Who third worlder here?

who third worlder here?




interesting, so whats some challenges you face in the cryto markets?

Hell yeah baby
None, really. At least none for me.

South Florida, so me.

Get back to work sewing my clothes you peasant

>Be 3rd worlder
>Don't have to pay crypto taxes when cash out

Local exchange is slow as molasses, huge spread and 20% extra price on both buying and selling (for the most part this is all great for me)

Go fuck yourself shitholer

Exactly I made a thread 20 Mins ago but prob its dead now.

"I'm fuckin bad with crypto. Put 3k already lost half of it in a month. Lucky for me my family makes around 200k a year(no tax since we live in 3rd world shit). What coin can I dump 100k and watch it grow for the next 5 years ? "

just buy crypto for dollars, any debit/credit card, paypal w/e you use converts your local currency to dollars automatically

Sure the banks and credit card companies will let you do that. There is a price difference because you can't do it.

Suck for you, I'm live in Vietnam and even .5 BTC order get filled in 15 mins

Fuck your tiny world. Nothing compared to USA.

Third worlder reporting in.

>Country poor as fuck
>Weak currency (1USD = 4 third world bucks)
>Literally no jobs available, most jobs will have you working from monday to saturday for 300 USD
>Am doing a shitload of stuff online to earn dollars (aff marketing websites, freelancing, merch by amazon, social media side gigs, you name it)
>Making over 3k usd/month so far and working on my own schedule
>Dumping 50% of my earnings on crypto
>Already 5x my crypto investments

We're all gonna make it brehs.

the fact they have fuck all money to invest lmao

african here

how do i cash out when I need to?

Living in Turdeau land, definitely not first world

Well done. What field you in?

South America here, sadly.
Gotta go north before Trump wall.

Honestly I hope you make it user. Your English is good and you've got hustle.

Shit dude I'm all over the place, but if I had to pick a field I'd say marketing/copywriting.

let you do what? to use an exchange? the currency is converted on your money transfers between exchange and you, it's no different than if you buy something in any internet shop

>300$ a month salaries
I'm so sorry for you Romania, even Hungary and Poland don't have it this bad.

How does one get into that?

>third worlder gets involved in a 100x pump and earns a first world salary
>suddenly becomes the rothchild equivalent in his country

Here in my hellhole the banks don't allow wiring money to "bitcoin business", and credit cards orders for said services are rejected, as far as I tried.
If you ever come to Brazil, don't bring money, bring BTC and you save 20%.

well the goods generally cost less there too

Shitholer detected

It's great actually, you can guess the trends beforehand 100% of the time just by looking at the current prices on international exchanges

Los Angeles, so me

With questionable quality too.
I know how that feels, no need to deny inferiority. Everything is up to change thought

America is closed.

but what about something like paypal

How would you save 20% when you bring BTC to Brazil?

The caliphate of Belgistan reporting

>Weak currency (1USD = 4 third world bucks)
That's nothing
In here one dollar is equal to 20 TWB
5000 TWB are equal to 200 dollars
You have it easy

For starters, read a lot of books on copywriting and marketing. Then look up good online communities (r/juststart, fastlane forum, blackhatworld), read topics on freelancing/building niche websites/side hustles and apply yourself.

The hardest part for me is dealing with freelancing clients. I can read and write fairly well, but I'm not as fluent during live conversations, so I scare a few potential clients. I'm getting by, though.

works both ways then I would think.

Are your customers from your country or do you mostly deal with English speakers?

Cheers user. I'll check those out, keep doing you.

it's a giant concentration camp, getting in will be easy. getting out will be another story.

you are welcome to come here legally thats it.

Mostly english speakers. I'm doing copywriting and translation gigs (getting my leads from upwork and linkedin), but the bulk of my income comes from my websites and MBA business.

>who third worlder here?
I'm pretty sure 73% of Veeky Forums are American, yes

that crap literally has no meaning

1 yen is like 0.009$ so what? japan is such a poor country :^)

Russian here. Comfy as fuck right now in my comfy commieblock apartment, watching my fat stack of vechainz slowly pumping

from some country that Trump would call a "shithole"
Also fuck those Pannekoek and their "Nederdraad" on Biz

Also fucking comfy with 0% tax

Philippines here, easy cash in, easy cash out, no taxes. Crypto friendly gov't. Probably the best thing about us right now while the president is busy killing drug abusers and dissing the media.

Shitholer here, here's my sad story

>Study medicine
>7 years
>No sleep, hellish hospital rotations
>Graduate as a general practitioner
>Get a job
>Pay is 600 USD / month, work mon-sat
>Work for 3 months
>Throw some money into ETH when it was $50
>Ride some of the may and december shitcoin moons
>Full time trader Veeky Forums NEET now
>First world salary now

Somewhat sad but comfy as fuck, thanks Veeky Forums

>Weak currency (1USD = 4 third world bucks)
This looks strong as fuck compared to memezuela, kek.

not tax free legally

Yes but you want to buy bitcoin, and thus bitcoin is expensive as shit
Other stuff is fine, with 100 dollars you could easily live for a day, but buying international stuff is a pain in the ass

>fat stack of vechainz
We're going to make it, bratan.

Flip shitter reporting in
Started with $100 November and still up

Just turn it all into one of the major cryptos (BTC, ETH) and someone will buy your bags.

Qué pasa hijueputa?

thats not sad thats awesome.

I think we need a 4th world at this point

Nobody pays taxes in Philippines

Filipino? The way hospital staff are mismanaged is criminal. I hope you realize it doesnt need to be like this, and only happens because your management are stupid lazy cunts with fake education.

Underrated kek