Majestic Prince

>Waiting for subs

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Wonder if that one user is still playing Zelda.

I thought that he was playing Nier.

Maybe. IDK.

Barring that, we could do what the Tenchi people did and crowd fund a sub.

Are you sure he was even real?

Seemed legit. Don't have any reason not to believe. What's the downside to believing?


>Wonder if that one user is still playing Zelda.

Well if he is it shouldn't take him long

I hope it's out by the end of the month.

Why don't you just watch it raw? It's not like you guys are watching it for the writing anyways.

I watched the Chinese subs already, wished I just skipped all the parts not involving fights.

you're assuming a lot of us haven't already watched it raw and honestly Id say the writing is what makes it easy to follow without the subs. the characters are strong enough and well written enough from the series that you can get a pretty good handle on what they mean without the details

Maybe you don't, retard.

>All I care about is the fight scenes

Back to MAL or /r/anime with you

Back to the top.

>Back to MAL or /r/anime with you

You first. Plot wasn't bad but I could entirely see why people would skip to the fights.

I should be playing Zelda, that game looks great.

Just fuck off already. People who skip to the fights should kill themselves. Because that cancerous behaviour leads to retarded questions about stuff explained and built up during the non fight parts

Just die.

Is not

>MJPfags this delusional

Friendly reminder to report and ignore our dedicated shitposter.
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Still no word from TL user. Should we start considering croudfunding a group to do it?

I mean we'll lose more on the monetary value than the opportunity cost of waiting for sub user. Plus he seemed pretty invested if he was actually asking for transcriptions two threads ago.

I'm kind of kill right now because of Nier. Kind of obsessed with it right now even though I've already beaten it.

I'm tempted to put up what I have now on Google Doc or something so other people can work on it since I'm not being productive at the moment. It's a little embarrassing since it's a super rough script though. And I mean, really rough.

It's cool man. I'm just glad you still exist.

Baton pass user, you've done enough.

Pretty cool to see Asagi, Suruga, and Tamaki hanging out together even after the show and movie is over.

Yukachi is so cute

Well, I'm sure the collective editing from this thread can probably spruce it up. Maybe.

Reminder he isn't dead, we never saw the cockpit explode at the end of the TV series. Rape Prince lives still.

Well, here it is.

Again, it's super rough and may be even wrong at places. For the most part, there's a TL for a good portion of the lines in the movie with some missing. I didn't get around to adding the lines that the other user transcribed for me, so sorry about the wasted effort there.

I would recommend keeping each line on its own line to make it easier to import to Aegisub. Anyway, sorry for not seeing the thing through to the end, but hopefully someone better can run through the script and finish it up. Or just do their own superior script, that works, too.

Seems good user. Do you still have those transcribed lines?

Well, I'll be at home in 9 hours or so, then I can do the timing and try to translate something (I guess only the hard part is missing)

Is there some kind hearted user with the movie's BDMV to verify if there are japanese subs on it?

The Reinforce release doesn't have any. Checking on nyaa, [SGS&TxxZ&A.I.R] did release some chinese subs for it, so maybe you could just insert it in there.

Actually I was looking for a transcript of some parts, but this will cut a lot of time.

Thx m8


It's all coming together.


Im still hoping the movie gets picked up for an R1 release. I want to throw my money at them.

Sup, Keifag?

Ninety-eight percent is too low tbqh

Yo. How's it hanging. Seriously she's a 100 percent beauty


I'm sure Sentai Filmworks will grab it at some point (and maybe people will think about ripping it, unlike with Xenoglossia).

I hope so. I sent them emails requesting it because they claim to be open to suggestions so hopefully they see it as profitable. Would be nice if they included ep 25 as a bonus because as it stands my complete series is retroactively incomplete

Holy shit, subs are out. Thanks to everyone involved. Time to rewatch the show to get the best experience out of the movie and because I happen to want to rewatch the show

Waiting for new season.

The space rapists are still out there.

>using the script as is
Original translator here, I really hope you didn't do that.

I just found this on nyaa. I take no responsibility for the release's quality as I'm still downloading it


I won't be able to watch till later tonight myself so I hope it turns out okay

Subs would be nice but the movie's plot is thin enough that if you watched the tv series you would understand what is going on.

The movie was disappointing because of the amount of wasted potential. Be it new characters that would have minimal effect if they were gone or big powerups just to fight grunts.

>The movie was disappointing

Man, Ive seen a lot of wrong in my day but this sir is something else. The movie is a blast.

so while I appreciate the effort I think someone might want to take another pass at the grammar and spelling.

things are kind of "rough"

Oof. Yeah, thanks for checking. I'm stopping my download right now.

It's mostly pretty follow able. I won't toss it out completely but there's a number of bits like that that just need a second or third pass is all. Mostly just some grammar flubs here and there.

still a step up from watching rar and who knows how long till a cleaner take is made

My god, the point was to fix the script, not just release it as is.

I hope someone fixes it...

I even had a note that said the script was super rough and needed to be edited. It got completely ignored, I guess.

Don't worry TL-user, just finished the movie and loved it. Really appreciate all your work.

Didnt really notice enough errors to detract from the released product.

I have been wanting to play Nier since it came on PC, but I barely got 8 hours. I have been so fucking busy with shit. And now even Majestic Prince. Such is life.

If I knew anything about Japanese I'd fix it. Sadly I do not. I hope someone does though. I know how shitty it feels when someone takes something you only got 90% of the way finished and just calls it done. You guys should know better.

I just skipped to that point, but from what I can understand that would be "Everyone... what happened?" or just a "Everyone... what..." Missing some context there, but that is the gist of it.

It was edited

Nice work.

>Actually releasing the script as is.
Which moron was this?

Okay, now that IS impressive.

Can someone get me the .ass file?

So I guess the real question is... is anyone going to fix this?

>all those words of encouragement
He's come a long way since those rough early days.

I guess I'll go back to working on it.

It really is. Not perfect like many say, but easily a top 5 contender for this generation.

Nier seems like it'd be shorter, even considering getting all endings

smelly dumb, shitposter scum

Sorry man. I honestly didn't realize they'd be retarded like this. If there's anything I can do to help let me know.

Basically he just woke up from his healy pod and everyone got called away so they just sort of bailed with a quick ganbare leaving him confused

I've been playing it since release day and I still don't feel even close to finished. I've only got 80 of the Shrines done, and finding them is much rarer now. I know there's still several bits of armor to find too. It feels like I could be playing another fortnight and not be at all frustrated or bored at the moment. No idea why you think it'd be quick.

That's okay, having the typesetted script helps a bit.

The script isn't horrible as it looks by reading this thread.
But it does need a grammar check.

I was editing the script, but now that a premature version has already been dumped, is there even a point when most people will just pick up that version off nyaa?

That version needs work

Original translator here, I'd say keep going, but I'm also kind of going back to my script and fixing it up (since I'm not so fond of my script getting released as-is), so I'm not sure.

Though if you're willing to share your stuff with me, then I can add what you have to mine.

well ideally we'd get that version replaced with the better one

Please go forward. I have no reason to download right now, but I anticipate wanting to download it in a month or so. I believe that the steady stream of backloggers will be grateful to have a fully TL/QA/etc.'d script.

I want a good script with a complete translation.

Even if no one else downloads it, I'll download and seed it, and it's the version I'll link to my friends.

If I wanted a shit translation I would have used google translate. Thank you for working on it.

Made some surprising good progress. Could probably have a decent script by the weekend if I keep at it. Also found some obvious TL mistakes from my first pass, so there's still plenty to fix.

>implying i dont want to read the completed ver

There's really not too much that I'm changing here. I'm just looking over grammatical or spelling errors, and also changing whatever I can to match the original, like Grand Ceres Academy to Gurantseere Cosmopolitan Academy, or Team Faux to Team Fawn.

Oh shit, it wasn't Grand Ceres, huh? Never actually remembered the school name.

Anyway, let me know when you finish. I'm jumping around the script while editing, but I already fixed a lot of translation errors, so the second script will definitely be more complete.

Wait I thought it was Grand Seres too. Id have to rewatch but that seems correct. On account of it being a word that's pronounceable

グランシェーレ is the name in Japanese.

I agree that Grand Ceres does seem like a better translation in terms of readability, but the subs from Sentai/Commie/CR all use Gurantseere. I would like to assume they didn't just pull it out of their ass.

I'll go with that, then.

They probably just went with a more strict translation of the Japanese pronunciation

Honorifics or no honorifics?


None, honestly. They don't translate well.

Noted. Anyone know if there are any Japanese subtitles of the first 24 episodes? A few things come up in the movie that came up in the series, so that would help.

Sentai looks like they have it. CR and Commie don't. I personally don't really like them aside from Izuru calling Asagi "Onii-chan", but it's not that big of a deal either way.

I've been modifying it directly into the subfile someone linked earlier. Should I just give it to you like that, or modify it into the google doc?

You can just give me the .ass file. I'll go through it and incorporate it into what i have now.

I don't really think I added much, but here it is. I also noticed there was some missing dialogue from Suruga's ranting about AHSMB during this scene.

Yeah, I need to add some lines there.

I generally don't mind when the characters are pretty clearly Japanese. But a lot of shows where they're supposed to be something else don't really work with them