Hey nerd, what coin is going to moon next?

Tell me, and I'll show you more. I want the next Ethereum or Raiblocks, nerd.


Link. Now show me your tits with a timestamp

milk truk just arive

You didn't post a link honey.

you can't even meme properly please leave

I unironically expect TRTL to shoot 1-2 months after it hits an exchange. It's the perfect target for a PnD.

literally reverse search

I'm actually serious, Confido 6xed last month

Teach me how oh memelord. Constructive criticism > empty insults.

Show me your shriveled up rasin dick you dirty pajeet

The coin is called LINK

Okay, I'll look into those two.

> Confido 6xed last month
this is the actual state of crypto

Raiblocks is the next Raiblocks idiot

Oh like in Zelda? That's one of my favorite games hehe. Any gamers in here?

Found the autist

bussiness is the ultimate game senpai

Maybe. Now about those milkers.....

>muh empty insults
Lurk before you post.

Well I mean what coin will grow rapidly from a super low price. Raiblocks would have to hit $200-300 to achieve that again.


Why the long face?

>Raiblocks would have to hit $200-300 to achieve that again.

yeah thats exactly what I said

When do you think this will happen by? I really need money.

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Are you new here?
Tits or GTFO
Don't forget the timestamp

No reason why it couldn't if you wait a year or two.

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Are you me from the past posting this comment now? My thoughts exactly.

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That user is lying to you. Tron is the real coin. There's a reason it was the first one to jump back up after the crash. Now show some tits.

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With timestamp and I'll tell you about a coin that's going 100x this year.

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google princessberpl