How many BTC do I need to save the white race?

How many BTC do I need to save the white race?

not enough, because white people cuck themselves.

None because white people spend their day shitposting on Veeky Forums instead of procreating

make a usable fucking coin with no transaction fees, attack proof and evenly distributed nodes away from juden

Why give a fuck? I am a white guy with a black woman and 3 kids; white women are whores.
Also there is nothing special or unique about being white

You would need all the crypto in the world user.

>be asian
>see her at a rave
>take her home after its all over

these bitches love asians

where can i find more


>y-y-yeah a man with a loving wife and kids
>w-w-what a fucking faggot degenerate right my fellow pedes?
Pretend conservatives can't even get their message straight.

>Tfw I'm a muslim asian
I was born in the right decade. Islam will dominate the West culturally and Asia will be the next economic powerhouse in the world.

Keep dreaming manlet.

>whities hate you cause you're muslim
>asians hate you cause you're muslim
>muslims hate you cause you're asian

How does it feel having no place in the world?

Your race will be the minority by 2050. Don't worry tho blacks will also decrease. Asians and Hispanics will increase by a shitload tho and on average both of them out work the whites and blacks So get use to that. Whites and blacks suck at running the country anyway. Let's see what Hispanics and asians do with it.

>being in denial this hard
Hope this is bait, otherwise, enjoy your half-breed kids that are missing some genetic code because you fucked an ape pregnant THREE times. Your ancestors weep.

>never been to a rave
>doesn't know how things work here
>thinks manlets can't pull

keep fapping whiteboi

this will all reverse when we eliminate welfare. no more free money to finance the production of future lib voters.

Enough to start a Martian colony and to perfect the artificial womb. Thanks to (((traitors))) from """within""", that's the only way.

>there is nothing special or unique about being white

His kids will have almost nothing in common with him genetically. In addition, his kids IQ will drop so far they will follow Trevon James for crypto advice.

I unironically hope you kill yourself you race traitor

all of them

Good for you


Islam will bleed slowly for 100 years then die a pathetic Swan song.. Much like bitcoin!

>The world is ran buy the micro-dick races
>All women have turned lesbian
>Male population live in designated weeb fortresses, playing vidya all day and sharing communal fleshlights
>A white man stands overlooking the wasteland that is the world, a single white tear falls down his cheek.

Yeah sounds awesome user.


>nothing special
>literally made the world
>could have gotten us out of this solar system if they kept it together

im arab but wish i were white

papa johns girl on image fap

Hope you realize that the hispanic girl you posted has white dna hence the reason why she’s attractive.


Loves Asian guys, is she Eastern European?

>went to first rave last week
>takes bunk fentanyl because "lol molly"
>now thinks white women love asians

It's kind of like how girls like puppies user,
but I don't see pic related fucking puppies.

more than 70% of noble winners are Christian, why are you not a Christian?

>thinks asian solidarity is a thing outside of the west
japs steamrolled Indonesia and would've genocided you sandgooks had the white man not stepped in.

these bitches love seeing my cute puppies, that is my opener when I have them come over

stay mad witeboi

>white trash hates me 'cause I'm muslim
Yea I don't give a fuck, white boii. Your opinion means nothing to me and your country won't be heard anymore in the next decade. Thank Trump for accelerating your own destruction kek.

>asian and muslims hate each other
Says brainlet with zero knowledge of international politics.


Hahahahahahahaha you are soooo mad

The Han will genocide you.

Cute puppy user, but is it in yet?

No amount of drugs can make your dick bigger...

Not him, but I grew up in Toronto so I see a lot of Asian-white couples.

Dating Asian guys is kind of a trend here for hipster white girls who don't want to date white guys but are too scared to date black guys.

that is probably because it corresponds roughly with the amount of whites that are christian, so it's not statistically significant

Tfw White guy married to Guangzhou china girl. Feels good making the master race man.

why do all crackers always thinking about other race's mens dick lmfao buncha faggots

being asian male is shittiest fate

Lol the white race finally dies and the world rejoices at the NWO and its jew masters. Nice work

fucking why the hell would you want hapa kids, also chinese are pretty low asians

the white race is beyond saving

yall need islam srs

Lol at Nobel Laureates.

Especially the Nobel Peace Prize.

A peace prize named after the biggest weapons dealer of the 20th century, also an inventor of weapons (e.g dynamite) given to people who run wars (Obama).

Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking nigger. All you retarded chimps say is muh dick are you seriously this fucking stupid ?

Why? They get all the Asian QT's and also the Eastern European QT's (The best white girls out there)

Nobel did nothing wrong and was only trying to make mining easier, also do you think they had a choice but to give the prize to the first black president of the U.S.

Jews are responsible for white genocide

All Hispanics have white d.n.a you dip.

not black, also proves my point u faggot cracker

Maybe but you must agree having a peace prize named after a weapons dealer is pretty ridiculous.

A Mike Tyson peace prize would be more feasible.

Really doesn't seem that bad, besides the whole Asian parent thing. If I wasn't white I would want to be Asian.

Implying happas aren't the master race...

Sure the males are shit, but have you seen happa girls?

>zero knowledge of international politics
Kind offline you? How are those philipinos dealing with those muslims?

Fucking pedo drooling over your own daughters

>implying I'm an Indonesian
First of all, Indonesia is not a desert country like the Middle East. You're really ignorant about geography, aren't you?

Second of all, no, Indonesians fought for their independence. They stood up against the Japs and the Dutch.

You white virgin neets are shitposting on /pol/ all day, but you actually are ignorant about politics and history. Kek.

hence the reason they can be attractive, would you want to fuck an indio? (not the drawn one from /int/)


so you're a race traitor and a pedo...

you'd rape your hapa daughter the second she came out the womb pedo sexpat

(no social life here)

I don't talk to people out of choice; I think that gives you the bigger picture.

No shit faggot but she definitely has a lot more white dna than your average Consuela

That girl looks like a taller & flatter version of my high school girlfriend. It's weirding me out b/c I'm in my 30's now and I feel like a pedo. But also, I've basically fucked her before. Oh, the dilemma.

>master race
>half of them are shit

> Sure the males are shit, but have you seen happa girls?
yeah ugly

and >breeding with asian woman because you have a fetish for eurasian women
and are you planning to fuck your daughters or something?

Is it fair to say that with China's GDP you could save the white race?
In that case it's about 10 billion buttcoins.

Probably not unless she looked like pocahontas. All Hispanics are is Spanish plus Native American.

which one are you?

Cantonese and taiwanese chinks are fine, it's the mainland ones that are shit tier.

Chad here to fuck you all up with some truth, this rascism is why you never get any pussy and it’s a symptom of self hate.

It'll take more than money brother....the jews print the money. With our money we can buy a nice house and raise a big beautiful white family

that image isn't in response to weather I am special or unique, but whether my race is (and it clearly is)

>Europe developed faster than the rest of the world
>Definitely due to race and no other factors dependent on geography

>His kids will have almost nothing in common with him genetically.
Shouldn't have dropped out of high school m8.

I wasn't including the illegal ones.just the number of increasing asians and legal Hispanics will be enough to out number the whites and finally shut up the blacks about "whitey keeping us down" Any other memes you want to share?

>calls himself chad

Sure buddy.

Real man on Veeky Forums

No amount will be enough, you'll lose that goal to an irresistible Asian gf, and she won't even be Japanese, so no "honorary Aryan" for you.


Reformed incel here.
He's right. Listen to Chad.
Also, go to a urologist and get your testosterone levels checked. You can get testopil injections to set you right. Just make sure to take your clomiphene.

I've been preaching this for years, that mongol blood fuckin up the pure chinese gene

Look at those koreans for fucks sake, they're all ghouls under that plastic surgery

Yeah so what are you bringin to the table, boy?

Latino here. Im gonna marry a white women.

>evolution has nothing to do with geography

Mc Afee, is it you ?

Needs a doc to make u a "man", huh?


>>Definitely due to race and no other factors dependent on geography
t. Jared Diamond

Shut the fuck up faggot. Injections to get your testosterone up?

clearly you haven't heard of allopatric speciation...

>nothing in commom with him genetically
......that's not how that works user.

>implying it can't be both
geography shapes the growth of civilizations but also the development of the people who live there leading to disparate population groups. whites have been able to vastly improve the state of society in most countries that they have colonized our outright conquered despite differences in resources with Europe. for instance the majority of rail mileage in India today was constructed by the British and South Africa and Rhodesia were both much more stable and prosperous under white rule.

>humans were in Africa until 100k years ago
>agriculture still developed around the same 90k years later in Ethiopia, China, and fertile crescent

We need to build a wall to keep /pol/ out

Make Veeky Forums great again

Hi to you too Schlomo and Mordekai.

Oh? Explain how it does then. You realize that in mix raced kids, genetic incompatablities arise. Did you know a white man can't take an organ donation from a black man? So tell me how genetics are not involed user...

That's what we're (/pol/) saying. Europeans (and east Asians) had to deal with winter and agriculture and shieeet whereas niggers (and abos and jungle gooks and jungle spics) had easy access to food year-round. This made Europeans (and east Asians) evolve to be smarter and have a lower time-preference (delay gratification).