Block Array Update

So Block Array posted an update:


Good News:
2 new partnership opportunities
1 is probably for the pilot program set to kick off next month. And 1 is probably linked to their successful business in Atlanta this week.

They are in talks with a reputable exchange.

Bad News:
Token release has been postponed until after the second security audit. Not really a big deal, whoever missed the ICO will have to wait longer to get some tokens. You better hope none of the partnerships get announced before the tokens are released otherwise there could be some major FOMO.

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Yeah I saw this. Very exciting stuff. Glad Sam is out there making moves. ARY to the moon

I'll see you on the moon friend

ED listing already confirmed?

I keep hearing rumors but no official source.

It won't be listed on ED. That is confirmed by the founder. You will however still be able to trade ARY there once the tokens unlock. You don't need to be listed to trade there you just need to know the contract address of ARY

no, but it will be unlisted there obvi

Contract address for ARY:0xa5f8fc0921880cb7342368bd128eb8050442b1a1

Has there been any indication of how long the delay will be? How long do these audits usually take?

>revolutionary erc20 token

The token is not the business or the product. Although the tokenomics are solid. Tokens will be used as a sort of software license. So businesses will need to buy this token to use the Block Array system.

You still live in a world where you think for a blockchain project to be successful it needs to be a technological advancement to blockchain technology, but we're now getting to the point where applications are what are important. It's like saying "facebook will never be worth anything, it doesn't do anything revolutionary for internet technology".

Your skepticism is obsolete and you should feel bad.

I would guess 2 weeks. I don't think it's a very long process

jk no later than Jan 19th. Just checked the telegram

For dragonchain, it took about a week. They are a larger project though.

this desu, the app focused market is ripe for the taking. Just make sure the app you invest in has a real market niche and a product. Block Array checks all those boxes.

Also ARY market cap just in at 8.7M
In this market you can't lose.

Anyone can make an erc20 token and promise anything, that's my point. Erc20 token = laziness.
If they can't build their own blockchain and put some work on it don't expect anything beyond a quick flip post ico.

don't ever meme at me again bitch

You do realize they have a working product to be released in beta in the next 2 weeks. Stop trying to FUD when its obvious you've done 0 research and haven't read the whitepaper. Don't worry man, the salt aftereffects of missing a bargain ICO is completely normal.

Yes, that's why it's important to invest in companies that have a working product and a market that makes sense. Also they are building their own blockchain, see pic related for the roadmap. Main net goes live in April. Check out the whitepaper. Tech is legit, Sam knows his shit, don't miss this.

I fucking love this coin. We should get it listed on IDEX too. It's easier to get listed on than ED and way faster trading
to anyone interesed in this I would suggest looking at the AMAs I just posted. Lots of good info from Sam.


What’s another ico I can get in on? I missed this one by a day or two. Fuck!

Sorry friend Sam is not changing the bonuses again. You will get 15% for 1+ ETH from the crowdsale. Don't worry though, your gains will more than make up for your $300 dollar loss. This will be a min 10x

A 100x gain would only put this coin at #45 on cmc for total market cap. Don't miss this Veeky Forums Scoop on ED after 19th before the normies find it.

That picture is so cringe and will scare away normies.

Oh I see. I thought he said he was finalizing the bonuses 10PM today but whatever, like you said 10x soon



> lad...

Any other icos to invest in

Not like Block Array for burgers unfortunately, if you're not burger then maybe

if you're not a burger:

if you're a burger:
vice industry token
shipchain airdrop