Daily reminder

daily reminder

But I was there a month ago. And 2 months ago. And 6 months. And a year. And 3 years. And 5 years. Why am I always there?

because its so comfy

makes me think

Op, you you have to do right now is post the actual graph and point to where the graph currently is and say "You are here" and it would be better.

>fiat value bout to skyrocket
fucking finally


very nice graphing skills

Oh cool another jewish fud attempt


we are in the late cycle.
Almost half way through the fear.
BTC will go below 3k and will stabilize around 4.5k to 5k


we're in the bear trap. prove me wrong

>BTC will go below 3k and will stabilize around 4.5k to 5k
In your dreams, mate.


we're about to enter Despair Phase
Buckle Up

Implying it would fit the model so perfectly.

nah bro
we're 'smart money'

My body is ready. Despair is where the real re-entry point is.

I doubt that too desu. I think the significant gains in this thing are long gone at this point. But I don't see a full correction happening.

IF the world actually adopts crypto we would probably fall into the 'smart money' category but I have significant doubts about that.

>using the log scale in a desperate attempt to fit in your delusion

fuck, i didn't realize the situation was that bad


guys, I think we are mooning

>BTC will go below 3k and will stabilize around 4.5k to 5k
Inherent value can't be greater than that of technically superior coins that came in later generations. BTC will stabilize at roughly $15.


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That's the buy phase STRAP IN STRAP ON


I know.

I'm pretty sure we are at " return to the mean"
despair was last night

wow okay

hm ok