana would be licenced. Rode the news that it will now be legal to export crops. Up 500% in the last year. Feels good.

>no Canadian weed company is making a profit
>its going to be a total shitshow come July
>the stocks are rising just on hype for legalization

i rather just ride the crypto hype


FIRE - Supreme Cannabis
N - Namaste Technologies
MJN - Cronos Group
WEED - Canopy Growth
APH - Aphria
FFT - Future Farm Technologies (has US exposure which may or may not be a problem)

ACB - Aurora Cannabis. They're a great company but this takeover thing with Cannimed is turning in to a gong show and it may hold their SP down while the 'confident' group makes leaps forward.

THCX - Hydropothecary. They are well positioned in the Quebec market as one of the only licensed producers in the province. Could be good? I don't know what to think about the behaviour of their SP.

ISOL - Isoldiol International. They, along with a bunch of other small caps, are mainly focused on CBD extracts. While the thought process is that edibles and oils should be good money makers, the performance of these stocks is dicey. I'm not sure they will benefit as much from the hype around legalization as the growers, growth equipment (FFT), and online retail (N).

>government monopoly

If the regulatory framework is a concern, I suggest investing on the support/sales side of the sector rather than the growers themselves. Refer to old saying about how the guys selling the shovels made the most money in the gold rush.

im a canadian who smokes regularly , i can tell the difference between shit and good. is there any way to test these guys products so i know whos producing shit and whos not

What do you think about HVST?

trading the crypto bubble is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich, it's in a whole different universe than weed stocks.

normally it would be a fun market, right now it's boring.

honestly i would, but i don't know how

Hmm... no specific opinion. Their chart looks similar to many other smaller growers in the sector. I'll put them in neutral category I guess.