100k and a team of NEETs

Veeky Forums I want to make it in this life

I have 100k to my name and a team of NEETs as my friends. We don't really have any real skills but we are all able bodied and willing to put in work. I could probably accumulate more capital from them but they are pretty broke as far as I know.

What kind of business ideas are there for us? I just want the best for me and my friends. We need to make it.

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Maybe try some kind of cleaning business or a general labor business like mowing etc. Start with a van and equipment

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That is a possible path and it is considered, thanks.

Weed growing and dispensing
Your own ICO if u have a good idea

I don't think I have enough capital to get this thing started but it is extremely lucrative....that is for sure. Unless I rent a house but this project might end badly yeah?

But one of my friends is a diehard christian boy lol...

thanks for contributing though user, you've piqued my interest

I wouldn't use a house but a dedicated space for growing / dispensing, depends in local laws

Honestly I'd suggest you invest a large majority of your money into Ethereum or NEO as they're strong, stable picks with further room to grow. Holding them for a year will see you very good gains. Maybe the market may crash but as long as you don't sell till Jan 1st 2019 you'll easily make 3x your investment minimum. I'd even say 5x is a safe call given current market caps and increasing public awareness and money flooding in. You could then take a cut of that and do what you want but I'd reinvest again for another year or two with high percentage. You'd be set for life.

As for what to do in the mean time, be productive. Anything really. Does not have to be glamorous. Even if it's a cleaning business. After you make it, continue working for most of your life. Keeps you grounded in life.


I have money in crypto, but I want something more real than that.

A cleaning business sounds like an okay idea, I can probably buy some serious equipment with how much I have. Maybe it will lead to more customers that way.

But yes, I'm very bullish on ETH and NEO and I have some. I want something to have and do in my real life.

you take over my idea batreon.com/
and make it into a thing
it's like patreon but with BAT instead

This one you can get...

How many NEETs are we talking about?

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4 NEETs including myself, possibly 5, but 4 is a safe bet

If you can believe it you can achieve it

Give a general location dude it might help. how about a net cafe for gamers / casual pc use then mine cryptos during off hours with all the gpus

>net cafe for gamers
this shit doesnt work anymore

computers are so cheap, nobody's gonna pay to go to a place (unless you're in korea) and pay way too much for a few hours of playtime

This isn't a bad idea, aside form that from what I understand cybercafes have fallen out of vouge, and GPUs have become ridiculously expensive because of mining. Though you could always write it off as a business expense.
Since you guys don't have any experience, you could just go the easy route and open a gay bathouse with neets as prosties. Hell you could get people to pay with crypto for a discount

Not true, there are several still running near me
For years now you have to just make enough profit margins and have a gimmick/ draw in for customers

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Oh another one, is anyone of you interested in film making? D.tube is a decentralized YouTube and even shit videos make money.

what sort of gimmick?
because there's been a couple around my area (seattle area) that have shut down because it wasnt profitable anymore
I mean I just did that at a lan party with my asian gf

never never never never never open up a business wih your friends.
say goodbye to both your money and your friends if you do, user

Location is California, USA. Bay area to be exact

net cafes are dead here, they died a long time ago

yeah nah, but i did get a laugh out of that one

Real shit? If things go to shit I'm willing to take the risk

I realize that I might lose one or two along the way because some of them won't share the same vision but if these guys are willing to go to hell with me then that is good enough for me

1. Get a subscription to the Farmer's Almanac, it is the most accurate weather publication with a 200 year track record in accuracy.

2. Learn the basics about wheat, soybeans, and corn farming. Oil production. Main producers and exporters, who's President, political conditions.

3. Learn how to trade finance. How to read candlestick charts, moving averages, support positions, etc.

You can do 1, 2 and 3 in a month.

4. Get acquainted with the changing political conditions in these countries, learn to read the news for changes in market fundamentals. Start reading Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Economist.

5. Start trading! Forget speculation. Bet long on market fundamentals and weather conditions. Wheat and soybean depend strictly on these two factors.

If you can read the weather, and know what is going on simultaneously on the main producers, you can make a killing going long on commodities. It's how I turned 800k into 2 mil in less than a year.

You are welcome.


thank you based user

>run a business making $200k/yr
>struggling through managing growth
>if i had the capital/team could be making $2m/yr
>unable to get investors

These posts always give me a chuckle. The world is full of people with skills and money but unable to create anything and on the flip side you have people creating things but have to find ways through lack of funding/team. Personally Id never take on investments or additional team members. If you guys want to make money youll figure something out but each additional team member means the idea needs to be even greater. 200k/yr is great for 1 person, split among 4-5 isnt that appealing.

100k among a group of people isnt much, Ive seen startups raise $100k or $250k, go to California for their startup, hire 2 developers at $80k yr, shut down 3-6 months later broker than they started.

The answer is most likely something at least one of you is very knowledgeable about, something the market needs that you can deliver. Something that even if the service/product was crappy (at least in the beginning), people would fall over themselves to use/buy. Thats an ideal product.

Also get acquainted on the movements of the Fed and the ECB and how they affect commodities, particularly if you are going long

i respect you user, you wanna make it with your friends. a true Veeky Forumsbro, i would definitely hangout with you irl

Yeah, I reckon get an interior painting/wallpapering franchise: takes out a ton of the risk, you don't have to smart, just honest hardworkers. make bank.

Or if you all want to get buff and enjoy weightlifting, go the Arnold route and be "Artisian Bricklayers" (get to charge more cause you called yourself artisans)



That put a pretty big perspective on things, thanks. Damn.

Unironically, an ice cream store

Find a really popular shore town that everyone goes to on vacation and buy/rent/mortgage a building and get set up. There's actually an ice cream business for sale near my house for 1 million. It's essentially a little shack and a parking lot, but my dad knows the owner and he said he makes around 400k a year.

And he's open for 2 months during the summer

And it's all cash

your 100k is what sets you apart, look into learning something that isn't a skilled trade, but requires an investment big enough to stop illegals doing it

equipment operation is a good one, unless one of you gets airbrake certified you want something small enough you can drive around yourself

there's regional niches can't say what yours would be, here a lot of people need to get fuel tanks dug up

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Noted. I've dabbled with the idea of starting small businesses like this end up selling them in the future. Thank you user

Thanks for the contribution user but im not in love with this idea. Learning to operate heavy machinery isn't something I can see myself doing but maybe there are other certifications or skills that can be learned with this lump of cash.