Eeeeehhhh idk crypto is a pyramid too

Eeeeehhhh idk crypto is a pyramid too
ICOs are a pyramid aswel
>devs make the token
You buy the token
>sell it after a x10 to 4channers
>4channers sell t after a x29 to normies
The thing about Ponzis and crypto is that they work because btc will keep going up forever kek

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can you all just stop posting this fucking nigger already? Post more milkers, or pewdipew I don't give a fuck. But not this fucking asshole of a face. Thanks.

*makes a profit in front of you*

Le 2 digits iq man, no but thanks

just... dont. okay?
>that stupid face

Always cracking up at that smile.

His beard is so nasty dude

desu why should he be jailed? why are ponzis even illegal? if people wanna lose money let them

its not pleasent to look at, might actually have to filter this moron out
he looks like the halfbred bastard of sideshow bob

lol trading but that runs on $.

beard of kings. fuk off to your cave dumbass crakkka.

>its not pleasent to look at
it's not even just that. I made the mistake of having a look at some bits of his youtubes yesterday, and this narcissistic, messed up, full mong of a nigger, never blaming himself, but anyone else like all fucking glow in the dark niggers do... it fucking makes me angry.
I know, it's fucking retarded to threaten someone on the intertubes, but if I ever see that face, or just some asshole that looks like him, in fucking rl, I'd fucking punch him in his vagina instantly. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Lmfao, thank you.
I wonder if he stepped on a rake after BCC.

get over it,theres no way anyone in biz bought this shit anyways right?

He and Tai Lopez need to get together.
They can compare fictional bank accounts.

>get over it,theres no way anyone in biz bought this shit anyways right?
no, of course not. I wasn't even aware of this until yesterday (good old pajeet/ad-filter is hardwired into my brains). But that's no reason to not absolutely despise this retarded nigger.

Would be interesting if he actually knew this shit was/is a Ponzi scheme (he has).
I bet there is some evidence (PMs etc.)

Wouldn't it be possible that the authorities bust him?
Here in Germany he would go straight to jail

a guy I work with was all in on Bitconnect. He kept explaining it to me and praising it and defending it - he was even defending it last night while he was banging on his keyboard trying to get some shitcoins out from the non-functional website. I dunno man, I still don't fucking understand how it was supposed to work - seems like complete shit to me even without the referral/MLM aspect of it

I really don't understand how anyone would invest in this shit. Clear as fuck that this is/was one huge fraud. A literal army of red flags.

The only guys who made money are the one who promoted big it to get affiliate money



the talk would go like this:

me - "So you don't have any coins? You don't do any mining? You just give them money and you get rich? Sounds like a scam - how are you so sure it's not a scam?"

him - "You just don't understand!!! hehr hehr hehr"

>btc will keep going up forever
Yeah dude BTC will be three trillion by 2030 keep hodling

>le ominous pyramid in the background

wheres the video he deleted that was anti white ppl or something

This is like some shitty movie trope lol, how did people fall for this shit?

ayy lmao

>People fell for this scam.


Watch this then read the comments


Literal, unironical shills

how much did he lose?


Funny how he says he stacked up on more Bitconnect coins.
They are absolutely worthless. Of course he wants his followers to stay with it or to even buy more. He will earn % on every dollar

This shit is pathetic
Why didn't Veeky Forums participate?

Probably made a million desu



Because Veeky Forums is chinks and wiggers not niggers

I'm already sick of his gaping ape face, fucking niggers man

Put a few ETH into the Magnalis Pre-ICO.
>30 cents per coin
>public ICO starts in April at 60 cents per coin
>10,000,000 supply
>Starts trading in June
>Guaranteed moon mission
This shit is going to be massive and could probably be the easiest 20x I’ve seen in years.

Not a pyramid...just business.
Everything in life can be seen as a pyramid.

holy shit, the 56% face is real

550k $$$

>people got outsmarted by a nigger


Literally a scam, why haven't mods banned this shit?

a pyramid is just a triangle, a common shape, nothing to see here goys

lol hes so fucked. feds will come down hard


>What I’m describing is a pyramid scam, I’m basically reading the Wikipedia article on pyramid scams.
>Look at this picture, it’s literally a pyramid
>It’s not a pyramid scam, trust me. I’ll tell you exactly why it’s not if you buy into the scam

Did anyone seriously watch this and think it was totally legit?


>They scammed me, but it's okay. At least my favorite youtuber is fine!

their money went straight into his pocket



>*makes a profit in front of you*
this made me kek too hard goddamn thanks user

That is nothing

Before the Reddit got closed down I went through the post history of people who were saying they lost, etc.
Holy fucking shit it was unebelievable.

Some gems
>"other shitcoins will tank"
>"fudders like him are scared and they're poor"
>"just HODL"
>"I bet you don't even watch rick and morty" (in reply to someone telling him its a ponzi)
>"haha you're just mad im making money and you're not"

Honestly, go look at the Twitter of these people. Some of them now are saying
>"How was it a scam?! BCC said they'd pay 363$ so no one really lost out"

I'm not fucking joking I read this earlier

foreshadowing. Always part of a good story

>>"How was it a scam?! BCC said they'd pay 363$ so no one really lost out
I don't understand their basis that they will pay just because they said they would.

>HODL a literal Ponzi scheme

Honestly, this is the best way to do it.

Zimzam killed the wrong Trevon

eerily similar to Veeky Forums, i could link cross thread to each of those aside from the rick and morty one.

No, they won't pay shit. You won't get BTC or USD. They'd give you even more of their shitcoin.

Nah, he just needs to off this one too

Well Veeky Forums is plebbit 2.0 now, so it makes sense.

Not only that, but what they actually said was "we'll give you the BCC tokens at the price of 363, which you then have to sell even though they're now worth 10 USD"

These people are monkeys

Go look for yourself, it was slightly different vibe to here
Here you can sort of sense the blatant shills
These were more like emotional robots trained to attack any "fud"

truth. do any other chans have a biz?

>Small cranial volume
>Scammed people out of millions

His cranial volume is probably a lot larger than yours

This dude is ugly as fuck. Ugly even for an amerimutt.

Has anyone noticed that he looks exactly like a smug pepe?

He's a fucking African you moron not an amerimutt.

Looks like your average nigger to me

How is it possible to have a nose and lips THAT fucking huge? It would take a severe allergic reaction from a bee sting to get like that. Seriously, I don't fucking get how you evolve to have such exaggerated features. What evolutionary purpose did lips the size of half your face solve? I swear. not even 100% Africans look as fucked as African Americans.

This is what faggots get for trusting a nigger. I mean seriously what will it take for cucks to learn?

People actually fell for this, REALLY makes those almonds activate.

god damn mike rowe is a smug cunt

>Taking any finical advise from jewtube.

>Taking any advise at all from this trout-faced negro.

What the fuck man?

These ugly ass mutts will be the only legacy the United States leaves behind. Sad

nobody ever said they would pay. the $363 figure is how their loans get converted back to BCC. So you get "paid" from your lending account to the exchange in BCC, not USD.

i can't tell you what the lending accounts actually had on them because i've never heard of this gay shit until yesterday, but it sounds like you loan out BTC using BCC tokens. but instead of getting BTC or USD back, you get BCC at a price of $363 per BCC.

also they said you should invest in bitconnectX now.

He obviously has some white ancestry. Niggers in the usa are barely pure.

ask amtrak

i hate it how you faggots keep posting this worthless nigger

>saged for faggotry and stupidity


everybody got justed by a guy that looks like pepe
how is this so amusing

If it looks like a nigger, smells like a nigger, then its a nigger

>literally a pyramid in background
>mfw people still didn't think it was a pyramid scheme

Reminder that every person who recruits another participant into the pyramid scheme can be sued for twice the amount the recruit paid. If a marketing system is found to be a pyramid, the court can also order the defendant to pay civil penalties and consumer restitution.

where did u find thisss

KEK fuck normies

I said it before. This guy will go to jail.

Him and Craig grant both bleach their skin. It's common in Jamaica.

Anyone said milkers?

unfortunately schemes like this can appear legal. they didn't do anything to hide that it's multi-level, and they are selling a service (the volatility bot)

the price tanked because they are closing down, which they can blame on those cease and desist letters. if there is any investigation or reimbursement, it could take 10 years for anything to happen because of how tricky this shit is. you have to hope that someone with money will just hunt the scammers down and do some vigilante justice

The pyramid is the most stable structure in nature.

Erin Ashdod

>Whitey scams a bunch of niggers

>Nigger scams a bunch of niggers
>S'all gud he dindu nuffin

Too many posts have gone without


Doing my part for the golden ratio

>an real hero
thanks, user

This is the thing with ponzis, very rarely will anyone admit it was a ponzi that invested in it. They will blame the gov, regulation, the haters, etc. The team said we'd all have lambos but the gov ruined it for us!

I seen this with other ponzis, theres a 100 million ponzi in the US that gets busted like every year or two. Everytime its the same response, we would all be rich but the gov stepped in! the owners said they didnt do anything wrong!

Yeah it's human nature
That's why I bought 1200 BCC @ 7 USD yesterday

This isn't over yet. These morons will buy again, just watch. They already are.

Look at the price now

I made this its rare af
save it to your pepedrives quickly

that is if the volatility bot is in fact a real thing
and not just made up to make it seem more legitimate

Underrated comment. kek