Look who sold the dip.

Let it go user. Next time you won't sell the dip

get stronger hands next time

You're supposed to buy the bottom user, not sell it. Better luck next time.

You idiot tether printed 100M and futures contracts settled and now the whales are reinvesting at a discount. The whole reason for the crash to begin with wasn't natural return to mean, it was whales shorting before the futures closed.

yes I'm waiting for the dip to 7000 it will come soon

Look who owns bitcoin

Honestly it's a redundant argument since every single one of us is looking after our own self interests.

The truth from a non bias perspective is yes this still has ways to go down. Plenty of assets bounce up and have week long even month long "recoveries" only to continue down to a lower low. I highly doubt its over, anyone saying it isn't owns cryptos. I own crypto and hope it recovers continually but hey, Im not pajeets. If I had a significant amount in it id sell it now. It's peanuts tho so

>tron at 700 sats
no dude, we're back. dumb money is in

Jokes on you, this was actually one more bear trap.

Guys I sold on the way up. How fucked am I? It has broken the resistance REEEEEE


just put in a short on stellar and ripple, shits gonna come crashing down in the next couple hours like it always does, shit goes up shit goes down

We're all out of bull traps. We had like 10 over the last week.

I swear to god everyone on this site is such a fucking simpleton. It goes up $2000 in one hours and that's supposed to healthy?

When it grows this fast it's not healthy. It's cancer.

oh,you shorted.. poor fag! :(

It's healthy because 100 million of fake dollars just got pumped. That's how you can tell.

NEW Hardcap: 1800 ETH about 1.7M usd (SMALL CAP PROJECT)
Token price: 15600 tokens / ETH about (0.06 USD current ETH Price)

Presale bonus = 20%

Only 50% Remaining Tokens!!!!

Like others small cap Projects lika PayFair! 40x return!

Also...does no one remember last night when it went to 12.2 and crashed even harder? YOU ARE A RETARD IF YOU THINK THIS IS OVER. THIS IS ONLY BEGINNING

This board will run red with blood once the trap snaps shut

>everything is magically up 50% when it was down 40% earlier today


Hey guys I'm warning you BTC will be worth -$30,000 by EOM. If you own BTC sell now or the government will come to your door and demand you give them $30,000 per any coin.

I base this on absolutely nothing but my pajeet instincts

I'll sell as soon as it reaches the price I bought it for.

Something is happening to BTC

- Bounced off previous resistance perfectly
- Stay poor

can we please dip again? I'm trying to buy back my eth bags that i panic sold

yeah thats pretty spot on

Lucky you

I tried to panic sell but couldn't get the price I wanted, so now I'm back to panic holding.


honestly man, I expected a crash immediately after lightning network didnt pan out.. in what was it? November? That was the entire reason for a serious bullrun to ~9k. But for some reason it didnt stop, it just kept going.
Now we had several minor crashes but it all moves super slow.
I just dont know, I wouldnt mind having a cool few weeks of recovery because there are some ICOs I want to invest in end of January... but I fear that the next crash will happen next week already.

I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to start accumulating, just in case.

my guess is limits people forgot to remove (that didn't get fulfilled on way down). heavy resistance...clmbing again. that or just straight dumbfucks dropping their bags on the way up because they are panicked

>implying normies buying btc care about muh LN

Tbh selling on the way up is preferable to selling on the way down

pretty sure they heard about free coins from fork, at that point it wasnt yet normies anyway

Op is right indeed. Another dip coming up.

You better start looking for a lighter then.

pls sirs

Nah some guy in another thread posted a green wojak and was acting smug, he must know whats up

i can't believe i ever thought you people knew shit about Crypto. wtf is the point of your HODL meme if everyone looses their mind and sells when there's a market slide? there's still going to be weeks and weeks of BTC tanking before it starts to recover to new highs. you fuckers talk about the revolution and how crypto is the future, which takes no balls to do when everything is green. you're all full of shit

I swear to god everyone on this site is such a fucking simpleton. It goes down $2000 in one hours and that's supposed to healthy?

When it drops this fast it's not healthy. It's cancer.

This copy pasta again


kek sorry lad :-(

Protip: many of the people here posting pink wojaks or stories about how they lost all of their wife's son's money are just memeing.

>One hours

who pays these futures?


i went through the Veeky Forums bronze pass verification process?

The point is to not hold bags in a bear market like a dumb nigger and instead multiply your stack.