Ethercraft - Decentralized Dungeon Crawling

You still sit here, while the first legitimate crypto game/ponzi is blowing up, screaming like a no-coiner at bitcoin how it's a bubble and it's going to crash, all while the people invested are pocketing profits.

How long are you going to wait? Sales for Bangles, Rings, and Merchant's Tokens are blowing up. These items will never be printed again, crafting will be live on Friday, with Trading open next, and the first version of the game after that.

You can trade whatever buy, right now, on Ether Delta and 0x. if you think it's a scam, get some returns, then set up a trade with someone in these threads or in the discord that'll be glad to take your bags off your hands for you.

You're missing out.

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any screenshots of the game

Game isn't released yet.

Someone in chat made an FAQ from the dev's comments today. Read and FOMO.



The entire contract is also fully viewable. Is there any legitimate reason for anyone to still think this is a scam, compared to any other kind of ICO?

>tfw translation in progress for Asians


crafting won't be live on friday, not sure who told you this

Ethercraft is a gold mine. I am just extracting ether all day.

Two weeks ago people were shilling Tron dogs

dropping some fresh memes ITT

Yeah it's pretty easy money. If the dev even does half the shit he says he'll do we'll be loaded. God I love Veeky Forums






The english translation is coming on the 22nd.

Fine, where's the trailer?














hint: there is no game being developed

ok but if you're wrong will you play it?

The game isn't like the Easter Bunny or the Holocaust. It's a real game being made by real people.

>or the Holocaust
fucking kek

You can get 'free' items where no money goes to Ethercraft but it's all on smart contracts so you have to pay the transaction fees to the network.

You need to pay for the gas, but some of the now free items will cost a bit of eth in the future.
And you can craft with many of the cheap items.

nice just bought 100k

oh shit i had to delete because a fucking typo, but anyway do you mean that i can take some free items and craft other items that worth's something?

You can get them for almost free, just pay like 1 gwei for gas or something. It'll cost you liek 5 cents


crafting not released yet but probably

tfw I was the last purchase before it rolled up to 1 ETH

show me a shred of gameplay or design and i'll drop 10 ETH in it right now.

all that's posted is what "the game will be"

>1 guy just bought 1 for 1eth

This makes me feel like I should buy all the gungnirs

I keep saying this in every single thread, but once the cheap items have a lower ROI than the expensive ones, everyone FOMOs in. This happened with Etheremon and it's going to happen with this. I've been watching the internal smart contract since this launched and it's sitting at around 120 ETH (total) since then. It has been literally 3 days. Easiest money I've ever made.

>tfw another one just sold for 1 ETH

They are getting the backend systems working first, if you're not convinced just wait, there will be a few more item releases.

>or design
The dev went into detail about using block hash to generate dungeons but i dont really get the technical part of it. Go ask around on discord it seems like a pretty legit project overall. dont put in 10 eth though lol

but if you do buy frog hats please.

Byteball has games like slice n dice

Who here bought pepe token before price increase? Comfy feel indeed.

Can you link the contract you're looking at? There's actually a separate contract for every item, if you add up the eth in all of them right now its at 335.

The bank contract has 64. I'm pretty sure that is where the dev 12.5% fee goes, which would put the total amount dropped into this at 512 eth.

>if you add up the eth in all of them right now its at 335
that's just in reserve for the returns the bank contract is what i am talking about. you can track the total in/out
the devs have withdrawn about 64 eth from the bank = 128 total that is what i am referring to

Ah, ok I see that now. Well goddamn then, 1024 ether. We have put over a million dollars into this then so far??

Lol I know its funny but this game saved me from the crash, I'm back with ROI and printing eth now

And it's still coming in rofl
Same story here. All my friends are down and i was saved by literal meme hats in an ethereum rpg. can't make this shit up

actually I think I did the math wrong and it's closer to 124-126. Still a lot, at least 990 ETH total run through all of the contracts

How dumb does one have to be to not buy the only token thats infinite and doesnt take up a spot in the inventory? SHitty peps token disappears after ONE use.

You normie newfags realize these guys make a new game like every week to do this with? It's just a buy and sell script on a website, that is the game, you faggots deserve this

Also all these people are in a discord group, they are a small dev team and a pump and dump discord, they make it seem like this shit is a thing or that people actually care or give a fuck past the whole pump and dump like this faggot here

Really wish I had the contact info for these people cause they are so good at marketing I would hire them to pull these scams

Man, you are going to EAT your words in two weeks when crafting is released.

faggots seriously look at what your team can do here, you artificially made this thread and it looks legit, I work for a company that would pay thousands for this type of shit

Gotta PUMP IT before you DUMP IT
There is nothing websites the web trading interface, just like with cryptokitties, cryptobitches, and whatever the fuck it will be next month

The sad thing is the faggots shilling this with their group are wasting their coordinated talents away

If you want to get in contact with the devs, the chat channels they use are not secret and they are on very often answering questions. Just look for more than 2 seconds and you'll find the links.

The devs made it so they cant take out any eth from the smart contract except for the shit items that doesnt give dividends. Read the articles and talk to the devs at telegram/discord before you whine.


you can trade via 0x right now though

actually it's telegram+discord and you can join and talk to everyone you fuckin goof. its linked in every medium post

What's stopping someone from making a game that your willingly giving mining power to while the creators are in fact giving you valueless currency in exchange for your contributions to their botnet acquiring more useful and cashable currencies? This thread made the thought cross my mind.

>first legitimate crypto game
That came after five others, gotcha
That doesn't even have any real game mechanics right now

How much have you made so far?

I FOMOed later than I wished, but I still made around 0.20 ETH so I should just be happy for free money I guess

Join if you want to make some profit during the dip....
Discord >>UXBnfm2

Fuck off pajeet.

I fucking love Veeky Forums sometimes


Why do people fall for these shitty scams? No actually screen shot of the game and you’re willing to throw money at it? This is more pathetic than kickstarter, none of these ether scams, oops I mean games look like they would even be fun to play.

All of this seems just stupid on so many levels, you think any of these virtual items will have any value in a month? Can you do anything with it besides admire the pixelated mess that it is?

discord gg/d2QJbx

I made a discord group for all the Ethercraft crew

There is already an official discord btw