Deep Brain Chain

mfw I check cuck coin

Where my brain gang at!?!!?!

DBC must rise!

>inb4 that tripfag who only spouts generic motivational bullshit instead of actual facts

i'm sure he's a redditor


Shallow Brain Gang, where we AT? OH OH OHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhh

Top kek. What happened to all those lambos?

they became falcons

what % are you boys down? /69%/ here

we're gonna have lambo wheels on our cots in our shelter

>tfw average buy in price 1500 sats

>buy $10K worth
>go to $50K+
>get greedy, fall for the $1/DBC meme
>back to $10K

getting JUSTed by greed is my crypto adventure in a nutshell. then again, when I DO take profit it's on fucking Verge and Xtrabytes, shitcoin that go to the absolute kuyper belt for no fucking reason

Pretty much the same thing that happened to me. I wouldn't worry about it, DBC had the most consistent growth of any coin so far 2018

I'm just done. I don't even feel or care anymore. I just want it to be over with.



channel your energy lads this isnt over yet

I hope he doesn't find this thread, would love to have at least one without him

How can you not worry about 80% of your investment disappearing just like that? I was sure we finally found a support line yesterday but now it feels like we're really gonna be back in $0.05 area. Does that not worry you?

Everything is down right now mate, DBC had a lot of traction before, it'll go back up.

Getting fucking nervous from accumulating. It wont moon any time soon, do we agree?

Currently pretty easy to buy at 0.00015 ETH and sell at 0.000161. 4 succesfull swings so far.

I am swear I am not going to off myself

Follow your hearts and we will rise to the top

are you me

Not until btc stabalizes

stinky linkie here
DBC isn't a shitcoin, mate
when this is all over with (possibly in five days to a week), you won't regret holding onto those bags through it

Fuck man you're in quite deep. We're gonna reach 1$ tho, hang in there

Ehh, it's actually pretty even in SATs to what I paid. If I get in the elastos ico, so long DBC, hello ELA

DumbBrain Chinks not buying

Real talk anons, if anyone here knew anything about AI they'd khow simplistic even the most advanced AI humans have created is. I laughed when I saw the concept these chinks were pushing and it was the most obvious PnD I've ever seen.

Do yourself a favor and cash out if this shit rises again.

Not this bullshit again. What did you learn about AI and Burger King aside from the fact that it will take your job in like 3 months?

I could waited bit longer for a dip but still comfy. After crash is over I hope to score easy +100%


any deep brain girls lurking?

yes ^.^

:3 hi cutie

Wow. I fucking did it. Didn't I?

I delete blockfolio. Bought at ATH. Wake me up in a few months so I can move it to LINK

do u guys think brainguy killed himself?

No he still posts regularly


>bought at 900 and 1500 sats

Basically back at where I started due to BTC being less valuable than when I bought. I feel a bit stupid for not realising those potentially awesome gains but there's always a bounceback

Dip is over, can't wait to see my gains.

It's been declining at a faster rate that the rest of the market the past three days. And it is now increasing at a slower rate than the rest of the market is at the moment.

My entire portfolio is DBC, so this isn't FUD, but don't get your hopes up too high short-term lad.

Hopefully slowly and painfully as a sentence for all the suffering he's caused. There's a point where optimism just becomes outright deception.

That is the reason why it can bounce back. Now it is undervalued. It will form cup in a week.

hey handsome ^_^

I sincerely hope you're right, and given that new perspective I am incline to agree with you.

The past week of this coin totally defies standard TA due to massive price manipulation by whales, but that seems to have slowed down according to the order book. The fact that a lot of big players have been accumulating while forcing a dip has been my only reason for continuing to hold this coin. Hopefully we get a payoff soon.

My average buy in price is 19c, so I don't need much to make some kind of profit.

I truly hope so. He is the most annoying faggot I've ever seen on Veeky Forums.

>buy at 0.10$
>swing the shit out of it all the way to 0.65$
>sell for 0.50$

DBC was my best investment lately. I feel sorry for morons who fell for hodl meme

mfw deep brain girl calls me handsome

i feel smarter already

It's already dropped so low that btc going below 10k didn't affect it much. Still has room to drop with all the price manipulation, but it's hitting the point where nobody really wants to sell anymore.

At the same time plenty of people will want to jump ship at $0.30, $0.50 and probably $0.60 since nobody really expects $1 even if the market recovers.

How did you learn to swing? I just don't understand. Is it seriously just TA? I need to learn to swing so can bounce back... everyone else buying dips and I'm out of money with heavy DBC bags... I learned my lesson to not chase pumps but I feel like shit. Everyone else seems so rich and in such good positions

You either need balls of steel or to not care whether you lose the coins. If you believe in DBC and would be pissed off if you lose them be careful. Practice with 10% of your stack is the best way to start.

It's mostly intuition, you can time those dips poorly and end up missing the moon. Best bet is to have a certain amount that you hold and a portion of it you trade to increase your stack. That way you are never missing out on the moon missions and potentially making more money in the process.

>tfw you fell for the $1 bullshit
Still made gains in the end, but the idea that I could sold at $0.6 for a lot more is annoying.

Do you zoom back and forth between candle sizes? Just curious

Cool if it doubles from here il break even and can dump these shitty bags.

No? Is this a trick question to judge the levels of my autism?




That guy was the besta


For low volume coins like DBC it's easy since the order book moves slowly. Just place your sell amount below a sellwall and when you sell place your buy amount above a buywall. And adjust it if new walls are built.


We survived this dip and we will survive whatever comes at us again. We STRONGHANDED this decline and shrugged off any FUD that we confronted



nice bevel and emboss


No I only want to learn how to swing. I see the waves up and down but just not sure what size of swing to focus on

thanks bro it's 3d program

So what's everyone's sell price now? We're not still waiting for the $1 meme, are we?

at 0.0002 vitaliks

2$ EOM.

bought in for $0.1 selling at 0.6-0.7 in few days and then buying back when it dips


That would be awesome


DBC - DollarBitcoinCash



Brain gang is the best gang

dubs confirms.

Deep Brain Gang will never surrender!

love that webm

you the man

Iron Hand Deep Brain Gang


What do you think lol


We need some volume, boys. Hopefully Bittrex gets this sooner than later. Then we moon.

Someone is repeatedly buying it to green trying to fomo some people in. Plus given the influx of memes, I'd say we have a chance



Isn't that how deepbrain works?

I was in DBC and sold off after the second dip, managed to get back double what I bought at within a few days luckily. I still think it'll rise to new heights but you need to ask if it's really worth the 3+ month wait.

If something is going to increase the amount of my wallet by that much in only three months, of course it's worth it.

You can't always expect gains overnight.

Time to see if that .88 sell wall stays or goes.

> Way better than DBC
> Less than 2x ICO
> Not in big exchanges yet
> Who am I?


Top tier memes, you are truly the master brain

we do have the best memes. also im up 20% today im happy as hell, we are going to rocket the next few days. good job yall.