How... how are you guys so good at this? I just don't understand

How... how are you guys so good at this? I just don't understand.

I make bad choices. I don't have much money. Looking at crypto has caused me to look at my own life and realize I'm not going to make it financially, at least the way I've been going. Which is a nice realization I need change, but I don't have all that fiat sitting around the way it seems everyone here does.

It seems like so many people have tens and tens of thousands in the game, so many people buy low and sell high and laugh at how easy it is. Easy to see the trends, and pull the trigger at the right time, and buy the dip, and sell the pump. Honestly, even with the larping, its hard to believe this many people would larp. There's just TOO many of you that are happy with this game to think its all larp.

Anyway, just feeling really inadequate right now, and Veeky Forums used to be the place for me to feel less alone in that feeling. But I guess most of you will make it and I'll just move on to the next board, just like I've always done once a board gets strange to me.

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Only one way to fix it

>How... how are you guys so good at this?
You just have to filter the shitposting, extract the valuable information, learn a bit of indicators used in TA and above all be fucking patient

I've hardly sold anything, just feel I'm buying the wrong things at the wrong times. And now I'm out of fiat, so I'm just stuck until one of these things moon and I'm dropping spaghetti everywhere trying to figure out if I need to sell or just hold.

You don't need much fiat. went in with £2k now on about $100k

First accept you're not good at trading. Invest, hold, and slowly take profit. 99% of us can't trade well. The less I tried to be smart, the more I made. Hold, take a %, then move to another coin. Also do your fucking homework and only invest in coins that have an actual use.

You've identified your problem. You're panicking. be patient and hold. pretty much all coins within the top 250 will give you gains if you hold long enough.

many people are losing you just don't hear about them t b h

I think research is the biggest thing.
Sage advice: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I only invest in cryptos with devs that are about the tech and not hyping up the price, and it has served me well in the long run. The ones promising massive gains or returns are in it for a quick buck to steal your money.
Oh and buy ethereum if you suck at trading. Hasn't failed me yet, just holding my 50 ETH has gained me money by basically doing nothing. Don't know how long that will last, though.

>how are you guys so good at this?

after awhile you'll start to figure out how your lizard brain works

Congrats OP, you've been redpilled. And you're smarter than 98% of the people here because of it. Do you wonder why everyone here is anonymous? Or why no one can ever seem to go back to fiat, even before the bubble burst today?

Most people here are liars, delusional, autistic, or all of the above. You're not dumb OP, you just fell for it. It's all fake.

Alright. Just been feeling down about buying something at its ATH and seeing it flatten by 75%. But I think in the long run its going to go well, so I just need to take some time off, and when I'm in the green again, and see if I can just be patient and chill and take profit and say fuck greed. Had LINK sitting at $1.50 I had bought for 30 cents and never took profit.

king of lies actually isn't lying this time around

No one here actually knows fuck all about finance, crypto, or blockchain. It's mostly autists who got lucky and are on a newfound high because it was this or flipping burgers. Don't feel bad.

BTC and ETH are both now proven bubbles, so don't touch them. In general, if it's posted here, then some autist has already fucked it up.

Crypto might be on its way out, but if there's another BTC in the pile it's going to be an altcoin. For those, you just have to be patient and hodl.

Maybe you're right. Maybe its just a thousand mentally fucked up neckbeards in dirty rooms that are living fantasies alongside one or two autistic chad financial geniuses.

This board truly makes me sad. This board is filled with people trying to deceive others into buying useless internet numbers.

One example is they will tell you "we'll all get rich" or "we'll all make it." That's not possible though because this game is zero-sum. If you want to cash out you need to sell and for a sell to be made there needs to be a buyer. Somebody bought DGB at 2200 sats. Did he win? No, of course not. He got tricked by people who told him "it will moon bro."

Another example is someone will tell you "buy X coin, bro, it's totally undervalued." This is another scam phrase because the current valuation of these coins is not based in anything predictable. There is no way of knowing what a "true" value of a coin should be because the price is heavily determined by manipulation, insiders, hype cycles, speculation and pump and dump groups. There's nothing in economics theory that tells you the real value of Monero is $400 or whatever. So when someone tells you a coin is undervalued or overvalued, in reality they have no idea and are trying to trick you.

Also, are you thinking of "long-term HODLing?" Know that these coins mostly have no real world use and these more than 2000 cryptocurrency companies and teams will not be around in 5 years. Do you really know why these companies need to use a blockchain rather than a centralized database? Let alone a cryptocurrency on top of it?

Just know that when it comes to making money - it's purely about getting other people to transfer their wealth to you. This makes people turn into liars and cheats and you shouldn't believe most things posted here.

Then you're off to a good start. link at 0.30 is a solid entry.

Trust me, don't let yourself fall into the 'what if' trap. Try to think as pragmatic as possible. Take the boring approach, as exciting often leads to mistakes.

When you link hits $1 again, sell 25% and invest that elsewhere. when link hits $1.50 do the same.

The sooner you can forget about chasing the 300% moon mission, the more likely it is you'll catch one unexpectedly. Use social media to expose you to coins, but make decisions based on sound, thorough research.

The fact that you are self aware enough to consider your strategy means if you keep your shit together and focus, you will be fine

Pretty much. There's geniuses spread out who knew what they were doing when they bought BTC in 2011. But they're rare. They certainly aren't hanging around Veeky Forums.

Good copypasta is good

Do you research, nobody makes this many gains with just luck!

Don’t blindly buy into a coin just because it’s been shilled on here, research it, read the whitepaper, for fuck sake I can’t stress this enough, if it makes sense to you and you think Itab good idea then buy it and stop panic selling when there’s any sign of a dip and fuck it for the rest of us.

Have a target goal of what you want to achieve abd stil when your bit it, don’t forget to take out your gains, shitcons wont moon forever. If you first here about a coin on here then you’ve got 3 days max left on it

It all takes time to learn and no matter what anyone says we all lost money starting out

Hint: you can utterly fabricate your folios

Remember you haven't actually lost ANYTHING until you Sell!

If it's down you just need to HODL. Be patient.

thanks bros, (You)s all around.

We aren’t all so good at it.

I came in 1/1/18 with $900.

Bought XLM and it tripled like over night.

Then I gave like half it away to a scammer.

Then made a couple bad decision up until I miraculously went all in on neo before it mooned - so I’m still working to get back up to where I was Was before I just randomly gave my profit away.

Don’t feel bad OP. I haven’t told anyone that I got scammed. But I thought you might feel better hearing the story.

>Had LINK sitting at $1.50 I had bought for 30 cents and never took profit.

Never day trade. Especially don't think about day trading something that everyone agrees is a long term investment, such as LINK.

>BTC and ETH
retard confirmed. ETH is responsible for over half of all transactions in the crypto space. And has the most developers by far. It's one of the few cryptos that is guaranteed to be around in 10 years.


how did you get scammed?

Dude, you know how much hand holding I needed to get to where I am? We all did, and now complex shit comes naturally to us. I think that's what is intimidating you. Stick with it user.

I'm in the same boat buddy, I feel inadequate in all spheres of my life, got into crypto a week ago and my initial investment halves, so don't feel too alone.

How fucking hard is it to DYOR?




>We all did

Realest post I've read here.

Copypasta or not.


normally discord groups are shills but this one is a pretty good place that has discussions and shit, ultimately it's a Pump and Dump group. Meaning it aims to collectively buy a lot of shares of a specific coin and when the price goes up they sell for profit. join desu
gg / xyfhZTT

it's pretty simple actually

those who were lucky with their choices write here

those who were not largely keep silent

>How are you guys so good at this
Most of us aren't. It's just that the ones that are, are more likely to brag.

t. up 1000% this month

Most people who have made money on this have done so mainly because it's a highly speculative market in its early stages still. All you have to do is buy coins earlier than almost everyone else, and wait. I suspect insane gainz won't come by so easy once it cools off, which I predict will happen either when regulation comes, or when blockchain technologies have matured to the point where adoption saturates (companies/people begin to actually use the things currently being developed), and new ICOs offer less of a value proposition than they do now. I predict this will happen sometime in the next 2-5 years.

Thanks for writing this.

I don't feel so alone now, I'm in the same boat.

I'm Joe Average, with ADHD doing minimum wage jobs, trying to make it.#

Good luck friend.

every half decent crypto has this pattern on any timescale

This board truly makes me happy. This board is filled with people trying to help others get rich off awesome crypto projects.

One example is they will tell you "we're all gonna make it." That's totally true because we're early adopters. Most people have no idea what cryptocurrency is or how to buy it. We're a small group of tech savvy young guys and our crypto riches will turn us into the new ruling class.

Another example is someone will tell you to buy a coin because it's super undervalued. It's essential to find undervalued currencies that have a lot of room to grow. Privacy for example is becoming a a major issue with government and hacker intrusion into every facet of our lives, so privacy coins will grow because they are severely undervalued.

Also are you thinking of "long-term HODLing?" That's a good idea. Only a small percent of fast reacting individuals and bots can be successful daytraders. Holding long-term through the ups and downs is what make a lot of early Bitcoin adopters rich, so that can be you too with the newer projects. Don't just sell at the first profit you get because the long-term profit will be greater than the short-term profit. Don't panic sell the down turns either. because they will come back up. Cryptocurrency on decentralized ledgers is a new technology with so much potential to be used by so many companies and you really are getting in early.

Just know that when it comes to making money, it's about encouraging others to get in on great opportunities which encourages them will help you in return. We're all friends here for the same reason so let's help each other by sharing information and posting great threads.

You get coins you believe in and wait, you only lose or win after you've sold it. I'm all in on POE, went from 4.2 to 1.5k but so what because this is solid hold and will recover

If you ask the right questions (prove you've at least tried to research or think an approach), you usally get right answers or a comfy discussion between 2 arguing fags where you can learn things. Mostly, until you're not sure what you're doing, don't do much.

First of al, don't sell at a loss.
Read up on some signals based on technical analysis. I suggest STRAT, PACC, COLX, THC and ENJ.

Technical analysis based on indicators gives buy and sell targets. You put an order around that and do whatever you want till its triggered.

Dont know anything about technical analysis and indicators? Join this discord where a pro stocktrader (HSBC UK) teaches over voicechat for free. Why am i shilling this? So i can get premium membership that gives me 30min of private teaching with the stocktrader. Don't believe me? Don't click the link.

This is no pump and dump or mutual funds group

> pic is of an recent example of a signal given by the discord


lmfao. this made me kek hard. good one.

additionally news can never change the trend only the speculation on the trend
the crypto bubble is alt coins, whatever cryptocurrency wins will be able to facilitate all apps

Someone claiming to be an investor - very elaborate social media presence - lots of fake profiles and testimonials and fake giveaways of things like iPhones and laptops.

Asked for X amount of btc for Y return... then when the time came - just asked for more and more.

Lesson learned. Like I said - most of it was xlm profit - but still - little over 300% my first week had me thinking I could give this a go.

I’m doing fine now again / but I was an idiot.

user a good place to start is quality people to follow on Twitter, YouTube and other social media. My faves at the moment are: Clif High, Bix Weir, and High Altitude Investing. Watch every video on their channels, buy their reports, etc. From there, really learn why they pick what they pick and some TA. These will help you to make your own decisions in the long run.

You won't make it.