R/wallstreetbets is making fun of us again

r/wallstreetbets is making fun of us again...

salty nocoiners

They have their mouths forever lodged on the Jew's dick so are you really gonna let wall street goys get you down?


These ppl are low iq or chinks.

the average wsb poster manages to lose money in this bull market buying garbage like AMD

AMD used to have a really great wave to its SMA that you could but in the AM and sell in the PM...then the jews crashed the housing market and ruined everything (again)

>nothing makes me happier
This person is literally so pathetic it depresses me

Yea but how many days are they sitting there cringing, watching dozens of coins bounce 30% upwards while their $1000 shares do 0.5% in the same time frame? I'd probably be mad too

how do you know he meant it in a mocking way? maybe he's happy about buying the dip?

Honestly, we are fucking losers. We don't deserve success. We're fucking worthless. We gamble with fucking useless magic internet money no one has ever found a use for.

g-g-guys it's over right? the kikes have stopped shorting right? the JUSTing will stop right?

Lol, they take more risk for less gains what a bunch of idiots. Most of them probably fucking trade binary options.

Don't worry user, these creatures are usually middle-class Indians who think they're Warren Buffett because they own a toilet and don't have to eat worms.

fuck reddit

>butthurt nocoiners

Fucking bunch of smug assholes. We will show them, we will show ALL OF THEM.

>not even 100 upvotes
okay... so a bunch of small fry redditorfags

>being this salty and shitposting on pleddit instead of shorting btc all day long

truly pathetic

Even after holding through that entire crash, I'd bet I'm still up more than 99.99% of all wallstreetbet subscribers for the past 30 days.

t. Mr. Noseberg

you suffer from pessimism bias.

Interesting how much interest they show on crypto currency, when they think it's a useless investment. Probably a way of coping.

>tfw coss dumped -70%
>tfw still 10x