Is ODN kill now?

Is ODN kill now?

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what are you talking about. the new PoOP system is coming online as we speak. gonna moon this thing 10x at least.

whale games

Retracing to zero. The gun smuggling indictments are sealed still but with rumors of the SEC closing in along with German/UK authorities it will all be over soon. It was a good run friends.


do you guys think it will continue dipping or is now a good buy in?

It's impossible to say with this kind of volume. One whale could dump and take it down towards 6k or it could just hover here for a while.

>Next OSM beta for Android on 19th January


Publicity neg or pos is good.

ODN just got some..

blackstone is one of the best devs in crypto. pretty good time to buy in

So blackstone is still in the dev team?

yes, of course

of course he is.

Blackstone is no longer on the team website and is in the process of making his own website/going solo. This faggot ruined the entire project.

Pic related, Neckbeard who pissed off the entire core team

He's in discord right now you retard.

hes just buying time dude. the reality is pixxl and superquaid are two autistic individuals and superquaid has not been working on this project at all.

if you do some digging on the internet, Peter (CEO) manages several projects and this is just a side hustle. Hell, the reason why pixxl was hired was because they never bothered to pay quality talent to develop the project. He used to be a slack member who made a shifty block explorer and he was hired as the lead engineer.

the entire project is basically pixxl, blackstone working on his app casually, and then the rest of the people on the ODN website either quit already or are community managers. the truth hurts.

t. ex team member who left end of Q4

Were you the dude that hinted that some team member stole a bunch of ODN at one point? Sold 75% of my stack today due to discord drama and now just in it for the fuck of it since I made my money back.

do you enjoy LARPing about some random shit coin on biz or what

Yes. Someone on the team compromised the tipbot and removed all the funds to a personal wallet. I won't say who.

The recent events leave me speechless - There is a lot more going on behind the scenes that they aren't telling you.

he speaks the truth. i invented bitcoin and work at nintendo, and was a team member at obsidian as well. i left because they raped a dog.
they are assholes, they call other coins "shithole coins". horrible.

Youre full of shit. See pic attached from earlier today after the initial argument

Wtf is this coordinated fud anyway? You losers got nothing better to do on a Saturday night?

Sage this shit