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>literally below 680 sats

Bought at 705 JUST

thinking to buy some when it goes sideways for a bit. Can't get much lower right...?

He knew and was thinking about it laughing at you all when this picture was being snapped. ha ha stupid round eye me trick you good

cant believe I seriously lost 20k on this shit

What happened? Sunsun didn’t announce the partnerships? This shit is fucking strange.

i sold that shit the first time i saw a pump at 233 satoshis and because it was free money i am pretty happy with it and makes it sweeter seeing the current shitshow

>faggots buy a no-product cryptopuppy shitcoin that was worth 30 sats not three months ago for 20x that price
>surprised their money is gone
Normies getting btfo as usual i see


I don't know what's going on. Last huge dip before the great pump back to .20c? The announcements should be this week.

Denial is potent

LOL. It's the last day of the week and almost midnight, EST (the only time that matters)

>tfw you make more on cryptokitties than a project with lots of potential

going to 10 sats and then bankruptcy FRY troniggers FRY

I am going to laugh when this shit moons and you niggers are the first ones screaming to get on the ship.

I guess I'll go down with the ship then. It's not that much money anyway.

And to think there were faggots defending this absolute shitcoin with every excuse in the book just a week ago.


I find this strange because Sunsun announces team members that are respectable persons that work in big enterprises. If that was a lie, it would be found very fast. And those persons would not want to be associated with a scammer. Something strabge here.

get a load of this obvious sockpuppet account of Justin Sun


> chinks working with chinks to scam money from non-chinks

Thought it couldn't go lower.
Clearly I was wrong.

time to buy was 21 sats lol easiest 100k of my life

it's a lie, see this socket puppet account of a real person

fake account

real person

The heavy FUD'ing is also very suspect.

You dont even know if those people actually exist or not. I can say James Patrick, senior engineer of Google is working for me, but i 'm just making shit up.

You niggers got rekt so damn hard lmao

Alright, let's go with your logic. Say you hear a big movie is coming up, one that's packed with famous actors. Is it guaranteed that the movie is going to be great?
It's not. Almost every coin in the top 10 has been in development for years, and your born-yesterday shitcoin is going to go down the shitter until it proves it's worth investing into.

say goodbye to your money

Well gentlemen, I will not sell at a loss. I rather go down with the ship.

Fuck this, bye.

This. Not giving the whales the satisfaction.

how do you know if this guy actually exist and not just a pic of some random chink?

That sould be a gigant scam. He also pushes the Jack Ma card, the guy from alibaba. If that was a lie, jack ma would shut up the kid. I think. I mean, if he said that I was on the team without my consent I would kick his skinny ass.

Honestly, did anyone here think this was anything BUT a cheap pump and dump?

he never said Jack Ma was on his team, he just said he attended a school Jack Ma funded.


good thing i trade my tron for linkies

thank fuck. i had a normie friend who got into crypto this week and all in Tron (don't know how much, hopefully fraser JUST much). he said it got "potential" and it could go to the MOOOON. i'd snap his neck right then and there but i thought he'd do it by himself anyway


give it a week tops till the wojacks come in

my boy haejin did TA on this and he puts it at $2.50

man a ton of new crypto mobney maybe china must be gonna send this to the moon next year

haejin is rarely rarely wrong

i may have to buy some of thisscamcoin

ill be ready for apolgizes from everyone in the next 2 weeks for when it hits a new ATH

Bought a ton of TRX at $0.01 and am tempted by the $0.09 for more now.

TRX was part of the runup to the $832BN cap and has suffered from the fall. As soon as things start rapidly pumping again and the normal folk want to buy bags, TRX, XRP and XLM are once again going to be the beneficiaries.

>new ATH
You high?

This shit won't touch 900 sats ever again

It's over

Be sure to post the really pink wojaks next week, I enjoy them the most ;)

>goes below 900 sats for TWO FUCKING DAYS
>lol this coin is dead it's never going back there again

Do you retards realize how fucking stupid you all sound? After hitting 400 sats this floated around 200 sats for about 10 days. You know when it mooned? When the last people gave up hope and sold their bags.

It's been about 8 days since we hit 2k. Everyone is giving up hope and selling their bags. FUD is at an all time high. You can do the math.

are u retarded? same type of shit before with the price and look what happened

Please tell me you're joking

who need bag?

lol fucking saved

>ill be ready for apolgizes from everyone in the next 2 weeks for when it hits a new ATH
Wake up and smell the dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. Why are you idiots so deep in denial river?

TRON bag holders confirmed more deluded than arkies

Nah, we actually mooned once :^)

Bought 200k at 3 cents... got greedy at ATH... still up