/TA Thread General/ - He does it for free edition

Let me try this again...

TA FAG here, with another TA thread.

You know the drill, will be charting bitcoins shitcoins ect.

This trade made me a couple btc today!

t. 8 years trading experience and 3 years in the financial sector.

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Longed 9382

What do you think about this shit I did this morning
I'm not in TA, but I'm going to sell when it goes back in those two lines ETA Jan 30 waiting for next dip to buy back

what indicators are those, bitmexican-sempai?

Fib retracement says this thing might fall all the way to $5k at some point. Correction is following a descending flag pattern. Do you think $5k is too bearish? I'm estimating a new floor of around $6k-$8k after everything is over.

BTC is going somewhere between 8k and 4k

Can you ELImaRetard this for me?

Would like to see your thoughts on BAT, DRGN, or OMG, thanks tafag.

Looks interesting, what does this TA tell you?SuperGuppy, OBV, Willy21MA13
Fibs dont give targets :^) just shows where it could stop
doubt it
I buy coin low so i can sell coin high!

Does that pink low signal a reverse, similar to TD sequential? Plot OMG for a nigga

I have no clue how TA , I just drew lines and compared to 2013 and it looks like the most probable course of action

Doesn't a typical post-pump price tend to follow the band pattern though.... ATH > .78 > .50 > .22 > ~.50?

pink signals more down, but you have to wait til the candle closes

>yfw you don't even have the balls to short with above 50x leverage
You know your TA shenanigans won't save you, admit it.


What does this tell you about the alt market in general?

OP, I am not understanding. What should I be looking at in your photo. Dumb this shit down for me.

How do I read a superguppy indicator? It looks very useful.

Tells me that DOGE looks ready to fucking dumpster

>Can't read charts so screams bullshit

Do they make these retards in a factory or something?

i follow this girl on IG. maybe one day i can show her all my Chuck E Cheese tokens and she'll let me hit



Shit's gonna dumb desu senpai

need some TA on trn. I fucked up and am wondering if this shit is going to drop with the chinks

She only puts out for Chads, Melvin. She'll let you hold her hand for 1 ETH though. Cashed out to fiat of course since roasties can't into trading.

did you mean TRX?

doge could be an indicator of an entire overbought market. When whole market pumps, doge inevitably comes with it.

yes i cant type for shit sorry

Here's what I see happening for $OMG

Best resources for learning TA? All I have is a few youtube channels

Not looking to be spoonfed, looking to spoonfeed myself...

What do you think about Kelipoopoo ban?


What about eth?

TRX looks like it could move up, but it's probably going to dumpster

Shut up monkey and show us your margin positions if you think you know what you're doing.

She looks good mainly cause her face and her youth. I can see her gaining 50 pounds the first time she gets knocked up and never dropping it

Do tradingview.com/symbols/RLCBTC/


Looks like it could moonshot to .00024 or so. Assuming it doesnt dumpster right now

Id also like to know what you think about the "top authors" on tradingview

Where did you get your volume profile indicator?


It’s a paid indicator from trading view

Fun ta fag

Link? It's only available to pro accounts or something?

The only thing you can’t get from him is super guppy but I don’t know how much of a difference it makes from the pineeditor available offered

What's the purpose of super guppy anyway? doesn't look like it do much.

TA for ETC please

can someone please explain to me as a brainlet what all those red dots and red boxes mean?

Anyone else see a ABC correction for ETH, and this pump to 1050 is a dead cat?

It’s shows all movement indicators so you know when the market is consolidating or goijgnfor a big move. His super guppy turns grey when a big move is coming, which he uses other indicators to figure out if it’s bad or good and stations himself to benefit off of t

Rimbaud going to Africa in search of gold and not coming back made it an apt image to use considering how well BTC has done of late.

Can you do RCN?

what happened with this?

So whats your take on Weiss Ratings getting on board to rate almost every large cap coin in the market? Think it will cut out speculation and funnel money into what the wall street boys have invested in?

Your move Mr.Chinaman

btw, on RCN binance (not bittrex), what caused those spikes from yesterday? Is someone just getting back in with market orders and not giving a shit, or does it tell you something? I've no idea, but curious. Thanks.

Please TA


Could you please run a TA on Neo or Ripple? Your choice. Thanks for this thread I'm learning a lot.

I was in a long position unhedged and got NECCed


What do you think of BTC right now? Is another dip buying opportunity possible in the short term or are we back to our regularly scheduled moon missions

I think NULS is looking pretty good, what about you?

Any links or resources to learn some or most of the basics of TA?

Trying not to be a mindless sheep and throwing money at shill and hype with little reasoning, thanks based user

omg this right fucking here. Tired of loosing my ass

my twitter :^)
also murphy's TA and youtube is great for learning the basics!

moon soon, but most likely another dip

thanks dude, mind dropping your @?

>murphy's TA
wtf is this? google and youtube bring up nothing for me

Weekly MA20 is THE support zone. That wouldve been where you wanted to go megalong


John J. Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets

thanks bud

and megalong i did go sir

second VEN

how does TA hold up with heavily manipulated coins like VEN tho?

love these threads OP, this is probably the third i've been lurking and theyre pretty comfy, keep it up.

TA is mostly used for entries rather than price predictions. With heavily manipulated coins you want too look at high volume with relatively stable price for whale accumulation and buy in there. I personally don't really trade altcoins.

good shit. I sniped a great entry but closed it out early for some reason. I tend to do that a lot and its an issue im working on but it sucks. Oh well

stoploss in profit and just let it ride brother!

Should I sell eth for usdt?
Is it going to crash again like earlier today?

My idea on VEN

so question is top or bottom retest

Heavy price manipulation on VEN, seen in OBV hourly. Whales have been failing to keep suppression, falling volume, without big news we will see bottom retest before breaking highs.

Can you buy some ICX man? My bags are heavy. Also if you wouldn't mind maybe charting it and posting on twitter or wherever you think most normies will latch on. Thanks man I'd send you some Litecoin but again, ALL IN on ICX.

lol sorry brah you're on your own
I don't accept donations


Cam you take a look at ETC? I activated the Super Guppy and it seems to be turning silver on 4hr and 1 day :3

Embarrassing. How late did you wait to buy? My ICX is very comfy.

doge is an indicator of volume in shitcoin exchanges, its used as a trading pair.

This looks pretty dodgy desu