So boiz i started this PPL routine today tell me what ya think/would change or add.

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5'10 180 lbs. Gained 15 lbs since October. Do I have enough muscle to cut or should I continue to lean bulk? I dont look any different then I did when I started gaining weight either

I started using this routine last fall and it seems to work fairly well. The only major still consistent differences I made was one more tricep and bicep exercise, raising the incline bench to 3x8-12.

Okay nice. Did you make good progress strength/size wise?
It felt pretty easy and quick today so i might have to add more stuff.

You can cut

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Yours is pretty similar to mine.

but you should throw in deadlifts on your pull day maygne. It's an important lift that helps with stability in a lot of other lifts, especially squats.

Otherwise, look p good. You're gonna make it.

Should I lift with DOMS?

Why do I feel like puking when I lift. I gag and dry heave after a set

I've been eating 1500 cals a day, pretty sure this is a 1000 - 1100 deficit and I went back to trying to do 5x5 compounds and 3x8-12 accessories. Should I just lower the rep ranges back down to 3x5 and 2x8-12?

So I had to do a gym induction and was given this plan. I know from lurking here that this goes against the convention as they are all isometric (even 'bench press' is on folding machine). I know the guy so I don't want to come across it as an ungrateful know-it-all asshole

But in reality how bad is it? Like what would the difference be in gaining muscle from doing typical 3x5 exercises? Surely I'll build muscle on this regardless?

Lifting helps relieve doms. Once you warm up you'll notice you're much less sore. Once you're actually lifting you'll notice you barely notice the DOMS

>tl;dr lift

Yeah i was planning on throwing on some didllys.
Thanks bro were all gonna make it

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Does anyone have suggestions for lifts to do if I want to improve on leg strength swimming? I'm getting in shape for the coast guard and want any help I can get.

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Is my spine curve normal? Maybe it's just cuz of my gut? I know I'm a fatass, just starting to cut and get fit, 5'9 170lb

strength was/is actually an issue. I never did any other routines except for a scooby full body routine for 3 weeks before this. If I could change anything, it would be doing a strength routine for a while before I started this routine. I have caught up a bit more now however and gains are coming along nicely.

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hunched computer posture. Hard to fix as i sit at a computer all day for work. But I will try.

What are the benefits to incline bench?

What's the difference between 3x5, 5x5, 4x10 and so on?

How much time doing 5x5 and/or many deloads do you think I should do before switching to another routine?

Been lifting for about a year now, did ss first couple of months and went straight for brosplits since then.

I've started doing ss, and I'm confused. Rip talks a lot about lifting heavy and PR attempts in the context of a novice linear progression. Isn't every work set in a NLP routine a PR and therefore "lifting heavy"?

Pls no cyber bullying.

>Do I have enough muscle to cut
Not a very good question. Who's to determine how much muscle is enough for cutting? You have above average muscle mass and would probably be ottermode if you cut to 10%. Is this what you want? You look like you're around high 10% or pretty much 20% so you'll probably have to lose at least 20lbs to look somewhat lean.

Does eating fatty stuff like donuts build muscle if you workout hard every day and are underweight

What filling?

Can I do 30min of cardio on SL5x5 rest days? Im a very active person, and I would enjoy to do something at the gym every day

It's not the food per se, it's the calories and insulin in your body that gives the signals. The more calories your body receives and the more of it can be stored as fat, the more the body recognizes that it's not a bad idea to build metabolically expensive muscle, from a survival standpoint. Provided it receives a training stimulus and sufficient protein.

Basically, yeah, dirty bulking will get you big and strong but you'll gain a shitton of fat too. I'd recommend you track calories on your bulk and don't overdo it and get sufficient protein.

Has anyone tried the Kris Gethin routine or Jim stoppani's shortcut to size?
Which one works better?


ICF 5x5 for beginner?

So I've grown bored with my routine and considering Arnold's Golden 6 routine, with some minor adjustments. It will be:
> Squats 3x10
> OHP 3x10
> Bench 3x10
> Pull ups 3x10
> Preacher curls 3x10
> Hanging/laying leg raises 3xF
> Some calf work to close up
Done 3x week. Thoughts?


1 year sounds like a solid time to switch to another routine. SS itself isn't meant to be done for that long i think

Sure, but it'll might hinder your progress on the Squat eventually.

I can only tell from my own experience but while I was doing SS I was jogging for 30 minutes 2 times a week (Tue,Thu) and went on a walk for 1-2 hours once a week (Sat or Sun) usually. Note I was at a calorie deficit up until I got to a 195x5 Squat and I already stalled at this point, but so did all my other lifts, because I probably maxed my possible gains without adding calories.

During my fist bulk I got to a 235x5 squat pretty easily but after that all my other lifts were still progressing but the Squat just stopped. I dropped the cardio and my Squat caught up with the other lifts and got to 275x5 in a matter of a month.

So, I guess you can try it out and see how it affects you.

If hypertrophy is everything you're after, it doesn't sound too bad. A well structured PPL is probably better but hey, try some stuff out.

The workload.
And the weight you could possibly move for 5 reps is heavier than the weight could could move for 10, so those rep/set schemes will provide better strength gains. And 10 reps is bang in the middle of hypertrophy country, while still being a not too light weight.

Muscle is majority protein based. It also needs carbs and fats, but to a lesser degree.

If you are trying to bulk, trash can provide easy calories. But you need the protein if you want bigger muscles.

Guise, how much were you benching when your chest started getting awesome shape and gains?

help ;_;

Ok /fit so week or so ago I got a cold and failed all my lifts that day. I waited about 5 days and picked up where I left off. I repeated all my lifts and success. Next session today I failed squats and deloaded. Failed bench and everything. Went backwards alot.Yea I am cutting too. Is this normal. Only been doing as about month too. Got up to 180lb squat and could barely rep 155 today. Should I deload everything?
>Tldr. Got sick, lost some strength, after a day back with no lost strength

I'm at 245 for 3x5 and semi satisfied
Gf mires it so that's good

But i was doing brosplits for 10 months or so after a couple doing SS, I just switched back to 5x5 now because I never did an intermediate strength in my life. Am I doing it wrong? Should I switch to a more advanced routine?

SL has a clear way of how to "finish" the program. After deloading 3 times on the same weight on a 5x5, you switch to 3x5. After deloading 3 times on the same weight for 3x5, you switch to 3x3. After deloading 3 times on the same weight on 3x3, you have officially completed the program.

If you wanna go for aesthetics and don't care very much for your PL Total, switch to a PPL but make sure it has some form of progressive overload. If you care about strength most, switch to an intermediate program like the Texas Method or MadCow 5x5. I'd personally recommend the Texas Method though for the simplicity and variety of how to change it and I also strongly recommend you read practical programming, to get and idea of how the program is actually structured and how to make adjustments to fit it to your needs.

do not lift when you are sick, literally kills your gains, especially on a cut. so yes, deload

>Should I switch to a more advanced routine
what are your stats

Frauk. O well marathon not a race. My bench was going great too. Was almost thinking of adding ten lbs a session. I did crush fiddly diddly though so tmleast one lift didn't suffer. I thought I was over being sick when I started up again

Thanks brah

At 225 for 5 or so reps should be enough to have a nice chest.

Is this an acceptable ratio for a cut? I can post the rest of the week to prove I'm not quite the egg guy.

Is it possible to go to low on squats or is full depth proper form? My ass is literally about 6 inches from ground


D-did I do good fit? Should I ditch some carbs? Fats? What do

Mine has been very consistent on 30 30 40. It's worked for me losing weight so fuck it

As long as your diet matches, your gains will be fine and you will be a healthier person.

I'm confused. Are you doing keto or are you fucking around with low carb? In any case, as long as it works for you, it's okay. You're certainly getting sufficient protein so that's okay and I suppose you're probably eating at a deficit so that's taken care of too. The rest of your macro split doesn't make a whole lot of a difference.

I mean, you can lose weight with whatever, but I'm making the final push on this cut and want to preserve as much muscle mass as possible. 6' 157 lbs right now.

I'm kinda just fucking around with low carb right now to see what happens. Getting mad protons though. And yeah, I'm no dummy. I'm definitely at a reasonable deficit (and losing weight). I just want to be optimal.

God I hope I don't have to go that low. 6' 172. Kinda refuse to drop under 160. If I don't have any good definition by then ss bulk and try again next year. I hate being skelly

Sure. It's a novice BB Program. Just switch to a proper PPL when you think you've made enough progress.


Autistic follow up question: Currently cutting at sedentary tdee -500. I have a fitbit I wear to track runs that tracks tdee. Should I slow my cut a little and do that tdee-500? Would that yield better muscle retention?

Are front squats really better for aesthetics?

Lol me too. I kept telling myself "just 5 more lbs should do it" and it kept not doing it. I really want to hit a low bf% though because I've never done it. Will definitely bulk after.

they focus more on your front thighs, so yes

Probably. AFAIK it doesn't really matter if the deficit is coming from lack of food or cardio. A deficit is a deficit and a too high of a deficit will cause muscle to be burned.

Ok I was wondering. I'm getting really autistic about this because I don't want to become a skeletor while I chase my white whale. Thank you kind user.

They put more emphasis on the quads (vastus lateralis, intermedius and medialis) then say a low bar, but it's so similar to a high bar backsquat, that even oly lifters train it at a ratio of 2/1 back squat to front squat. Just go high bar and it's pretty much the same thing, and you can probably use more weight too.

If aesthetics is what you're after squats alone aren't enough, though. They don't target the rectus femoris properly. You'll need sissy squats or leg extensions to isolate that muscle.

I got 2 Gold Standard 5lbs bottles for 62.99cad each and didnt pay taxes after talking the at GNC down. Did I do good, Veeky Forums? First time buying gold standard and i dont know if thats a good deal or not

No problem. Since you don't have a lot of mass anyways, it's not like you're likely to be losing anything significant or even noticeable on a cut either, so you don't need to stress out about it too much.

Me neither and I don't know if I will bitch out or not. I mean I already came this far. Never had abs though and now I can see top 2 and starting to see second set. Something about 6' 150 just sounds so bitchy

I don't know the prices in canada but over here in Europe one 5lbs tub costs around 50-60 euro, so you got it for less than that. I recently got a deal for a 10lbs bag of double chocolate for 90 euro. That was a good deal.

If my quads are shit should I add some front squats to my routine. Crushed my diddlies but have to reload my squat at fucking 170

Damn, in Canada one tub is worth 108 dollars. What the fuck.

Just so we're on the same page.
Calorie Intake:
Protein above approx 1g/lb lean mass:
Sleep Schedule:

Usually get around 140-180 grams a day
Sleep 7 to 8 hrs a night
Doing SS.

Yeah, kinda pricey over here but still the cheapest source of protein when looking at g of lean protein per euro. I've made some calculations and so far the only things I have found that cost less per g of protein are beans and milk, both with a more than a 1/1 ratio of carbs and protein not so good for cutting but great for bulking though.

Are you aware you're probably around a 750-800 calorie deficit? Of course you're going to stall. Don't worry, if the ohp, bench and DL haven't stalled yet, they'll follow shortly. Eat at least 2300 if you want to continue cutting, but don't expect any amazing gains during a cut. Once you start bulking you'll see progress in your numbers.

Wasn't expecting miracles but I was flowing through the sessions then bam it's like lifting a house. And most days I am closer to 2300 and weekend lately have gotten outta control close to 3000. But some days in at 1800. Try to balence weekly. Was gonna get down little further and start slowing the cut

Agreed. 165-175 Is my preferred weight. It just seems right. Probably because I spent high school as a spooky 140 lb skelly

just do an actual beginner routine for the sake of making actual gains, thats just a garbage split

if it fits in your macros and kcal needs, sure. but you'd still be better off eating actual food

Been lifting every day for about five weeks now, no serious physical gains yet but i can definitely lift heavier weights for longer. I'm 5'10" and 148lbs but it's totally skinnyfat mode, and i have fat in the stomach. my question is, if I already have bodyfat, should I be bulking to gain more to git bigger or try to lose it while lifting throughout?

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The general consensus is that abs are made in the kitchen, but is it possible to just not work abs enough? I'm 6'5" and have a low bodyfat from being a former skelly, but I've never really worked out abs, and they've never really showed that much.

I'm on creatine right now, so I'm slightly water heavy, but are there some exercises I should definitely do if I want my abs to show more? Same with obliques?

abs are a muscle, just like any other muscle on your body. it will go through hypertrophy if you train it.

Should I do exercises with additional resistance, such as sit up machines? Or should I do bodyweight exercises like crunches, and oblique twists?

I have a longish face, what should focus on lifting to make it look normal?

whichever exercises you will stick with over an extended period of time. I am partial towards the ab wheel, side bends with dumbbells, and hanging leg raises with a dumbbell between my feet. But if you're more into dragon flags and L sits and such, that works fantastically.

How much more weight should I gained to avoid being otter mode when I cut? Id like to be somewhat bigger then that

My doctors continue to misdiagnose my shoulder injury for years now and I'm pretty convinced it's caused from nerve damage because my left arm literally feels paralyzed at this point. Anyone know what options I have to solve this problem?

Part of me is scared my arm is going to be like this forever. So much money and time wasted with doctors.

Should I start cut for the summer?

Current lifts are
OHP- 100lb 5x5
Bench- 155 5x5
Squat- 205 5x5
Rows- 125 5x5

Or should I just keep eating alot and get semi-fat throughout the summer?

5'10 170lb

I went to the gym for the very first time last Wednesday, and I'm supposed to go again today. Problem is, my muscles are hurting like hell, especially my pectorals, making lifting my arms a pain. Should I punch through and just go or allow myself more rest?

Find a competent doctor, you dipshit. We can neither diagnose your arm properly, nor give it the treatment it needs (whatever that is)

I usually drink 2 litres of water a day.
But 2 or 3 times a week I run for 5k and I usually lost around 1-1.5 kg through sweating.

The question is, should I replace the water that I lost during my run and drink 3.5 litres of water on the days that I run?

For pic related when it says progress with 2.5 lbs for upper body and 5 lbs for lower body, does that mean I add two 2.5 lb weights to my upper body lifts and two 5 lbs to my lower body or does that mean total weight added? My gym doesn't have 1.25 lb plates so the minimum weight increase is 5.

It means add 2.5 lbs and 5 lbs total. Just buy some fractional plates and carry them in your bag when you go to the gym.


Thank you

Bumping my question