What did we learn?

What did we learn?

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Buy high sell low

when wallstreet goes short, people get rekt

Always put in more than what you can afford to lose

Coinbase is going to add RIPPLE???

that hodling is painful

Tether when bitcoin crash >10% and buy when bitcoin go up 10% from bottom

That you always should have some fiat on exchanges. Really wanted to buy during the dip but my SEPA transfer is taking almost a fucking week.



there are no consequences

Know when to hold em know when to fold em amirite

Dont tether at the bottom

I learned when something is hot, throw gas on it. And when bitcoin starts dropping, the trades get HOT

dont chase moons
have iron hands
when it reaches ATH sell and rebuy on the correction

normies fuck shit up real good

Don't get greedy and sell

For those who got burned at the tail end of the alt run: hey. when something seems too easy and the gains seem stupid high you really should pull out your profits before it goes pear shaped. It always goes pear shaped eventually when that kind of thing happens.

For the holders of the large caps this was business as usual for crypto. Not the first major correction and won't be the last.

Don't buy chink coins

Don't listen to Veeky Forums


im gay

Buy the dip or any shit that's red or any shit that's currently recovering

Never trust niggers

like btc?

late to the party for Veeky Forums friendo

That holding is a meme.
>Lost 20% of my portfolio during the crash
>prevented it from going down another 10%
>spend 2 hours swing trading and got back to my original amount of money
If I still held I'd be at -40% right now. Instead I made a comfy and save +5% today.


Decentralization is a meme, everything is going to get regulated and ruled by conglomerates through their lobbyists.

These. I was lucky and had already started a transfer a week before the crash. Only mistake I made was buying the dip before it was done dipping fully.

unless you sold and bought at the dip. all you did was fuel the down turn! you are trading on complete emotion. get a grip, this shit is not for you. you ovoioulsy have zero clue about banking or crypto. its has a large risk hence the returns...

The worst part is I have seen 'oh why wont the price go down' and when it drops you morrons sell or complain. Buy more its called 'dollar cost averaging' you don't have to do it regually. please if you are going to get emotional all you are doing is driving the dip deeper, which thx by the way i used some fiat today.

quit thinkin you are smart or inteligent, it gets in the way of your abilty to learn, i am talkin to you AMeryCunts


what desktop ~app do you guys use to view your portfolio? the one I'm using is fucking garbage

That you idiots have no idea what you are doing you just buy coins and shill them here. Most of you are young faggots that are trying to get rich quick instead of working hard.

So now we know that the January dip meme is real, what others repeat through the year?


Lol. Shut up faggot

Feb/March bull run

What did you swing trade?


Fidelity. Did you know you can short GBTC?

Always have some Tethers ready for action

Always lock in your profits

scheduled crash every Jan, cash out before and not hodl xd like a retarded faggot, buy the dip afterwards.

Buy low, sell high.

I sold before the absolute top of the spike, sometime around December 28th, and I bought back before the lowest of the dip, but I made a lot of money.

Buy low, sell high, don't stress about FOMO and have iron hands.

spics and stones will break my homes, but kikes will never trick me

When big moeny wants they get

That the combination of the bear and the bull make me feel truly alive.

Take profits after massive pumps rather than thinking it will just go on forever and always be higher at some point in the future

How do you know when the pump has stopped though?

sell all your shit when the whole market first starts going down, then buy back more when it bottoms out

>sell bitcoin at 20k
>kys when bitcoin hits 50k

Christmas crash and january crash

Literally this

Also free airdrop


Asides from being a TA god, I'd say any old ATH, new ATH, or right when it starts dipping are good exit points

layer sells

BNB. It had insane volatility last night and some mini-whales providing consistent resistances.
I think it has calmed down by now though, so there might be better coins to swing trade by now.

>These. I was lucky and had already started a transfer a week before the crash. Only mistake I made was buying the dip before it was done dipping fully.
Literally exactly what I did. Called the bottom a bit too early.

with BTC not Alts

Yes, because he won't be able to buy back in as it rises again. There's no way to schedule a buy at a certain price. Yes.

A self fulfilling prophecy. I can't wait to see all the wojacks when tether shits the bed and bitcoin drops to 1000 USD. Will probably be my only chance to get 100 bitcoins.

How did you lock your profits? Did you park that money in Tether, in big coins like BTC and ETH, or cashed out to fiat? I didn't do that and most of my progress was wiped, so I want to find a better way to proceed next time, to have at least some in a relatively safe place.

You don't. But don't be greedy. If you already doubled your money, sell say 30%. If the coin drops afterwards, you can buy back in, if it keeps rising, sell another 30% whenever. Then you'll have cashed out most of your initial investment and can just hold forever, or continue to progressively cash out and buy back as the coin continue to progress.

I still have more then I ever had before november so im good

I'm under 6' so nothing as usual

Cryptos have fire sales every couple of months.

fuck you stupid bitch you got lucky you sub 100 iq NIGGER

that from now on every January 1st I'm pulling 100% of my crypto out and rebuying after the crash.

Gonna be a good 2019, wish I'd been here last year to learn the lesson.

buy the dip

mother fuckers have so much money
if they care about manipulating the market so much, they should just pay people not to buy and sell crypto.

>What did we learn?

You can pay me not to buy or sell crypto by sending your btc here. I promise to burn it and keep the value up! Cheers



Whenever the market even remotely dips, always go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to make newfags have weak hands, which causes a snowball effect and more AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

That I cant be bothered transferring shit off my ledger no matter how much money im losing

>He doesn't know




Everything depends on bitcoin's price

I know most people lock them in BTC, I'm just wondering what's the smartest thing as I don't trust BTC. I don't trust Tether either. Locking profits in ETH or something like NEO seems the best option afaik, but cashing out and being ready to buy back in is also a possibility, even though I find it less tempting. I was asking what your's and the other user's preferred way to do it. Of course, it's also possible to lock in the price in a ledger, but I don't have the means to do that for now.

>dont add fiat until end of the cycle
>sell some of your shitcoin off after it 5x