What will you be doing fellow link marines when LINK hits $100 ?

What will you be doing fellow link marines when LINK hits $100 ?

ill continue to hold link

1 link = 1 link


Waiting for $500 and $1,000

Link’s pretty gay desu

I'll have 5mil. I guess pay my 1 mil in taxes and retire. Then kill myself in 6 months if I still can't get a gf.

Will never hit 1k. 300 max

>tfw 300 is FUD

Hey, at least you'll have plenty of time to meet women if you retire early.

Yas. Oh yas..

> $600k
1. Go get a big ass flat
2. Get my sis a nicer flat for her family
3. Set my parents off on an around the world

Still have $450k left
Idk, what to do with this money
Maybe some eccentric shit, like funding my own bio lab

What shit hole do you live in where you can do all that with 150k?


Ah moscow's all right

LINK will become $500-1000 and have a Market Cap of 175 Billion-350 Billion if it becomes the standard api solution across all blockchains.

You just have to wait for a few years, ETH's marketcap will explode this year. It's not unreasonable to think LINK could have a market cap similar to what ETH has now if ETH is $10k-15k

Order a Korean escort for one week unlimited creampies.


Eth is about 2-3 years off from 15k if ever

Serious fucking question here. I'm not trying to FUD. I see LINK get shilled here all the time and I always write it off. Does this blockchain actually have potential? Like actual potential? If it does you guys really shouldn't shill it as hard as you guys do cause it comes off as fucking desperate.

HODL Linkmarines never sell. Plus I would rather set up nodes and rake in passive income.

have 50k links. . . that's enough, right?


I have the possibility to buy 500 links but when i see you guys having 50k-30k i just feel lost and don't do it.

Thanks, pepe baller. You always know what to say.

You need to start somewhere. . .

hahaha shut up

Same feelings here, not going to make it

T. 16k linkies