Summoning AssBlaster

Was that really you last night? Have the fabled Swift documents been correctly identified by user? Is the price singularity still forthcoming?

Every cult needs its figureheads, and Stinkies are no different. Where art thou, sweet Blaster of the Ass? Spout thy truths.

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Link to last night's Assblaster thread? I was crying myself to sleep.

Yes. The documents have been found. It's all true, SWIFT has been building up to this for years. JPMorgan is on board.
This shit is going to be $100 EOY.

This is such fucking bullshit, and this is coming from someone with 75k LINK

this is the widest ID i've ever seen

The JP Morgan part?

what's the relevant page?

Respect the girth

Beware LINK is already shadowforked
This will not be the token for the oracle network


Friendly reminder SWIFT don't even plan on using distributed ledger technology for another 4-5 years.

Basically the whole thing. This one is about European PSD2 standardization and it confirms everything Assblaster told us.
The document mentioning JPMorgan was in Spanish, so I didn't bother to keep the link. I hope some user saved it.

It represents the widening of my asshole as the crypto markets continually pound it the past 2 days

oh fuck they forked the code those fucking pajewts. SELL BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE



>he bought LINK on binance instead of LNK on CoinExchange
you fucking idiots

Linklets will ignore this

This is just a meme, don't fall for it, or do I honestly don't care, why am I even typing..

kill urself for making me look faggot

True if big

This doesn't mean that SWIFT isn't working with LINK to set forth those standards.

Which means that LINK will eventually reach $1000.
Wew, what a time to be alive.

But by that time pic related will already be dominating the market.

J. Parser secretly forked LINK after the ICO debacle, the binance listing and after SWIFT and other partners stated their concerns about the involvement of reddit and Veeky Forums in particular
Do you really think they want a bunch of neets as main tokenholders?
AB confirmed this in the last thread

They recognized that a white overweight autist as CEO would immediately attract the retards from the cesspool known as Veeky Forums because the can relate with him
So they needed a plan B
The forked LINK into a different project
They needed CEOs repulsive enough to drive Veeky Forums away but reliable enough for partners
So they recruited two pajeets from standford university and named the new project mobius

>literal pajeets
sure thing bud

yeah good luck, bud.

Here's the thread from last night:

Still no link sent to those accounts...

>mfw literal Pajeets.

>it will take about 4 years before we arrive at a standard
i think that means 4-5 years until all banks are using the same thing (chainlink)
correct me if i'm wrong.

Is that actually the team? I was just about to look into Mobius cause I heard it was a potential competitor.

What the fuck OP, can't even bump your own post?

My ass is ready for a blast. Where art thou assblaster?


Holy shit talk about being a deluded stinky linky.

kek, nice

Five years and i will be multimillionaire

I can wait

>Would literally make me a millionaire

Never going to happen.

ugly even by developer standards, what the fuck happened to Chandler's cranium?

That's what i understand from what you posted. Can you elaborate on what you think it means? I'm not a deluded linkie, i'm trying to figure out if chainlink is destined for success or not.

Trips and assblaster will appear

420 good enough?
Assblaster pls be pothead and appear

It's fake. Handle in previous posts were 'AssBlaster' but the post from last night was 'Assblaster'

Go see for yourself


lmao literally witnessed the creation of this meme earlier today. First time actually being part of something funny

trips and yesterday's assblaster was a fake and the new one is dead

listen guys I hold over 500k linkies and because I have more than most of you, I have a greater authority on the subject of predicting the future. $1k per LINK will NEVER happen we will be lucky to see $2 because my cognitive dissonance controls the market. also I'm Jason Parser's cousin

Who is Jason Parsnips and why is he shadow forking LINK?

With poos and joos, you lose.

>Big wall-street boys want to build a decentralized banking infrastructure.
>They want to make it a standard for all banks in the world.
>They hire Sergey to develop Chainlink.
>Every linkie is now a shareholder of the future one world banking.
>Every linkie will receive $ just by staking their link to the nodes.
>If you have at least 2000 LINK you are set for life

Yo, parser's cousin, what's the shadow fork called? Asking for a friend

Sergei Nazarov SN Satoshi Nakamoto
Jackson Palmer JP Jason Parsor

They can't even round off their circles. This is a scam.


It's the JSP token.

It is now tomorrow in Europe. He has forsaken us.

I just noticed. HAHAHAHA! I told you all. Mobius is a P&J Coin aka Pajeet & Jew.

trips and Jason Parser is a SF bugchaser with Sirgay.

>I just noticed. HAHAHAHA! I told you all. Mobius is a P&J Coin aka Pajeet & Jew.
they can team w bitconnect and become PB&J




Who is Jason "shadowfork" Parsnips?


Someone needs to write a fucking book about this shit. My sides have exceeded the boundaries of the Universe reading these threads.
On another more serious note, I hope to fooking god none of u are actually serious about this shit and are just here for keks like i am.

You're right! Its all just a joke! SELL SELL SELL

AB pls

serious about what? holding bags of links? im sure 80% of pp in this thread have heavy bags of it

Jason Parser shadow forked

Bought at $0.16, man those bags are killing me.

we're all serious and we're all holding huge link bags user
maybe it's time for you to leave