Alts bleeding out

>alts bleeding out
>bitcoin barely moving up, low volume

is this the beginning of the end for real?
Serious discussion only ITT

Im legitemately a little concertned, I havent seen the market like this soince ive been involed in crypto (6 months).

Should we consider it a good sign bitcoin is consolidating at these levels after such bad news from korea?

what's the next ponzi scheme boys?

wtf are you looking at? my portfolio is at an all time high tonight. Oh wait, you buy what Veeky Forums shills dont you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH

the market was like this 4 months ago

Every fucking day with this shit.
fuck off Panjeet

My shitcoins are doing just fine.

Where does this pajeet meme come from?
Why the fuck would a pajeet be more inclined to post this than someone from say Canada (where im from, and not toronto, newfoundland, look it up, 99.1% white)

No, I've been in fiat for a bit, but I'm cautious to reenter the market

Are you being serious?
You really do need to go back to pleabit.
Please leave.

wall st bonuses come in on the 15th. They're getting their toes wet this year because they want to own this, and they can and will.

OP have you heard of ethereum. you should probably check it out before it flips your grandpacoin. I have been seeing green wojaks for the past 2 weeks

I'm only holding ether, not sure what the issue is

>every day with this shit
>fuck off pajeet

i am asking you why posts that arent shilling for anything but are looking to discuss the market sceptically are labeled pajeet posts. How the fuck is this a pajeet post? Because I'm not shilling FUN or LINK?

I bought Payfair just as Veeky Forums told me to and I'm doing very well

I hate Bitcoin, it sucks ass. But realize that right now the ecosystem depends on its success. Surely you can see that?

>bitcoin barely moving up, low volume
That's good, it means sellers are getting tired and people are waiting to buy in. BTC finishing a correction coincides with low volume.

dont undermine ethereum by being one of those late adopters that tries to call bitcoin, the coin of the early adopter, a "grandpacoin".

if you wern't a late adopter you wouldn't be searching for coins to get rich on, just remember that beta.

Bitcoin is about to make a move, up or down idk. But that's what the market is waiting on. Personally I see BTC going to 16k and then continuing downward while other cryptos continue to eat away at dominance. ETH #1 by EOQ. BCH #1 EOY.

Bitcoin will hit 22k by the end of January.

25k by February.

40-60k EOY.

>Not loving and honoring your king
This is exactly why the west is in decline. Stupidass effeminate spoiled numales can't wait five minutes before wanting to bail out. BTC has gone from 1k to 20k in 2017 and singlehandedly propelled the crypto market from obscure to mainstream and you're already bailing on it because it got slow and expensive over the last two or three of months? Unbelievable. Check yourself mate, or you'll be left in the dust when these problems are dealt with and the king takes off again.

i never hold alts more than a few days, I dont believe in any crypto, only here for the money.

But comon, bitcoin is a shitcoin too, its secure, but thats it lol

> Basically no coin has had significant gains in the last few days
> user still gains more than ever

Nice larp.

>I dont believe in any crypto
You should start getting grounded in something, user. Crypto is here to stay and will radically change our world.

Its the end for BTC. The only 2 non-shitcoins (XMR and BCH) have been making solid gains

>doesnt know eth rose to ath
>thinks btc is only thing that affects alts

Leave or kill yourself
Neo rose to 100 to 120 on monday~ and today went 120-140
Bnb rose from 12-20 in last couple days
You’re just a newfag that only buys coins that already mooned