70% ETH 30% NEO how rich will I be EOY?

70% ETH 30% NEO how rich will I be EOY?

How much in NEO?


I’m 80% NEO and 20% ICX.

Same question haha

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Don't think anyone can predict right now what will happen by EOY.

Eth will probably ~$50k EOY. NEO maybe $1000.

30% NEO
25% XLM
20% ICX
20% GAS

no btc faggot??

how much NEO for the chick?


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Be a real entrepreneur op and invest in VEN


I'm trading all my BTC for more ETH and to buy some neo.


I hope you mean 5k for ETH lmao. As for the NEO I’m basically all in so 1k would be phenomenal because I’m a millionaire at that point

Depends on how much you actually have of each, retard

30% ETH
30% NEO
30% VEN
10% ZCL

follow my footsteps people

People had the same reaction when I was predicting $10k BTC by 2018 back in the summer.

BTC to 50k is more believable than 50k ETH.

50% XRP
25% ETH
25% XLM


Safe plays. No way of knowing how strong they will perform but everything points to growth in 2018 for both of those. NEO may be more volatile after ICO fever so in that sense it's definitely safer to put more in ETH. Honestly you have a suer slim chance of losing and that is the most important thing. As long as you win much more often than you lose, it's way more more powerful than chasing that one big win with little shitcoins or whatever.

should i sell my btc for eth? do you see eth being more profitable in the long run?

NEO will be whatever it has to be to support a 5% GAS dividend where smart contracts cost 50000 USD in GAS. If core reduces the # of GAS per smart contract, NEO can keep going up.

It could well turn into some thing that only filthy rich people and companies would consider buying because GAS is so expensive.

I'm guessing 5,000 ETH and 1,200 NEO

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BTC will be 1mil.


like hell

98% ETH 2% BTC


Not as rich as you'd be with XLM, but decently rich.

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