I have a small dick and less than 6 figs in cryptos

I just realized I'll probably never make it to 8 figures. Also I got a tiny cock (5 incheronis) and even all the money in the world wont change that. Name one reason why I shouldnt off myself right now to leave this cruel world behind forever.

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>tfw nearly 8"
>less than 3 figures in crypto
wanna trade?

Because poor manlets with small dicks can also get mad pussy and mad pussy isn't even all that relevant.

Find a hobby, meditate, develope charisma.

I have a 7" and 6 figs.

I haven't had a girlfriend since I was 13 (27 now) and i'm depressed as fuck

I know many guys with tiny dicks and tons of money.

It's all motivation + luck.

Sorry friend, I don't speak american. How much is that in real world measures?

10 inches 200 IQ and of aryan stock

pic related and my side bitch

> tfw 8"
> nearly 6 figures in crypto
> haven't worked in a year
> just been living off gains
> visit my gf regularly to get blowjobs and pump her up with cum after she cooks me some 10/10 food

lifes good men

>tfw 9 inches
>only 10k

Some girls like small dicks. just like some guys like small boobs. there are way weirder things than a tiny dick fetish

Im also 6 ft 4 lanklet which makes my baby dick even worse
Should I off myself right now or wait until I hit six figures at least so I can say I somewhat made it?

Hit 6 figures. Go to venezuela. Pay for placental stem cells in your dick. Yur gud

Is he hugging a shadow goddam

whats even worse is that biz keeps posting hot bitches and reminding me about my small cawk.
I got here to make money and forget about these awful cunts and then you keep rubbing it in my faces

Tfw feminine sub boy so i don't need my 7.5 incher, got 4 figures, would trade my whole dick for 2 more figures, I won't use it anyway.

>Hit 6 figures. Go to venezuela. Pay for placental stem cells in your dick. Yur gud

I-I-Is this safe?
Im gonna have to look into this.

i have an 8" dick and 300k in crypto but I'm still a khv at 26

Your insecurity is doing so much more to make you somebody nobody wants to be around more than your tiny cock ever could

Fuck I've been listening to this album on repeat since it released

>placental stem cells in your dick
That's probably one way to have a non functional dick. I would rather be dicklet with a working dick than have a giant penis that doesn't work properly.

>tfw 8"
>> nearly 6 figures in crypto
>> haven't worked in a year
>> just been living off gains
>> visit my gf regularly to get blowjobs and pump her up with cum after she cooks me some 10/10 food

You sound like my exGF new Dude


It's really good, didn't really expect it to be this good haha.

easy for you to say with your big penor user


7" juicy veiny cock
$35k in crypto
$12k in IRA
$10k emergency fund
GF of 5 years

id rather have a massive yet nonworking schlong user
I barely use my cock anyway, dont even fap anymore because it just feels tiny in my hands

>100k job
>low cost of living coastal city
>5 inch dick
>low 5 figures in crypto

Lmao everyone online has a huge dick and is rich af

I got a bick schlong, but am a small manlet so dont feel bad user

>mutt times
>absolute brainlet tier threads
not suprising

user check pegym.com

Stay in crypto youll be rich eoy. About the dick google jelqing, not magic but you can add an inch or two,it works but takes long time.

>do PE for years
>gain a measly inch after thousands of hours pulling on your cock
>still barely average

I think Ill pass user


>tfw when I'm 5 ft 6 manlet and have a bigger dick than you

That said I'd still trade with you any day of the week. More people see your height than your dick.

I mean you can easily get to 7 inches which is good IMO in 2 years if you do it constantly.

I mean, girls will notice the difference.

Its wierd, you never see lankets with big dicks.

How do you know this shit works?

Aryan stock is crashing.
Get out while you can.

Definitely. I don't know how more people don't know about pe

Who here tall but average dick? 6" bpel. Tried PE and got s little extra length.

How bout girth

At least live stream it pussy

6" beautiful cock
5 figures in coins
don't give a fuck

nice larp

Put a few ETH into the Magnalis Pre-ICO.
>30 cents per coin
>public ICO starts in April at 60 cents per coin
>10,000,000 supply
>Starts trading in June
>Guaranteed moon mission
This shit is going to be massive and could probably be the easiest 20x I’ve seen in years.

What does it do

Nobody ever says what these moon missions are supposed to do in these quick shills

Holy fuck I'm a loser compared to everyone in this thread. I've been in crypto since early 2012 and my net worth is ZERO and every crypto trade I've ever made has been a loss and I've sunk over 10k into crypto over the years and lost it every time. It's not me though I'm just an extraordinary case of the universe turning against me. Been here since the beginning, yet I live in a collapsing house in the ghetto making 12k a year barely surviving. How...

Also I've spent 12 hours a day researching crypto and doing trades and holding for the past 3 months since the craze began and I still have no money after all this effort.

5 whole inches? Fuck off with your sadsack shit OP, you're an inch and a digit ahead of me.

And I only have a 4.5 inch dick. I can't believe I'm doing so much worse than everyone here despite obsessing over crypto 12 hours a day for months straight.

Bro I started with $1000 in November and I'm up to $50,000 and I'm not that smart, what the fuck is wrong with you

Just cuck my gene pool right up senpai

Slightly above average. About 4.75-5" at the base.

I have a 5 inch dick and only 10k, but I'm also only 19. So my only prospect in life is to get rich so I can retire and play vidya all day, because I have no prospects in anything else and will never be able to talk to women.

My mom bought 10 pounds of liquid mercury at a scientist's yard sale and gave it to me to play with thinking it was safe and it fucked up my brain. I rubbed it all over myself basically. I wish I was lying.

Did jelq help that at all

Gonna ignore that. Either way if you haven't made ANY money you're trading too much.

Take this recent dip as an opportunity to put $1,000 in a good coin and just hold it for fuck's sake

im dying reading this thread. I also have a serious question.

is 6 inches considered a small cock? I know they say its the average, but are chicks actually disappointed with 6 inch cocks?


I have a 5 incher and chicks say it's big. It's probably "girthier" than big but the point is that no, women don't care about your penis size unless you've got a micropenis.

There's a few size queens but generally no most chicks have an average puss made for an average dick.

Plenty of micro dick fucks with thots out there because they work on their looks and eat pussy. These fags aren't being held back by their dicks - just their autism.

Alpha as fuck desu

>I have a 5 incher and chicks say it's big

Glad you found a way to cope user

I'm not autistic, or insecure about my penis so I guess I'm coping with my tiny dick just fine

I'm interested.. 6 here but it'd take 8. Might make the hundred grand I lost in the last 4 days sting less

>White,fit,1.85m 17cm dick
>6figure job
>1 stable beautiful smart and classy gf
>3 side chicks for diversification
>Walking distance to office which is in the middle of one of the great European capitals
>7figure crypta
>Got into matrix ICO yesterday with 40ETH change without even trying

People told me to come to this board and I would find people like myself, wasn't this supposed to be an UltraChad board ???


If your net worth is zero I'd say your doing pretty good.. 100k in crypto 50 in 401k 20 in savings and 230k mortgage and a couple grand in credit card debt

yeah i bang a ton of sluts and am like maybe 5.5-6 on a good day, doesn't seem to be a problem. i think my dong is like 5 on the average tho.

i'm 6'2 so i was nervous that my dong:height ratio was off but literally no whore can tell the difference.

y'all just need to get a gf, bang for a year or two so you can learn how to plow, learn how the batshit female mind works, and you're set for life.

sex is so much more than size boys.

Isn't a mortgage tax deductible to a point in burgerland?

6'4 too

>tfw too scared to use the the urinals

Think and grow poor. Way to go.

Not really. You get to deduct a small part of the cost of interest only. Now that interest is like 3.5% the deduction doesn’t mean that much like it did in the 70’s with 9% interest.

All right then.
Still an investment that basically doesn't depreciate. So you're probably still in the green with that.
Your total assets are way beyond user's.

the g spot is 3 inches inside the vagina, clitoral stimulation and the girth of your penis are far more important than length, also be smart with cryptos and in 2-3 yrs you'll be rich

For most girls, as long as your dick isn't ACTUALLY SMALL (as in like 4 or less inches, not in bragging sense when all men say only their 9 inch cocks will satisfy women) you should be fine.

5in here, banged at least 30 girls on tinder last year. 5 figures in crypto as well, 5ft 5in manlet.

5 is my lucky number.

also am autistic and never leave my room, girls come into my messy room, comment on my mtg cards and weeb products from japan and koreaboo music and fuck usually the first time.

i've even banged girls that are taller than me and although unpleasant to be shorter, pussy is pussy.

cheer up anons, you can be a chadlet

>Also I got a tiny cock (5 incheronis) and even all the money in the world wont change that
Can we not buy bigger dicks yet? One of the biggest motivators for me to make money is to buy a bigger dick. I always assumed it was something scientifically possible.

Are you me? You described my life perfectly. I don't have a hard time finding girls despite being 5'5 with a 5inch dick.

Same guy on different ip now. Yes jelq helps EQ a ton and did add a little but of girth. I focused on length mainly though so if you go for girth you might get even more.

Just spend some of your money on a strip club or hookers my dude. I spent 5% on a strip club and got all my fetish Spanish whores with both fake and real asses and tits to rub bare against my face and spend time with me just chilling. It's worth it dude. If you want to go further ask them for escort services or order that online for some young girls with low costs but tight bodies.

If girl cares about penis size, than she is not worth being with her. That is the truth user. And if you only want to fuck like an animal, than first earn money and buy prostitutes. It's cheaper and you will not destroy someones life.

If I could have crypto secure my future and a job that I loved to work regardless of pay, I'd spend all of it on strip clubs getting rubbed up. Sapphires in NYC is amazing, and they aren't all pre-surgeried like people say they are; especially the white girls.

I know that feel user, all my life.
>tfw 6'5 with 2.75" flaccid


Steve Merchant made this chart

Is that the same thing as jelquing?

i never had a problem with my height or dick size. i did in hs because i thought it would be an issue, but i love going to schadenfrude other people's bad experiences since they have either better stats than me and worst experiences.

>So when I got to her place I noticed she had 2 other roomates, both girls and definitely attractive. As soon as I got there she immediately said infront of her roomates."oh wow you're cuter in person, and I can't wait to see your hot dick" she says, while touching my pecs and legs. I could feel the roomates eye fucking the shit out of me without directly looking at them. I'm thinking holy shit is this happening, it's like a wet dream. She didn't even say hot BIG dick. She takes me to her bedroom and we do a little foreplay. We start making out in the middle (it was horrible since I've never done this before). When she took my pants off she was looking straight at my crotch because I was wearing somewhat tight boxer briefs, I also had I had a raging 4" boner. Sounds kind of awesome so far right?

>Here's where it gets bad. She looks almost angry and says "is that your boner... it's kind of small" I said yeah can't wait to show how it works, something along those lines. At this point I start sweating and getting slight panic attack. At this point she says "sorry you seem like a nice guy but this isn't going to work, just get out and let's forget about this". I didn't say another word and just got dressed as fast as possible and left.

>I'm pretty sure I'll never forget this for the rest of my life. I've never felt so emasculated and angry in my life until last night. I used try be positive about my condition and women, but now I feel I'm starting to feel extremely bitter towards both.

abridged but you get the idea lol

>all the money in the world wont fix that
Actually it can lol. You know how you can press down on the base of you cock and push it out anoter inch or two? You can surgically done to stay like that without effecting your dick performance at all. Once you make it, you can do it. Work for it you filthy nigger.

Im already married
PE = penis enlargement/enhancement. Jelqing is part of it, also stretching and other things. Be safe if you do it.


Lmao at all these manlet plebians
I'm 7'5" with a 14" long, 9 inch thick meat missile.
And I've got $2 Billion in crypto

>not physically attacking her
his problem might bed mental

no 5 is average. you all are gay as Romans worrying about cock size.

5’’8. 8.75 inch dick. Big nose though. Heard that helps lol. 120k crypto. 175k a year job. Always got compliments on my dick even when I couldn’t get it up because I used to think it was scary for girls. Decided to use it like the ravager it can be. No more problems.

My cousin and his friends, who are doctors in NYC, spend thier tiem going to strip clubs despite of this despite them making 200-300k a year with their wives. One of them has a hot persian wife and we had to go home early after clearing a 5 thousand dollar check at a strip club. Dude those women love people who don't earn that much, like me, who had to be like, I can't afford it, despite my 300k friend paying for it. You know what we did after, we rushed out to find them at a bar and everything was OK wth them.

Kek, this is like winning the lottery and burning the ticket.

Was that supposed to make sense?


I have 4 figures and a 5” dick and a pretty hot blonde wife with big tits. She’s a little chubby but I’m a manlet. Either way she’s way too good for me yet worships the ground I walk on.

Yeah, get money, get 10/10 to rub your dick for 20 bucks a dance and feel better about yourself wanting stacy.

I'll trade you my 100million monopoly money plus bond Street for that crypto, you can keep the small penis

Start mining TRTL. You can get like 100k a day and who knows in a couple months when it's on an exchange