Mooning. Get in now before the big news on Wednesday. Easy 3x

Mooning. Get in now before the big news on Wednesday. Easy 3x.

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Bought in 10 minutes ago and its exploding


you think it will break it's ATH?



It's mooning right now? Why?

You're a big wall.

5$ in bound. whales will pump this to heaven

It's going to be listed on China's largest exchange in 12 hours.

looks like its trying to push through 3$ right now. Its weird how people are waiting this long for a ride to the top.

cool thanks

In 12 hours, I'm trying to know why is it in a good position right now, should I buy more?

pretty sure.. Not to stereotype but chinese are obsessed with anything app related. they'll jump on it like crazy

I accidentally bought near the ATH a few days this is good news

aaaaand it's falling back down to earth. moon mission cancelled.


it's definitely not finished yet

definitely stalled atm. stop trying to get people to FOMO

alright then, why did this happen? There really wasn't any reason for it. This was big news, it should have mooned.

because it's a scamcoin and somebody probably pumped it. ask the pump group faggots who spam here constantly. it's just like the walton pump last night, this shit is already priced in.

you're just saying shit with no proof

its a blowing

anytime they get listed on a big exchange they pump hard then lots sell then they pump again as the sellers have no idea of the news typically so sell and the people buying win big. Look at Vibe Coin fucking exploded 400%+ on its listing a few days ago. Or DBC Even Jumped 30%+ before listing. Once listed it did drop back down but remained above where it was at and rose some so as long as you buy in sub 21k I think your looking at a good solid 20% gain here