I-is it over? Are we going on another bullrun?


fuck no lol. expect pink wojaks to crawl all over the board tomorrow. this thing is going to hit $5k before correcting

this wont end till feb.

Why the fuck are you mofos fudding this hard, it r-recovered r-right? Bullrun 2.0, r-right?

It's barely holding above 11k right now. Hardly a bullish indication. I wouldn't even say we've begun to recover. Consider this a short reprieve from the JUSTING. What comes next is anyone's guess.

we wre just at 9k retards bottom confirmed learn some ta ffs

It's dropping as we speak

market depth at 10,000usd/btc is only about 1000 coins, versus 2000 coins this time yesterday. And the price is lower than it was at this time yesterday. Expect to get fucking routed tomorrow morning again.

Do you smell that my dudes? *sniff* Smells like.... *sniff*sniff* ooooh that pugnant odor *snorf* .......Id recognize it anywere.....*sniiiiiiiiiif*
smells like dead cat

Correcting back to $100 lmao


Nah, I'd put the mean at about 700


Seems like a ton of money is flooding alts right now, my eth and btc are way down against every fucking alt. We might be in an alt bullrun soon with btc dying slowly and eth being stagnant. Wouldn't mind it

It's pretty stable

for a cryptocoin.

I won't feel comfortable until stoch RSI crosses in the daily chart, which has not happened yet.

whats after Feb ?

Crossing 10k in either direction is a prettt big deal, the fact that it’s 11k is a bull sign you’ll know we are heading to 35k-50k if it it’s 14k-15k tonight

Look at dragonfy doji. If next one is green candle, reversal is coming. After 3-4 weeks we will then hit 17K. First 2 big resistances come...

Same, sounds comfy,and would make the whole market healthier. I hate how BTC drags down everything.


>using spot price as an indicator of long term viability.
And this is why you have retarded asset bubbles like this in the first place.

> Stupid fuckwads shorting BTC now