My Dad died 2 months ago.
I inherited my father's Mercedes and I just sold it today.

I now have $17,800 to invest into a cryptocurrency. Which one should I buy?

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Wait for Bitcoin reach that price so you can buy 1

Wait it out user... the market hasn't finished crashing yet

sorry if you really did lose your father thats tough just do what he what he taught you. what alts would your pops have bought?

>wait for btc to rise so you can get less

Top tier advice


Take this user's advice. Then buy Litecoin. When it moons sell the peak and buy Ethereum. When it moons sell some and diversify into other shitcoins like REQ, POWR, XMR, LINK, and NEO

The best advice I could give you is to not buy anything recommended by anyone on Veeky Forums

Do your own research.

Terraminer. TRM2 tokens.

Put a 30% on BTC

Thanks for nothing. GO STUDY NOOB!

Buy Amazon stocks and leave this board for ever. I have seen whales getting rekt. You arent better than them, this shit is just pure specuilationl

Put your money into several.

Never put all of your eggs into one basket.

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don t hear at those faggot. invest now. market recovery started today

NAV just released their 2018 roadmap. Looks good for a low ranked coin with plenty of space to grow.

Maybe it was his mother. Shill out noob

buy paypal stocks idiot

Put everything in Bitcoin, wait for it to go 10X.

Then diversify everything across several shitcoins and lose everything.



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What kinda benz u sell

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BCC. It just dropped a lot, perfect time to buy



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DATA without a doubt

That's ice cold user. When youre rich off crypto youre gonna remember that car.

Dont put it into crypto, if you cant afford to loose it without any regrets

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First day or what?

BTC,ETH for your main
ALTs go with UFR, CAN

Try ETH. Always a good buy. Dipping toward 920~ at the moment. Use GDAX or Kraken.

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Leave him alone - his dad died.


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buy neo and place it in neon wallet and claim huge amounts of gas for free and ride on the neo wave at the same time, do your own research first though but I can recommend you looking in to neo.

I would strongly suggest to not buy tonight, this was a fake bull trap, prepare ur anus, it might dip to 8k, so i would check coinmarketcap allot and look for a good time to buy in, u might get some reaaaal cheap coins tonight.

You're telling him to buys coins of biz, got it.

I think hes responding to 6611435
Dude, hurry and sign up on an exchange before you decide, while waiting for verification you can study which ones to buy and if you even want to.

40% in BTC/ETH
20% in 10-80 position coins
20% in 100-200 coins
20% in 300-500 coins.

pick one idiot

VEN and then retired

You jus blow in from stupid town user?

buy confidio it's a solid project and ESPERS it's an even better project!!!

Best advice, OP do this.

hey man, it wouldn't hurt to throw like $50 at Bottos / $BTO. It's going for $0.21 on which isn't too great in my opinion. If I were you, I'd try and pick up a few bags at $0.15-0.19


may the gains be with you user