Seriously what is going to happen to this guy?

Is there any real consequences that will happen to him and CryptoNick?

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He's gonna make his cell mate a happy man. Nigga made money and then came those gay manners.


I feel like theres not enough of us calling him nigger.

Wheres the doxxers when you need em

Did he admit its a fraud yet? Earlier he was just blaming the victims.

He actually doubled down and started buying more BCC on live stream.

Nope. Honestly he should be thanked for taking money out of the hands of retards who can't use it properly

If feds dont get to them I hope vigilantes will.

but it went up so he was right

what are the most damning clips of him anyway? was he telling people to take out payday loans or something?



He spent a few thousand on bcc tokens out of his millions from the scam. Its that simple to fool bcc turds.

He's based. If idiots actually fell for this stupid nonsense after their awful presser and music video cringe, then I have no sympathy for them. If they lost their life savings or their family's money then they deserve it two-fold.

Yes he was.


Would this be a real possibility? When was the last time someone was murdered over misleading someone into a ponzi scheme. Even Bernard Madoff is still alive and I am pretty sure his investors had enough money to make him disappear.

hen pajeet gets pajeeted.

The world isnt anymore like it used to be .... Ohhhh NONONO~~ !

>I have no sympathy for them

No one gives a fuck about your feels you emotional bastard. I just want to know if something bad is going to happen to an ugly nigger.


Dis Nigga

1% returns per day bro just double up and get out in 3 months


Guy is obviously lying and scamming. You people really can't be this stupid. Oh no a tragedy happened please donate ect ect

>Guy is obviously lying and scamming.
o rly?
lol at this budget bun b

depends if he know it was a scam or not

if it's the latter you can't put a crime on him

*if he knew

......The guy who posted that is probably the same one who has the twitter and is basically posting his shit to beg for coin on this board. Which the mods should remove imho because begging sticky ect

this isn't so bad
money can't buy talent, but it sure can make a song sound decent

You're probably thinking too much. He could have blurred the address though

t. Brainlet. I wasn't the one took the screencap, I just saved it and posted it here. Mods can remove it if they like.

Please. PLEASE! Tell me someone downloaded his "you win" video because he deleted it.

Now Trevon seems positive and I suspect they will redo this shit again in the summer or earlier when bitcoin goes up again!

thanks just bought 100k

Don't understand how people are actually mad at these guys. There were so many warning signs, tons of people speaking out against bitconnect and it was just blatantly obvious with the referral program. Anyone who lost money did so out of greed and recklessness and it is 100% on them. I get being mad at bitconnect but all those dumb Redditors trying to blame their losses on the most blatant shills of an incredibly obvious ponzi is just insane.

Probably since retards always cry to gubment.

Lol CryptoNick spewing essentially the same thing as Trevon. He actually ***lost*** money so hes a victim too.

Would you invest that heavily into something? If no then why would anyone else?

You are clearly posting your shit to beg for money it is pretty obvious. Why would you post someones information that is begging for money when there is a sticky saying no begging for money. Its almost like you either can't read or your are just retarded.

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> my all family's savings
all your base of 2018

There is a very good reason Asains never trust blacks. When you invest in a nigger, you get what you deserve.

biz are retards
this guy's an idiot, but he's not gone on like cryptonick telling people to buy yet another scam coin
who's the bigger "nigger" here faggots?

well if you invested in (white) cryptonick or the other girl shilling it, you would've gotten the same fate you fucking moron

The world still needs janitors.

What is wrong with you, sperg? I got it off that Mister Metokur bloke's Twitter. I already said the mods could remove it. Way to show your mega-tism.

get the fuck off this board faggot, i'm sure you can find a nigger hate thread for your JIDF ass to shitpost in, stop polluting biz

You're starting to sound like a 3rd world sperg to me

>I'm literally shaking. This can't be happening
>thinks this is a genuine reddit post
normies, kek.


>What is wrong with you, sperg?

Nothing, idiot I am fucking with you. I don't know if you are a beggar just want to make you feel bad for posting some idiot who is obviously trying to exploit a scam gone wrong. I highly doubt that the fucking guy put all his money in this bullshit and lost everything.

He also literally states in one of his videos: "it looks like a pyramid, if it smells like a pyramid, its a pyramid, but don't let that scare you. if you use my link i will show you how im earning random payments of $300.

Time to make another Bounty0x


Wow, he took the bait. Jesus Christ I thought Metokur was a #1337 troll.... What an idiot..... The fucking guy probably did not invest a single dime and is just larping he lost everything.


found the butthurt black guy

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>found the butthurt black guy

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it's gonna pull a confido and do a 600% gains pump less than 6 months from now.
screencap this.

Absolutely right. We're working on that.

Nah you are posting on an image board larping lmao

I'm not racist but slaughtering the inferior races may not be a bad idea.

Also, you deserve everything you get for trusting a nigger/cunt/kike/pajeet/chink/other subhuman breeds.
Only trust nips and eur*peans.

I never heard of bcc until the scam was confirmed yesterday. Went back and watched their videos to educate myself warning signs.

you mean (((liberals)))

>You're starting to sound like a 3rd world sperg to me




>he doesn't know

buckle up

this is probably going to happen sadly if we have another huge bull run

I love seeing Pajeets get ruined. Now he will spend the rest of his days fishing rats out of the sewers.

There is no art in scamming, only the lack of decency to do it, and the retardation to fall for it.
Scams would be a good thing if the penalty for partaking in them would be death, it would do wonders to clean the genepool.

doug is a nice guy ok?

>I am pretty sure his investors had enough money to make him disappear.
That was before he took it all.

>Post account info...
>Say lawl I lost everything
>Ask for help

Didn't someone else do this and have to face some type of consequence for faking a tragedy he was pretending to have cancer and be in a wheel chair for money or something like that...What happened to that guy?


Who's hodling bitconnect???

haha. yeah the sec needs to make an example of all of those monkeys.

Others youtubers like Ryan Hildreth and Craig Grant also promoted that ponzi scheme crap.

But in the end, greedy people lost money to other greedy people.

But the bad karma will follow these scammers and the internet never forgets....

yes. Way too nice.

What is it with Bitconnect and niggers?

Can anyone link me to something that he or crypto nick guy did that was so bad?

they're the most easily persuaded because they lack critical thinking and are dumb enough to think they're not the ones getting scammed but are doing the scamming.

the people running bitconnect were only a handful of guys, they made sure to recruit a bunch of dumb loyal niglets to do their footwork, who also then hired a bunch more miglets that did the youtube/twitter spamming.

they'll be the ones to take the heat, as they should, and the dudes who created and made all the real money get away completely free, as it should be too.

this guy. Apparently nothing happened to him so I guess it is legal to lie about a tragedy for donations?

dont think so, just nobody bothered suing him

you can bet there will be plenty of lawsuits directed just at the youtube monkeys because theyre the easiest targets to locate and serve.

To be honest these guys didn’t do anything worse than Biztards do ALL fuckin day on here. Shill some fucking bullshit. All of you spitting racial shit are far worse than some dumbass flaunting his internet money/wealth on YouTube.

Most of you are literally retarded keyboard warriors projecting your own personal insecurities or literally have nothing better going on with your lives to wind up shitposting about shit that doesn’t even really matter. Some of you are clinically insane while others are probably super depressed, again projecting your own self-doubt. Tell me I’m wrong. Lol

What does the law state as far as being part of an elaborate scam like this? That is what I am wondering only the head guy of the ponzi scheme goes down and all the others just act oblivious then get off free?

It has little to do with intelligence and more to do with the fact that they're early adopters of the program and they happen to be black. Massive amounts of wealth are not easy to come by. People look up to others that are like them. Do you honestly think these kinds of opportunities are sought based on the amount of returns alone? No. People of all backgrounds look for opportunities everywhere they can, and Black youtubers making money is no exception.

Yes, let's just agree that niggers fall for scams because niggers are dumb. That must mean that the massive amount of wealth that went into shitcoins with no substance such as XVG, DOGE and TRX were smart investments? What about the fact that Ethereum and Litecoin was to be the next Bitcoin in regards to Fiat value, and the coin was bought on the guise of being an early adopter for the next 15k coin? These are all kinds of White, Asian and Indian "niggers"

Crypto Nick is another good example of someone that is not a "scammer" and probably believed in the program. These guys should take the heat only if they're working with the platform and they knew of the risks. Shilling their referral link has no legal repercussions.

I would also like to add that you're a fucking honkey. Good luck with your 6 digit goals of 2k19 you dumb cumskin.

Pajeet buying bcc and xrp

>Tell me I’m wrong. Lol
first and foremost you're just yet another fucking nigger.

>All of you spitting racial shit

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>Crypto Nick is another good example of someone that is not a "scammer" and probably believed in the program.

Crypto Nick is 17. Trevon is pushing 30.

yeah, that's exactly the shit that drives me nuts about fucking glow in the darks. They're so stuck up their own smelly asshole, their reasoning is just mindnumbling.
>no u just mad, u just jelly, because black make more monies than you
>no I did everything right, but everyone else is out there to get me
>especially the white crackers, so racist
>and the government

>niggers are buying... make the call

There are actually people on Veeky Forums who think watching videos counts as doing personal research.

>Crypto Nick is another good example of someone that is not a "scammer" and probably believed in the program.
bullshit. That guy knew exactly what he was doing, that fucking nigger.

>Crypto Nick is another good example of someone that is not a "scammer"

Tell that to the angry MOB that seem like they might want to track him down and kill him. If I was that mother fucker I would go into hiding.

I got into bitconnect last year but cashed after my first term.

Feel like I dodged a bullet, but then again I bought etheremon (sub #10) and got out of that too.

I really enjoy ponzis if you are early.

>If I was that mother fucker I would go into hiding.
Too bad he's fucking white. He'll stick out like a fucking disco ball inbetween all the other fucking niggers.

>I really enjoy ponzis if you are early.
maybe it's because you're also a nigger?

grievous harm on a body level. My bet is russians with lead pipes.

ZImmerman got the wrong treyvon

Seriously how badly are you two yearning for affection? You both sound desperate for a hug and a kiss. Hope you guys don’t hurt yourselves or others. Get some help please, you really do need it.

>They're so stuck up their own smelly asshole, their reasoning is just mindnumbling.

Yeah, but this in essence is honestly the brilliance of this whole thing. All the fucking dindus trusted other dindus then invested in massive scam. Now all the dindus are going to probably kill the original dindus, hence this whole internet fake moneys scam will result in more black on black crime.

There own biased towards race and tribalism literally makes the mother fuckers kill each other like they are worthless.