Ernest here

Ernest here.

I have investigated the claims made by the usurper this morning.

Recap: Someone pretending to be made some wild claims about ZCL/BTCP and Rhett.

Here is a summary of what I have found out:

- There is zero evidence that Rhett plans to dump his ZCL.

- Beta testing the BTCP network will start next week.

- Negotiations with miners are about to start in order to create a treasury fund.

- If negotiations are successful, then miners will have to fork (Miner Activated Soft Fork).

- The BTCP project enrolled the help of an attorney (pro-bono). There have been talks of doing a public ICO if the soft-fork fails. That is a long and tedious process.

- The actual Hard-Fork is unlikely to happen before at least April 15th. Conservative target: April 30th.

The post by the usurper was not complete FUD but considerably exaggerated with some baseless/unfalsifiable claims that should be discarded.

I am disappointed that the team is not more transparent the delay will affect the current price trend but nothing catastrophic or that it won't recover from.

Action item: Contact the ZCL/BTCP team and ask them to publish a precise roadmap as well as full transparency. They are being vague on purpose.

Disclosure: I sold 50% of my ZCL



lol you aren't getting my ZCL fgt.

Once the fork date is announced this will moon once again,
They have literally said the fork date will be announced after the road map is completed and the fork will be 2 weeks after the announcement multiple times

On a serious note, thanks for the post ernest. Out of interest what else are you holding?

Thanks Ernest. I unfortunately sold 25 NEO for ZCL right before this dip happened and am down a grand... Im thinking of two options.. Sell now for an alt that will stabilize quicker or just hold until 180 (where I just bought) and then sell some to break even/minimize risk. Any opinions/suggestions?


I knew it was bullshit the minute I saw the infographic drop, and it used terminology like "will most likely" when referring to dates. Real projects have their shit together


The lead developer doesn't even code. The retarded nerd is paying bounties for random shit coders to finish his project. His biggest accomplishment is deleting 20 lines of code.

I didn't realize this was 1995 and people believed whatever was told them without a shred of evidence. Your only saving grace is you don't start a thread with memes and can articulate an actual sentence.

ZCL is on the rise so your information is moot user OP.

so a coin that references genitalia is not a scam

c'mon fools zcl and btc privates are a joke this is why we crashed inteh first place assholes

They released this roadmap yesterday

another money grab, what's new...

zcl and btcp are both shitcoins

A lot of fud on zcl and btcp ever since they released the roadmap. Hmmmmmm

Dude how can you trust a roadmap that repeatedly says "few days"? Are you actually fucking retarded?

If alpha/beta testing starts in a few days ( let's say 3-4 ) it will go on for at least a few more days ( another 3-4 ). Wallet will release few days after that ( again 3-4 days ). Forking Electrum wallet to BTCP private few days again ( 3-4 ). Testing the BTCP Electrum wallet also few days ( 3-4 ).

That's 15-20 days until they announce the fork date. So another month before the fork. Fork will happen end of February in best case scenario.

i ignored you twice (20000 and 56000sats) and i regret it

sorry for calling you a faggot

thanks ernest

Roadmap could be seen as very professional as they made no promises on exact dates, or seem flaky for the same reason. There is a 3500 ZCL sell order on bittrex that ill be watching closely to see if it gets filled or not..

google - zerocoin history

fool u will see zcl is a scam

Do the math based on the roadmap, you retard:

Thanks Ernest, the advice is appreciated. Especially after that shithead impersonator.

Back to Monero it is, I suppose. I'm keeping around 1k in ZCL for now, though. Do you think it still has legs?

You know this is going to be huge when you have this much FUD. Always do the opposite of what /biz says.

All evidence points to the fork being on time.

now this guy says april

feel free to sell.

What do you mean on time? It was planned end of January. They won't even announce the fork date by end of January.

sold this baggage, went to the superior coin XLM while its under 1$

>few days
3-4 is worst case for "few day"
>15(worse)-20(worst) days-->"another month" (x1.5 of worst)
>end of Febuary (40 days = x2 of worst) "best case" scenario
worst case x 2 = "best case"

the mental gymnastic is strong with one.

Very nice FUD faggot, you ain't getting shit from me

Isn't the entire point of ZCL in order to not have that treasury fund aka founders reward?

Rhett is a scumbag who shills bcash and dumped all his whalecoin (His last abandoned project) on buyers.

lmao, that user tried so hard to stretch the day.

How the hell did he sell that many, there was barely any volume

oh hi “whale coin” user, come here to fud again? where is the it already x10 and “ I stupidly sold 90% of stack at $20 and i am bitter”?

- The actual Hard-Fork is unlikely to happen before at least April 15th. Conservative target: April 30th.

~8 weeks from announcement to fork date?

OP is a retard, who's mad he didn't buy in at 100$, you are retarded if you fall for his FUD

who the hell is Ernest anyway?

I have no fucking clue, and I bought in at 30 USD.

Go ahead and fud, Rajeet, you'll never get my incredibly light, helium filled, bags.

THE news and market sentiment lately has only been negative. I would cut my losses personally. I bought at $30, sold at $180, rebought at $220 and resold at $190 fwiw. I am glad I've cut my losses, and certainly plan to buy back in if it dips enough, and I think it will. My entry target is around >$60, and I'm hoping to see it power than that. Of course this is subject to change depending on news, sentiment and TA.

Idk who the fuck you are, "Ernest", but even if the fork doesn't take place until April as you claim, I'm still not selling any ZCL.

Link to the original thread please

My thoughts exactly regarding news and sentiment.. Projects that get delayed or hint at being delayed get hit hard in crypto.. Not sure if itll go as low as 60, but who knows.

So why are we treating this Ernest guy as a reliable source?

He posted sometime in December shilling the project but I kind've forget what he said honestly..

so because he shilled a project in december it makes him reliable? WTF?

Yep lol. I feel like there was something else but im taking what he says lightly.. There was another user who posted what they were gonna tweet yesterday before they did so its entirely possible people are in the know

Considering investing in December would have gotten you 10x gains, yeah. There was even someone using his name to FUD earlier today.

he might be trying to accumulate more, no?

Could be.. I dont think Veeky Forums would sway it that much but could be wrong.Ill be honest it freaked me out a lil as I went half in and I now realize I should manage my risk better. Seeing the roadmap wasnt super reassuring as its a bit vague.

Giving precise dates with code is hard. The reason it isn't done know is because it isn't done. If you could predict exactly how long something would take you would finish it instantly because that would mean you had solved all the unknowns. Better to give an honest and imprecise estimate than a bogus "professional" one.

Doesn't the community building it give it more credibility if it is to be an open standard? It isn't and shouldn't be "his". It is also much faster to use the help of others, why not do that?

They clearly stated on twitter that they'll be simulating the fork on the 20th/21st. The actual snapshot will happen about 2 weeks later.

Everything else if FUD to lower the price so whales can buy in.

You should have bought in the dip. Zclassic has a very low circulating supply of only 3 million coins and those holding it are not selling. Prices will go to jupiter and beyond soon. 1K+ easily. cap this.

Anything on his claims regarding Bittrex?


Can't find it - was something along the lines of Bittrex not having the resources to update the zcl nodes or something, therefore can't/won't list zcl.

FWIW Ernest has proved previously to have ~15k ZCL. He's said he's sold half, but his plan even weeks ago was to only take ~1k ZCL to the fork.

That amount of ZCL being redistributed is not a terrible thing. The April hard-fork is worrying though.

Lol can’t find it.. okay

nah I saw it too mate, just can't find it as well but what
said is legit