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all IN BABY!!!!


Rolling for green, 1k VEN. Will I make it?

All in and comfy

You have your ticket to Lamboland

Threw another $50k on VEN, pumping it to 75% of my portfolio, /comfy/ as fuck.
>tfw making business decisions based on cryptic riddles by power tripping chink insider

realistically is a node enough to retire on?

theres something extremely hot about this, where can i find more?

all in bitches 35k VEN reporting in.

You're gonna make it user.
Reverse image search, brainlet



>Reverse image search, brainlet

that would work if i wanted to find the exact same image. I am talking about similar photos of a big girl dominating a smaller one

Some asshole is selling 196k pieces right now

you wont eat throught those corporate walls by dumpin on other buyers.

This is the bronze statue we are building.
Bitcoin being the gold. 30x for holders.

fuck only have 524 VEN and I'm out of money

424 reporting in. Will I make it?

We're all gonna make it bros

are you guys watching it? This is very interesting. Some guy is selling a huge stack but probably also buying it. He is literally scraping it.

You will get a nice used car.
I will get a aluminium canoe with my 180VEN

mjolnir reporting in

and i sitll don't think i have enough because, VEN deserves better

Your average Vechain holder


Which coin? Possibly a market maker operated by devs. If you increase the volume of a coin, it gets more exposure and shows there is some liquidity. Exchanges care only about volume.
(spoiler: that's why nobody likes LINK outside of Veeky Forums)

Will a strength node secure my financial future?



only a million in a year future venbro

shitcoins are only good for whales to make money in. they've already bought this shit up when it was significantly cheaper and are happy dumping it to dumb money so they can move on to something else.

why do you think shitcoins only ever get 1, maybe 2 pumps before their volume dries up forever?

Gtfo my thread waltcuck

go buy some tron pajeet.

is this a good time to buy?

Cant even call it a shitcoin anymore faggot. Its a fucking nationally backed project

I think it's the same guy who today at 0.0039 bought a shitload and bumped up the price really good.

the saltiest bagholders. don't worry about me though, i've been in this game long enough to amass high 8 figures :-)

only 120 VEN

fuck I want to kms

so what? if you're buying you're buying what the smart money is selling. if you can't be bothered to look at the charts before buying you've only got yourself to blame.

poorfag confirmed

this was a hot porno. Should have had the big one doggystyle anal strapon the little one though, couldve been a classic

Can't you burn some of your shittokens on this thing? They will purify.

Just give us the fucking link and I'll buy 1000 ven

COSS exchange COMPLETE RE-VAMP ON SUNDAY. Basically a rebranding. Price is climbing

better register asap -

fuck off cunt. dont sign up on this faggots link.

I was unironically going to sign up for this exchange anyways. Send me yours and I will use it.

If you havent got binance, use my id 20501026
I'll send you 1 VEN if you give your ID.

Where can I find this

whales still accumulating even at this price holy fuck...
I thought I got in good at $2.60 when whales were accumulating a bunch, but now I wish i went all in instead of just half.
Now that I see they're still accumulating I'm absolutely floored. $30 easy end of month

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

never seen someone shilling a 800k marketcap coin before, this is literally a dev.


Fuck off cunt. dont use this faggots binance referral use this one 10821193 i won't send you anything and it is still a better deal.

I'm not a pajeet, I already have Binance.

Looks like it already mooned and now it's plummeting harder and harder.

Go to google and search for then on that website search for size difference lesbians or something.

Thanks guys. Don't forget to send your ID.

get some!

>Go to google and search for
when did you get your computer science degree?

Used it. Waiting for confirmation e-mail.

Feel free to shill mine:

Ok signed in keep the chain going:

may your gains be fucken insane! you gonna make it.

just used ya cuckoin one.

here is a fresh one 7vegPb

I think the wall is buying it's own stock... Is this a phenomenon in trading?

IDK, is it just trying to artificially inflate the volume maybe? I honestly have no idea if this is a really good sign or a really bad sign. I am scared.

Did you guys check this out? China Tobacco?!

Yeah, I saw that. For some reason I get the feeling that they won't be announcing anything for at least a week given how my luck with this type of thing has been lately. Hopefully I am wrong though. If WTC's announcement yesterday gave them a 100% gain, this type of announcement should be at least +50% (since we are going in with higher marketcap)

Shit is hitting the fan


Tobacco news are real. Buybuybuy

Fuck me I really should have known to go all in when that sell wall was getting eaten