I need help running my scam ICO

Im looking to pay for shills to hype my ICO. Site is built and ready to take crypto. You'll paid in share of token distribution and inside knowledge to sell off before we exit scam.

Get fucked

just post the discord already

sign me up

leave your email

Yes my friend, I will helping you please sir. We will make lot of money my friend. Thank you for great concern about your coin.


am female can sell body shills to redditfags dm me

Starting paper trail now...

An excellent project with great prospects will moon!

Let's get rich user

can you recommend a good chinese restaurant while you are at it?

the thing is i need the right type of people. people who wont ruin it and expose it before ico starts

Please ban this loser who admitted plans to spam this board.

report this fucking kike

Post a throwaway email and do interviews to try and weed out people who aren't serious. What are you an amature

yes. i do plan on spamming here. all you losers will buy into it too. so its all good

This is fucking outrageous - you want to steal other people's money because you are too autistic to do any research into finding winners in a sea of gold. Go and fuck yourself you absolute cunt of a human.

[email protected]

It's called a bounty program.
Tons of suckers do it almost for free for you, just promise 2 coins (of a 1 trillion supply) and you are fine.

>[email protected]
alright youre in. we're gonna need a couple more guys to help with spamming. do u have other contacts that could help?

the deal is like 20k - 50k tokens, out of 30 million. not 2.

Trevon pls, its too soon for this