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>ctrl f chainlink
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"Whether it will take a couple of years or a decade, however, this development is
overpowering and its consequences will come down to “who will get there first”, i.e.
who will establish the largest and most seamless platform, fulfilling a large variety of
customers’ needs through collaboration with complementors. In this race, a critical
point for banks to think about as they consider building an open platform is to learn
how to manage a set of partners. "

Sounds exactly like what Link aims to solve....

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Read these two's twitter.
Some interesting insights:



>read 2 whole twitters

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he retweeted this: twitter.com/dret/status/928188361294204928

tl;dr on this situtation:
>This SWIFT document is about implementing API for banks and developers to create Banking as a Service
>Anons think that kind of API may be fulfilled with ChainLINK
>There was a rumors about SWIFT involvement in LINK
>Tripcode user named Assblaster predicted buywall on this week
>He also said this will happen because of PSD2
>PSD2(directive to use api in banks) implemented on January, 13
>Huge buywall on Jan,15 of Jan,16 (can't remember)
>Can this be a coincedence?

And this is what LINKies implying about conclusion of this situation:
>After Go version release LINK going to moon

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Hes big on blockchain too

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My critique of a lot of "blockchain as a solution for x" businesses is that they look to hop over API's in favor of blockchain. A single Ruby on Rails rack can do 25k api reqs a second. Encrypt sections of the api with a pgp key for the auth'd user. Publish the api unencrypted.
Wow, look at that, a much more stable, low power, high tx rate information sharing with controlled info json api.

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Correct me if i wrong but isnt the advantage of LINK that a bank can essentially get paid/reimbursed for hosting/writing a really good api?

as in the more use their oracle gets the more link they will earn?

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Well, speaking of SWIFT document, they didn't use "blockchain" nor "crypto" buzzwords. It's also clear they talking about competition with IT giants like Google and Amazon which can turn into banks easily, so banks actually want to adapt their techs into banks, build open platform similar to all this cloud computing platforms on SaaS and IaaS, to survive the competition. Is it really about crypto? I'm not sure.
All this "SWIFT involvement in ChainLINK" may be true, but it also may be a failed PoC for them so they might look into non-blockchain solutions.

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>it's not LINK
>LINK gets dumped like a bag of bricks
>200 million for json_parser.java

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>200 million for json_parser.go
yeah, you right, it may be not LINK.
But what about HUGE buywalls after PSD2?

Someone bought MILLIONS recently. Bought them after PSD2 got implemented. It's not like Veeky Forums ever capable of that.

Agreed, lots of these projects also don't necessarily need decentralization. But chainlink offers a level of decentralization on the backend that the norman user doesn't know or recognize. Sir Gay is Based

Also wouldn't the bank essentially get 'paid' in LINK for hosting there own oracle?

Essentially offsetting the cost of having to develop a robust API. in fact the better the API and the more use it gets the more it offsets the cost of development.

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I think there could be regulatory issues that come about if banks host their own oracle and get paid for it. Not that the average person will know but if some news pajeet were to present it to them they would go mad. There could be a future where financial institutions sell api data to 3rd party oracles that are dedicated to running the oracle network who in return get paid in LINK which they convert to pay for api feeds from various businesses. As a result businesses could sell api access to multiple node operators. Not that there's anything stopping institutions from running oracles but the more decentralization the more robust the network becomes imo.

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This is pretty much what's tipping the scale for me. Up until now we've just been forming our own theories based on what we think could happen. The timing of the 500K buy is just nuts though. Even just disregarding that who the fuck on Veeky Forums would drop 500K in one go like that? Someone with a lot of money to spend wanted in on LINK and didn't give a fuck about paying more than they should have for it. That makes me want to stay around to see what happens.

there have been a handful of 100k market buys today too. i didnt get screens but someone in another thread had some.

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