So what's the next XRB or ETH

So getting in early is the best way to get gains. So, what's the next XRB, ETH, or TAU?


UFO Saucers.
Googly Eyes.

Xsh shield


Just a picture because I have to put one, let's stick to the topic please.


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chiners IOTA

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Idk 6 dollars means it's already mooned

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Ripple will be $100 by year end
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got any sauce? I'll tell you the next XRB.

Who wants to know of an AI project that will beat DBC's ATH and will be unlocked tomorrow? There was mega FOMO during the ICO last month.

I have been shilling this for the past few days but no one seems to listen.

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The next platform that will be top 10 is Xtrabytes, DYOR cunt

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And maybe Aeon

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Will be available on Tidex immediately and probably Ether Delta shortly after. The makers of the Sophia robot are involved with this. Big exchanges might not come for a couple of months, I will be waiting for the price to stabilize to get some.

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